Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Summary: Natsu and Lucy know of each other, but don’t actually meet until the first day of their senior year. Their adventure is beginning, and the pain they will go through is either going to tear them apart, or bring them together. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: K/G

Genre: Romance/Fantasy


Lucy had been lying awake in her bed, listening to the rain pouring outside of her window for nearly an hour. She had woken up as soon as the first drop hit the roof. But, unlike most people, she had woken up delighted.

“Lucy!” She sat up quickly when she heard her father call out, afraid he was mad with her for some reason. “Don’t forget that your cousins will be here today, in the afternoon.”

She looked over at her clock. It was only six-thirty in the morning. She smiled and then called back to her father. “Of course!” Lucy pushed herself out of bed, straightening her top, and walking over to her balcony. She pushed open the doors, and the sound of thunder clapping against the sky made her jump. She could feel the brush of light rain against her bare legs. Walking over to the railing, she crossed her arms and leaned down, humming to herself. Her room was the only one given this view.

The view, not of land stretched out, owned by her family for miles to go. Instead, her view was that of society. Not the bustling society that had taken over nearly the whole world. Not the sweet society of a small knit town. No, it was just enough society that she could see one other house, the shared plot of land that her father had not managed to snag.

She smiled as she thought of the neighbors. She knew, only through talk of the servants of course, that they were rich as well. Their land, stretching the opposite of her father’s. They were divided, only by a dirt road.

Lucy sighed. Her servants, whom she considered more like family, had often told her that the neighboring couple had two children; one, her age and the other, four or five years younger. She had always been in her studies or locked in her room when the couple came over for business meetings with her father, so she had never met them. In fact, she had never really socialized with anyone who wasn’t her family or servants since her mother passed away.

Movement caught her eye, and Lucy turned her focus to the balcony across from hers. The door was being opened and she pulled back from the railing shocked. Lucy was unsure whether to hide, or whether to greet the person. Or even whether they would hear her from across the way. Shaking her head, she turned and darted back inside her room.


The sound of his door opening woke Natsu up, but he could sense that it was his sister and kept his eyes closed. That is, until he was jumped on. “Natsu!” He just grunted and opened one eye. She giggled at him. “You’re like a sleeping dragon, being woken up after a hundred years of peaceful sleep.”

At this he raised his eyebrows, his other eye opening as well. “Yeah? Well then,” he grabbed his sister and flipped her under him as she squealed in delight. “You shouldn’t have woken me up.” With this he flopped down on top of her and pretended to snore loudly. She poked his face.

Once. Twice. Three times. “Natsu.” Again, once. Twice. Three times. “Natsu?” She pushed his face, squishing his cheeks in the process, and laughed at the face he made.

What?” He asked his younger sister. He knew what she wanted. Of course he knew. He had heard the rain the moment it began falling down.

“Can we?” She had gotten him to sit up, and tackled his back. “Please?”

Natsu pretended to think about it, tilting his head to the side. Then, although he knew both of them could see just fine in the darkness, he lit his hand on fire and touched the candle wick of the non-scented candle that stayed by his bed every night. Snuffing his fire out, he stood with his younger sister on his back, then grabbed the candle and walked into the hallway.

Natsu frowned for a moment at the silence in the house. Normally, he would hear his mother getting ready for work at this time, or his father making coffee, but there was nothing. His parents were away on a business trip. They would have taken the children, had school not been starting the next day.

He walked to his parents’ room, and slightly pushed open the door. The balcony door made the rain sound louder and his sister gripped him tighter in anticipation. She had always told him that the air tasted better just before and just after a rainstorm, but that it tasted the best during the rainstorm. He set the candle down on the nightstand by the door, and then stood in front of it. Again his sister gripped him tighter, nearly having him in a choke hold.

“Okay, you ready Wen?” He felt her nod, and breathe out, exhaling all her old air. Just before she ran out, he yanked the door open slightly, and she sucked all of the air she could in. Then she licked her lips as though she had just had the best meal ever.

“Thank you Natsu.”

She jumped down from his back and he turned to crouch down next to her. “All right. Time for you to go back to bed Wendy. Got it?” She smiled sleepily at him and nodded, turning and walking back to her own room down the hall. Natsu, on the other hand, could smell something out in the rain. Something he smelled often, although only faintly. But this time it was strong. He turned back to the door and slowly opened it all the way. He stepped out, onto the balcony, just in time to see blonde hair, disappearing through the doorway on the balcony across the way.

