Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Summary: When Lucy, a dancer, is reunited with a long lost friend, Natsu, who has become a famous choreographer and coach, how will she react? Will she be ecstatic to see him again, or will they be enemies in everything? Inspired by a comic by Ayumichi-me. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: K/G

Genre: Romance

Lucy and Natsu stepped out onto the floor just as Cana and Freed came back in the room. Lucy looked at Levy and nodded and the shorter blue haired female pressed the play button. Instead of it just being a random accompaniment, it was the actual music they were going to be dancing to. Lucy stepped away from Natsu, stepping and looking repetitively as he did the same, opposite her, their legs overlapping in the stance they were in. When they began the full routine, those sitting and watching ‘oohed’ and ‘ahed.’

The steps began with a simple jazz walk around the male. Lucy was assessing him. She was seeing his worth, but then Natsu pounced. He gripped her waist and the walked forward, him with a proud smile, and Lucy watching him with a slight frown. Her evaluation of him was complete and she did a side leap away from him, Natsu chasing after her.

Whenever Lucy would be close to ‘escaping’ Natsu, he would just be able to grip her. The first time it was her foot, then her fingertips, then finally, his arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her in. One of his hands splayed against her stomach and the other turned her head so she was looking at him. She slowly took steps backwards, making him follow before she pressed on his chest.

The next little bit was more of an animalistic part, Lucy dropping down into a side lunge and Natsu into a plank. Natsu mirrored Lucy’s movements in a more masculine way and when she stood up into a pirouette, he turned into a chaîné. His turn landed him right in front of Lucy and he took one of her hands in his own, spinning her once more before Lucy gained a smirk.

Her other hand reached out, fingertips sliding across his chest before she began walking haughtily forward. Natsu gripped both of her hands in his and twisted them as he walked behind her. Her right hand escaped his grasp and she pulled it over, lightly trailing it up over his face and into his hair, yanking his head down before turning her own head to look at him.

She kicked up her left leg and his left hand caught it. She pliéd before jumping, and while airborne, Natsu released her other hand and flipped her over using her leg. When she was right side up again, she slid through his legs, using the momentum to break his hold. Her seduction scene was over, and it was time for Natsu to claim his prize. He prowled over to her as she lay there on the floor, seemingly unsuspecting, but just before he got to her, she rolled kicking her leg up before hitting the ground beside her and arching her back up. She collapsed and grabbed ahold of her leg, swinging to a sitting position. She stood up and did two turns before repeatedly pirouetting until she nearly ‘fell’. Luckily Natsu was there to ‘catch’ her and she tried to escape his grasp, quickly stepping back, but she ‘tripped’ and fell, Natsu went with her, more to cage her than anything. He was holding himself up from the plank position on his forearms and her arms wrapped around him. One around his neck, and the other around his back.

When the music ended the others in the room began clapping. “What the hell was that Lu? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you dance like that before.” Levy asked her friend. Probably not, because I never had anyone who made it real for me. Lucy’s original reasoning for the choreography was simple. It was her, running and escaping, or trying to escape, all those who only wanted to use her. However, the last person she tried to escape was really there for her. He was the one who gripped her by the waist and who made her begin the art of seduction. When she had finally gotten him, she had learned of his first twisted intentions, and went to think on her lover. That was when he wanted to claim his prize, and she didn’t realize until the last second that he was the one she wanted.

Natsu rolled off of her and Lucy could truly feel the warmth she lost when he moved. “That was amazing man! I’m not sure I’ve seen you put that much feeling in something since you broke up with-“

“Gray.” Natsu warned his frenemy.

Lucy frowned, but didn’t pry, no matter how much she wanted to. “So, what part do you guys not have down?”

“Yeah, all of whatever the hell that was Lu. But we need to practice the moves with our new partners first before trying it.”

Everyone filed out the door, except for Wendy, who stayed to talk to Lucy. “Lucy?”

“Yeah Wendy? What’s up?”

“The seduction part, how am I supposed to work that?”

Lucy smiled, “come here Wendy.” Lucy took the role of the male, and Wendy tried her best to get through the scene. “Alright, first of all, you do not need to do it like I do. You are in the background for this part for a reason, because you don’t need to be going full out like this. The entire point of this part is to put your own feeling into it. For you Wendy, it is almost as though it is your own freestyle. How Romeo does in the beginning, it is now your turn. You can make this seduction however you want it to be, whether a passionate fire, like I do with Natsu, or a home cooked meal, like Mira did with Elfman.”

“Oh, that makes sense.”

“It is whatever you feel comfortable with Wendy, not what the choreography tells you.”

“Thank you Lucy.”

“No problem,” she said taking the younger girl’s hand, “now, let’s go get changed.”

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