Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Summary: When Lucy, a dancer, is reunited with a long lost friend, Natsu, who has become a famous choreographer and coach, how will she react? Will she be ecstatic to see him again, or will they be enemies in everything? Inspired by a comic by Ayumichi-me. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: K/G

Genre: Romance

Lucy stepped into the dressing room, not realizing there were still girls in there dressing in their normal clothing. It had been nearly half an hour since the class had ended, she hadn’t thought any of them would still be there.

“Hey Lu!” Lucy looked over her shoulder after pulling her hair out of her bun to see her best friend Levy standing there.

“Levy! What’s up?” Lucy began to reach for her normal clothes before Levy put a hand on her arm.

“Before you change, do you think you could help me with some of the moves?” A few other girls walked up behind Levy.

“Us too, please Lucy?” Lucy grimaced, really wanting to go home, but knowing she couldn’t until everyone was gone anyway. Instead she nodded and pushed her bag to the side of the dressing room before motioning for them to follow her.

“But Natsu! I don’t understand the steps.”

“No.” Lucy heard Natsu reply to whoever was talking to him. “I’m waiting for Lucy.”

Lucy stepped out, and put a hand on Natsu’s shoulder. “Well she got roped into helping her friends understand the moves, so she will be busy for a bit.” Natsu looked over and frowned.

“Well, a couple of the guys don’t really understand some of the moves so they were hoping I could teach it to them.” Lucy quickly assessed the amount of boys and decided that they would practice together.

“You guys set this up.”

Erza nodded, her scarlet hair still tightly wrapped in the bun. “We did.”

Natsu looked at Lucy. “How’d you know?”

“These are all their partners.”

“Oh.” With that, the group walked back into the practice room.

Lucy quickly took control, and Natsu watched her in awe. “Okay first, lets do this. Girls on that side,” she pointed left. “Boys on that side.” She pointed the other way and all the boys walked that way, including Natsu, but Lucy grabbed his arm. “Not you.” The boys had a bit of freestyle in the beginning so she wanted to see that first. “Alright, we will do this pair by pair, same thing for all though. Female’s leaps, male’s freestyle. First pair, Levy and Jellal.” Lucy put her hand on her chin as they walked into the center.

Then she shook her head. “No. I don’t care what Aquarius says. Tallest and shortest make for a much more dynamic characteristic in this type of dance. Gajeel, switch with Jellal.” The two switched, listening to the blonde standing tall in front of the mirror. “Perfect. Now, when I play the music — and no, it will not be the choreographed piece — I want Gajeel to show me your freestyle, and Levy, leap in a diagonal from upstage right to downstage left. Gajeel, you do your thing, but make sure it doesn’t get in her way. Also, you have to start in the downstage left position. Ready yourselves.” She pressed the play button and then counted them in. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Go.”

Lucy watched as the two began their routine. Right as the four eight-counts before the music began ended, Levy did a leap over Gajeel who was on the ground, and just as she was going over him in a side leap with her back bent he pushed up off the ground, and when she landed he ended palms on the floor and feet crouched, ready to begin the choreographed sequence. Lucy grinned. “Perfect. Do you do that as your freestyle every time Gajeel?”

“Haven’t changed it once.”

“Good. Levy, Gajeel, that is what I want you to start with when we actually preform. Do you understand? Not before.”

Natsu watched as the girl beside him absolutely bewildered him. She was a phenomenal judge of just when to do things and how to pair people together. She knew how to pair the strengths and weaknesses and when to use them against each other. None of the pairs in the room knew that their dance teacher was standing in the hall watching as Lucy went over the choreography with her friends. Aquarius knew of Layla’s daughter’s talent, but always pushed her to bend out of her comfort zone. It was easier to work in your comfort zone if you had to work out of it too.

“Alright, I want you two to come over here and get to know each other a bit. Trust needs to be built between a pair.” Lucy pointed to the space to her left where Natsu wasn’t at, then she turned to him. “What did you think of that performance?”

“To be honest, it was phenomenal. For never being paired together they had a wonderful performance. Like you said, trust needs to be built, and it will most likely be out of the littler one’s comfort zone, as she looks more used to technique and she’s working with someone who is more loose and free-forming.”

“Okay. But I didn’t over step by changing the pair?” Her brown doe eyes looked up at Natsu and he nearly blushed.

