Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Summary: Natsu and Lucy know of each other, but don’t actually meet until the first day of their senior year. Their adventure is beginning, and the pain they will go through is either going to tear them apart, or bring them together. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: for themes

Genre: Romance/Fantasy


As Lucy stepped back into the dining room, she could see that the only spot left open was between Natsu and Wendy. Lucy looked at everyone and smiled.

“Hi everyone, I don’t know most of you, and I don’t know how many of you know who I am, but I’m Lucy.” Everyone smiled and a few questions about if she was a mage were asked. “Ah, yes. I use celestial magic. Most of the staff you see around the house are actually my spirits, they all are my family and help me out any way they can.”

The girl on the other end of the table clapped her hands together excitedly as everyone looked to Wendy. “I’m Wendy Marvel, the sky dragon slayer.”

“Oh, two dragon slayers in one family?” Lucy looked between the siblings on either side of her.

“Ah, well, me and Natsu are both adopted, so not by blood no.” Wendy seemed to shrink down as if being adopted would make her less, but Lucy just smiled and put her hand on Wendy’s shoulder, pulling her in for a quick hug.

The guy with purple hair, about Wendy’s age, who sat next to her, spoke up. “I’m Romeo Conbolt. My dad works at Fairy Tail and helps out around the guild, so most of you Fairy Tail members know who I am. I use rainbow fire magic.”

“Oh, that sounds lovely Romeo, you will have to show me some time!” He nodded furiously as the woman next to him began speaking.

“Cana Alberona. I use card magic, so Lucy, if you ever want your future read, come to me. Although, I can already tell you that a certain pink haired male is into you.” Lucy blushed at Cana’s statement, deciding to ignore the brunette’s comment.

“Like tarot cards then?”

“Well, any cards really. I enchant the cards and the magic does as it is told. Such as a walkie-talkie type card. You can speak to others through the card. Or a help!card. Those are only useable once before they run out of magic power.”

Lucy looked at the person beside Cana and smiled softly, seeing someone as familiar to her as the principal was. His blonde hair was positioned away from the lightning shaped scar over his eye. “My name is Laxus Dreyar, and I am the lightning dragon slayer.” He didn’t say anything else, but he nodded at Lucy, who nodded back.

When Lucy turned to face the next person she squealed. Literally squealed, and Natsu looked over at her as though she was crazy. “You’re Mirajane! You are in Sorcerer Weekly all the time! This past issue you were the centerfold!”

The white haired mage laughed before speaking. “Yes, my name is Mirajane Strauss. But you can just call me Mira. I use take over magic, or transformation magic. Specifically Satan Soul, but any type really.” Lucy shuddered, remembering that someone had called her the she-devil.


Natsu looked over at the white haired male next to Mira, still shaking from the glint in the older girl’s eye. “I’m Elfman Strauss. I also use take over magic like a man! But I use beast-soul.” Everyone who knew that ‘man’ was his catchphrase laughed.

Next to him was one of what someone could call Laxus’ lackeys, she had lighter brown hair than Cana did. “I’m Evergreen and I use fairy magic and stone eyes.” She looked haughty, and was just as ‘I deserve the world’ as Laxus was.

“I’m Bixlow, and I use seith magic, also called soul magic. It lets me control my babies!” Beside him, the weird doll things he had popped up and repeated what he said. His blue hair was poking out of the visor he wore to hide the tattoo splayed across his face. “I also have figure eyes!”

Beside him was the youngest Strauss sibling, and she smiled brightly at Natsu, who was watching her. Her white hair was a short cut, next to her shoulders. “I’m Lisanna Strauss. I also use take over magic, just like my siblings. However, I specialize in animals.”

Next to Lisanna was a girl with a bob cut. Her hair a really light blue, it was nearly white. “I’m Yukino Agria. I, like Lucy, use celestial magic.” Natsu looked over to see Lucy’s eyes light up.

“Really? I’ve only known one other person who was a celestial mage. That was my mother.” Natsu couldn’t help but be in awe of the blonde.

“Oh, my sister is one as well, but she-” the other girl paused for a moment. “She hasn’t contacted me for years.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Alright,” Sting interrupted. “On that sad note, I’m the white dragon slayer. Sting Eucliffe. And this recluse to my left is Rogue Cheney, the shadow dragon slayer. We are the twin dragon slayers!” Rogue only sat there stoic, not even bothering to look around the table.

The girl to Rogue’s left slid her black hair over her shoulder, before speaking. “I am Minerva Orland. I use spacial magic. Sting, Rogue, Yukino and I are from Sabertooth. I know most of you are from Fairy Tail, then there are a few ex Phantom Lord members here.” She looked pointedly at Gajeel and the blue haired girl beside him.

