Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Summary: Natsu and Lucy know of each other, but don’t actually meet until the first day of their senior year. Their adventure is beginning, and the pain they will go through is either going to tear them apart, or bring them together. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: for themes

Genre: Romance/Fantasy


Lucy walked out of the front door and immediately felt better. She pulled out her cellphone, which her father had given her that morning so that she could call Capricorn when she was done helping Dan study that night. Lucy opened the music app, since it was connected with her music player. She turned her wireless headphones on and put the buds in her ears before turning on the music.

As the music began playing, Lucy began walking to her school, following the directions her phone gave her. It took her a total of forty five minutes to get to school, and about fifteen songs. When she got there, she walked to her classroom and sat outside of the door in the hallway. She put her head on her knees and listened to her music.

After about ten minutes she felt someone tap her shoulder and looked up to see Natsu. She smiled a little, just a quirk of her mouth, and he grinned at her. The warmth of his smile alone made her happy. She pulled out an earbud before speaking to him. “Hey.”

“Hey Luce. How are you?” Lucy could hear genuine curiosity in his voice even through the standardized question.

“Better now that you are here.”

“What’s with the getup?” He asked before she could even ask him the same question back.

She realized then that she never did tell him what happened yesterday. “Father’s rules if I want to stay at school.”

“That sucks.”

“Yeah, so—” Before Lucy could finish her question, the bell rang.

Natsu and Lucy really didn’t talk much over the next two weeks. Her father made her go at lunch to tutor Dan, even though she wished to go with her friends. She would walk to his house, while he would drive. Multiple times he asked her if she wanted a ride, but she was enjoying the ten or so minutes of freedom before being stuck in a room with him for hours. She rarely ate breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

More often than not, she was in some dress that was too tight for her to eat. When Virgo suggested she eat before changing, she shrugged, because that would mean it would take longer to get to school. She could really feel the heaviness weighing on her. Dan made sure her attention was on him the entire time she was tutoring him. She could tell that most of the time he knew the answer and was just taking longer so she wouldn’t leave. She would stay late, until nearly nine at night, before going home, doing her own homework until early into the morning, then go to school.

When she had first approached him about the subject of his lies, he just shrugged. When she said she would expose him, he hit her again, and threatened to do something that would ruin her and her father’s reputation. Her body was littered in bruises, old and new. Cuts lined her hip and wrist. She was grateful for the long sleeves even in the deathly heat. It meant she wouldn’t have to explain.

She was especially grateful for the amount of clothing she wore when Dan tried to come on to her. The first week it had been seemingly harmless flirting. But by the second week, he was grabbing at her, telling her things that could seem innocent like, “I have a shirt and shorts you could wear if you’d like to change.” She saw the lewd look in his eyes and she shook her head.

However it was when she made plans to hang out with Natsu the Monday after she was supposed to be done tutoring the bastard who was hurting her, when she completely flipped. Her father told her some made up lie from the pervert who she had been tutoring, and he told her that she would continue to be his tutor until the end of the semester, if not the year.


“What did you say?”

“I said no. I’m not going to continue to tutor someone who tries to grope me and hits me all the time.”

“Accusations again darling?”

“Don’t darling me. Not when you aren’t listening to me father. Don’t you understand? I wanted out of the house to have a chance to make friends, be myself. I don’t want to play dress up any more father! It isn’t me!”

“Lucy,” his voice was dark and she shrunk back when she noticed the drink in his hand. “I said you will tutor this boy, so you will tutor this boy. Now get out.”

All of Lucy’s hope of any type of retribution for her father died. He would control her for the rest of her life, or as much as she allowed it. She still had nearly a year before she would be eighteen. She turned and walked out of his office, before slowly walking into her room. Her energy was depleted from the lack of sleep and food, so she really couldn’t fight back.


Natsu could tell that each day, Lucy got worse. There was something wrong. She and him had been texting back and forth, but he could tell that there was a lot going on that she wouldn’t tell him. From what Loke, Sting, and Rogue said, she was tutoring some guy after school everyday. She seemed to be getting weaker as time went on, and it wasn’t until the Sunday before they were supposed to meet that Loke knocked on Natsu’s front door, a worried look on his face.

“You still talk to her right?” He asked the moment Natsu opened the door.

“Huh, who?” Natsu replied lamely.


“Yeah. Why?” Loke waved at the air and Natsu stepped back. “Yeah, come on in.”


Once Loke was seated on the couch, Natsu asked once again. “What is this about?”

“Her father just had a conversation with her. Normally he closes the door so that those of us who worry about the princess can’t hear, but he didn’t this time. They were talking about the guy she was tutoring. Apparently, the deal was originally that Lucy would go and tutor him these past two weeks. All because she hit him in the hallways.”

Natsu cut in. “What are you talking about?”