Natsu sighed to himself, breathing in her scent as it began to fade. He didn’t know why he could smell it. He had even asked Wendy once if she had been able to, but she just gave him her ‘what are you even talking about’ look, and he didn’t try asking again. Instead, settling for the few glimpses he would get of the girl from across the way as he would leave for school with Wendy, or when he would have to be the greeter at any fancy party their family threw, and she would be on one of her weekend runs. Natsu sighed and shook his head, turning around and heading back inside to go find out if any of his other friends were awake because of the rain.


There was a knock on her bedroom door, and Lucy looked at it pointedly as she stepped in the room. It wasn’t as though she was mad at the person behind it. No, rather she was mad at herself for being so cowardly just a moment ago. “Good morning, Princess.” Virgo began as she came over and ushered her charge inside. “You should get in the shower, you are soaking. Don’t worry, I will get your clothing laid out for you.”

Lucy frowned at the glint in her maid’s eyes. It was never a good sign. “Thank you, Virgo.” Lucy said, knowing that even if she refused, the maid would just dress her herself if the girl didn’t agree. So, leaving her pink haired friend to rummage through Lucy’s closet, Lucy walked into her bathroom.

She turned the shower on and sat down on the toilet, waiting for her shower to warm up. Lucy wondered what her cousins would be like, especially after having been alone all these years. She imagined that it must be hard, having your parents send you away for your last year of high school, to a cousin whom you barely even knew. Rubbing her eyes to remove the sleep, she got up and checked the warmth of the shower. She hissed when it burned her skin slightly, but slowly stepped in.

The two boys also probably didn’t favor her anymore either. After all, they were only sent away to go to school here, because she was a spoiled brat who wanted to go to school instead of stay home schooled.

Tomorrow started Lucy’s first day at a public school, or at any actual school period. It was also her, and her cousins’, senior year in high school. Her father finally conceded and was allowing her to leave the house for school, but only if her cousins and bodyguard were attending as well.

Before this year, Lucy had only ever been home schooled. According to her father it was with the best tutors for each subject. He hadn’t wanted to have her leave the house if she could get the best education at home. In reality, she knew he really just didn’t trust her not to be sullied by outside influences. So all in all, she was nervous about going to a public school, not knowing what to expect from the experience, but over all excited.

Lucy reached behind herself and shut the shower off, then pulled one towel to her face, drying it off before flipping her hair forward, wrapping it up in the towel. Before she stepped out, she wrapped the other towel around her body and closed the curtain behind her roughly. With a yank, she opened the bathroom door and walked to her bed, where Virgo had laid out her clothes for her.

When Lucy saw what was laid out for her, she nearly stomped downstairs to throttle Virgo. Instead, she dressed in the blue half top and short skirt that were there. She slipped the belt on over her skirt, and hung her keys and whip off of their hooks. Then she pulled up the knee high socks and slipped on the shoes before releasing her hair from the towel. She put her hair up in the ribbon Virgo had left for her and read the note that had been covered. It was a simple note, saying that Lucy’s other pink haired friend, Aries, was cooking breakfast.

She quickly tiptoed downstairs, carefully listening at his office door to see if her father was busy. If he was, he wouldn’t want to be bothered. She didn’t hear him talking on the phone or anything, so she knocked on his office door.

“Come in.” Slowly, Lucy entered, careful not to startle her father.

“Father, breakfast will be ready shortly.”

Her father looked up at her and sighed. “Just have Capricorn bring it to me here; I have too much work.” Lucy’s face turned bright red from embarrassment and she slowly turned around after nodding politely to him.

Ever since her mother had died from the sickness, her father was always too busy with work to spend any time with her. She was worried about him, his mental health especially. But more-so, she was worried that he would start drinking again.

Shaking her head in disappointment at the thought, she began walking to the dining room when the doorbell rang. Lucy looked towards the door, squinting hard as though she could see through it, then sighed, realizing she didn’t have that kind of power. “I’ll get it!” She called out and ran to the door.

Lucy’s mind was turning. Was it them already? It couldn’t be. Her cousins weren’t supposed to be here until later this afternoon and it was only nine in the morning. However, opening the door revealed that it was them. She smiled as the two boys in front of her simultaneously hugged her and called out her name in excitement. Instead of saying their names back, she stood on her tiptoes and looked over their shoulders. “Where are your cats?”

“Ouch blondie! That hurts.”

She smiled and laughed. “You know you’re blond too, right Sting?” She looked up into his laughing blue eyes. Then she turned to the stoic black-haired, red-eyed boy who stood, if not slightly behind, relatively beside him. “Hi Rogue.”

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