“No. Not at all. In fact, most of the pairs in here need to be rearranged.”

“Alright. Lets have the rest of you out here real quick. Stand by your partner. Jellal and Lisanna, stand to the side, since your partners were taken from you.” Lucy did a quick assessment of who she had before she began pulling people. “Ever, come here.” She kept the suspense, not telling anybody who their partner was. “Mira, you too.” One by one she called all of the females forward before finally nodding, deciding on who she would want up. “Alright, first up is probably the oddest pair, but most likely a phenomenal one. Cana and Freed.”

Everyone looked at Lucy like gaping fish, surprised at the pairing in front of them. Lucy just smiled, before directing the two on where to start. Cana mainly did développé leaps, not showing a good variety in her depth and the floor pattern she was given. Freed on the other hand, did leaps and turns around Cana. Lucy laughed at the end, completely expecting that. “Alright, I think I’ve had enough fun. But really, you two are partners, however, the role of male will be played by Cana, and female played by Freed.” Natsu looked over at Lucy appreciatively, surprised at her decision, but he didn’t refute it. After their opening was decided, Lucy pulled them to the side.

“I need you guys to teach each other how to do the other part. So go in the practice room next door and work on that.” They both nodded and walked out, and Lucy called up the next pair. “Elfman and Ever.”

“Me and this brute? Really Lucy, why?” Lucy smiled, knowing Evergreen was just complaining to complain. It was how she was.

“Because you need a man as your partner.” Lucy and Elfman both said in synch.

“Listen, it is simply a better match than Bixlow was for you. You need someone who can handle your style and your assertiveness. Bixlow was just giving in to you and letting you take over, but you need to be led in this piece.” Lucy smiled as the two nodded. She set them up and watched as the two worked with each other. Elfman brought Evergreen into his freestyle and she didn’t complain once, instead, enjoying the lifts he was doing.

When they were done, Lucy again smiled and told them to sit next to Gajeel and Levy. The next pairing she called up together was no surprise to Natsu, who was actually hoping for the two. “Jellal and Erza.” The two worked flawlessly with each other, and he had seen them practicing together the day before when their partners had left. When Natsu nodded Lucy looked over at him, silently telling him to take over for those two.

He gave them the same as Levy and Gajeel, only from upstage left to downstage right. When they were done, Natsu, Lucy, Erza, and Jellal all had satisfied smiles on their faces. Natsu just told them to sit down and watch the other groups. There were about four more. “Wendy and Romeo, you are up next.” Their partners didn’t change, so they already had a routine down, and Lucy had them just go for it. The two went and sat with Erza and Jellal after their performance. “Mirajane and Laxus.”

Again, the performance was smooth, and it was probably because the two practiced together since they were together. Relationship-wise anyway. Next up was, “Juvia and Gray.” Gray groaned and Lucy grinned at him. “Sorry, but you two have body types that work together well, and you complement each other greatly.” Lucy was right in that, the only problem was truly the different perspectives on the pairing from the two. They danced wonderfully together, nearly as complimenting as Levy and Gajeel, but not quite as confident in themselves or the other person as they were.

“And last, we have Lisanna and Bixlow. Now you two, sad to say, are the left over pair, but your body types will work together. Bixlow you aren’t too tall for Lisanna’s dancing style, nor is she too forward for your own style to shine through.” Bixlow looked at Lucy incredulously. “Oh, come on Bixlow. I’ve danced with you before. I know you have a phenomenal style all your own. You just need to let it through.” Lucy took in a deep breath before telling the two to begin, without telling them anything else. The two did and everyone’s eyes were glued to the pair.

First it was Bixlow doing his little pop and lock robot type moves while Lisanna did some stationary leaps. Then, when she was in the air on her third leap, Bixlow grabbed her waist and it turned into a side leap in the air as he twirled her around before she clamped her legs around him and put her hands on the ground. Bixlow did a front flip as he let go of Lisanna, who slid out of the way of her partner’s landing and went into her own leaps. Somehow they ended up in a position where Lisanna was sitting over his shoulders in a straddle position, her legs out and her elbows on his head. They were both breathing hard but smiling.

Lucy and Natsu had wonderful things to say about their performance before everyone was begging for the two to do the same. They looked at each other and smiled before nodding.

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