“The first day of school, apparently she ran into some guy, and he told her father on her. As compensation he wanted Lucy as a tutor. But I don’t think he was expecting that she wouldn’t be wearing the uniform anymore, because Lucy said something in their argument today.” Loke took a deep breath before continuing. “Her father said something about how she would have to tutor this guy for the rest of the semester, maybe the rest of the year because of something she had done. I swear Natsu, I have never seen her so broken. Not even after her mother had died and her father barely paid attention to her.”

“Loke, what happened?”

“Right. Well, Lucy completely blew up at him, told him she wouldn’t tutor the asshole, of course she used cleaner words. She said that she wouldn’t tutor someone who was hitting her and trying to touch her in inappropriate ways.” Natsu’s mind went to why he wanted to meet with her the next day. He wanted to talk to her about her accusations against his nephew. “She won’t talk to anyone. She locked her doors, windows, and won’t answer when any of us call her. She looks like she hasn’t eaten in days, and she never eats breakfast so I honestly don’t know if she has. You are the only one who she still talks to besides her father. You have to do something Natsu, we are all worried.”

“Is that it? You just want me to talk to her?”


Natsu nodded. “Don’t worry, I will.” After Loke left, Natsu pulled his cellphone out of his pocket and went into his father’s office. He looked for the address book, and when he found it, he went into the H’s. When he found the number he was looking for, he dialed.

“Hello?” The voice on the other line answered.

“Ah, Mr. Heartfilia.”

“Who is this?”

“Natsu, from across the street, I am your daughter’s friend.”

“Dragneel.” Natsu could hear the snarled contempt in the way he said his last name. “What do you want?”

“Let your daughter meet with me tomorrow. Her friends are worried about her. We haven’t been able to truly talk with her for weeks.”



Lucy’s father seemed to think about it before speaking again. “Fine. She can have this week off, and as long as she keeps her grades up she will be allowed to hang out with you this week and on weekends.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Don’t thank me yet. I am not talking to my whore of a daughter about it, that is up to you.” Natsu wanted to call him some words, worse than what he called Lucy, but instead he answered calmly.

“Understood.” With that, the line went dead.

Natsu shot a text to Lucy, telling her what her father had said and where to meet him the next day. He waited for a reply, and smiled when he got it.


Lucy had a bite of an apple for breakfast. But when that almost made her throw up from the lack of food she had been eating, she decided it would be better to only have that single bite of food. She did not want to be sick, she had an appointment to keep. She smiled when she thought of the text she had received from Natsu the night before. She was excited to talk with him. It had been a long while since she had been able to truly have a conversation with him, as she had been shoved to the back of the classroom, other people wanting to sit with Natsu. She wasn’t good at confrontation, so she hadn’t bothered fighting anyone.

By the third day of class, the seats they were in became the seats they would keep for the rest of the semester, and Lucy had frowned. In one of her classes, her biology class, Dan was seated at her table. He was in the seat closest to her, and she was in absolute misery.

The teacher of that class hated any sort of noise from the students, so one wrong move and she could get sent out of the room. Which wouldn’t do, because she had to keep her good grades. So, she sat and bore through the inappropriate sliding of his hand against her leg, every once in a while whacking it away.

When Lucy got to school, she saw Natsu talking to Wendy. Wendy was the one who saw her first, and she was kind of surprised that Natsu hadn’t smelled her before then. “Hey Lucy-nee! Good to see you again.”

The blue haired girl ran up and hugged Lucy, and Lucy smiled at her. “Yeah, you too.” Her voice was hoarse as she spoke, from lack of use or crying, Lucy wasn’t certain.

Wendy turned back to her brother, smiling. “Don’t forget you have to pick me up!” Then she ran off, as Natsu opened his mouth.

“Shit, what time did I need to pick her up?”

Lucy smiled at him. “Two thirty.”

“Thanks Lucy.” Natsu didn’t smile, and Lucy’s dropped. He hadn’t called her Luce.

Natsu walked past her and headed to their class. Lucy ran to catch up to him. “Hey, Natsu, wait up!”

He didn’t. Instead, walking faster and purposely ignoring her. Levy came up behind Lucy, speaking and giving Lucy quite the jump scare. “He’s just PMSing, ignore him. He has been like this for the past week, the only person he isn’t flat out ignoring is Wendy.”

“But we’ve been texting for the past week back and forth. He wants to meet up after school today.”

“Yeah, he told us that he wouldn’t be going with us, but that he would be picking Wendy up when it’s over. We didn’t know why though.”

“Wouldn’t be going with where?”

“Oh,” Levy paused, walking and gesturing for Lucy to follow, “we are going out to see a movie, and it was one that we all really wanted to see. We were trying to wait until you could come, but then Loke said that it would probably be better to just go.”

“Well, he wasn’t wrong.” Lucy grimaced, knowing that she wouldn’t be allowed to go out to a movie. The bell rung and the two laughed, racing off to their first class. Lucy was feeling a lot like her old self again, even though, she knew it couldn’t last, and with the rest of the day, she was proven right.

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