“I, am Freed Justine.” Natsu thought the male looked a little out of place. His green hair cut to a short hair style, one he didn’t really look comfortable in. “I use rune magic.” That was all he said, and Lucy looked at Natsu confused. He just shrugged; Freed was one who was a very silent person.

The blue haired male beside Freed had a red tattoo on his face, over his eye. “I am Jellal Fernandez, and I use heavenly body magic.” Lucy nodded, not questioning what that was, even though confusion was evident across her facial features.

Natsu looked away from Lucy when the next person cleared their throat. “I am Erza Scarlet. I am a requip mage. But my specialty is ‘the knight’.” Natsu watched as the red haired woman put a hand on her chin. “Oh, and if you ever have any strawberry cake, please share.” No one dared to laugh.

Beside her, the petite blue haired girl began. “I’m Levy McGarden. My magic is solid script. And Lu, you already know what I like to do.” Natsu looked over at the blonde and smiled when she did.

The long black haired male that sat next to the short girl smiled, his piercings making him look more menacing. “I’m Gajeel Redfox. I’m the iron dragon slayer.”

Next to him sat the long blue haired girl, a lighter color than Wendy’s but darker than Levy’s. “I’m Juvia Lockser. I use water magic.” Lucy smiled at the girl and was shocked at the response she got. “Love rival!”

Lucy’s eyebrows scrunched together and Natsu just nudged Gray, so that he would go. “What do you want pyro?”

“It’s your turn ice-dick!”

“Boys!” Erza’s commanding voice separated the two and Lucy giggled.

“Yes ma’am. I’m Gray Fullbuster. I use ice-make magic. I can make anything out of ice.” Somehow he had managed to strip down to his boxers, just sitting at the table.

“Gray, your clothes.” Cana said, sipping from her drink.

“Aw, when did that happen!”

“My name is Natsu Dragneel. I am the fire dragon slayer. Now, when are we going to get some food?”

Lucy chuckled and Virgo came over to whisper in Lucy’s ear. It was low enough that Natsu couldn’t hear it, but he couldn’t deny the happiness he felt when he heard what she said. “Dinner will be ready in five everyone!”


Lucy waited until everyone had left to trudge up the stairs. She was raised to be an entertainer at dinner parties after all. She smiled bitterly. “Lucy!” Her father’s voice rang from his open office door and she walked over to it.

“Yes father?”

He was waving a paper at her and she stepped into the room, grabbing the sheet. It had an address written on it. “You will go each day after school. Do you understand? Starting tomorrow.”

“Yes, father, I understand.” Lucy took the paper, then bowed her head, leaving the room in a hurry. She went to her room and pulled out all of the syllabi that were in her backpack. Some needed parental signatures, but she would ask for those later. For now, she would just read through them, to gain an understanding of what would be expected of her.

Lucy woke up early the next morning, than ran to get into the shower. When she came back out, she saw that Virgo had laid out a modest dress. Lucy sighed, before turning and rummaging through her closet. “Are you kidding me?” Lucy’s maid had completely removed anything even ‘remotely’ indecent. No doubt by her father’s orders. A weight fell on her chest and Lucy tried to talk herself out of it. “It’s fine Lucy, everything will be fine.” But her mind wasn’t listening to her words.

The weight got thicker and she felt tears prick her eyes. Seriously, I’m gonna cry over something so stupid? What the hell is wrong with me? Lucy couldn’t help it. She only wanted to be a normal kid, but instead she was treated like some girl at a convent. Worse, she would most likely be forced into an arranged marriage. It didn’t help that she had told someone else about what had happened to her. If her father didn’t believe her, then why would anyone else?

Lucy clenched her hands before releasing her towel. She slipped on the dress and tightened the waist before leaning down and putting the boots on. She laced them up and she noticed the gloves sitting there. “You have got to be kidding me.”

Ignoring the gloves, Lucy walked out of her room, going to wake up her cousins and Loke. She told them that she would be in the dining room and went to sit down. When Virgo came into the room, the pinkette looked Lucy over. “Princess, where are your gloves?”

“I am not wearing gloves.”

“Princess, your father will not allow you to go to school any longer if you do not wear his choice of outfits for you.”

Lucy grimaced before standing up. “Fine, I’ll wear the damn gloves.” She went upstairs and grabbed the gloves. She slid them on before heading back down. Virgo came over and buttoned the gloves, making it so that she could only pull them off with help.

“Now Princess, it is time to eat.”

“I’m fine.” Lucy looked at the time, noticing it was only about five-thirty. “I’m going to head to school.”

“Princess, it is still early and the boys are not ready.”

“I’m walking. I need to get some air.” Virgo’s cheek twitched, but she said nothing as Lucy grabbed her back pack and headed out the door.

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