Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Summary: Natsu and Lucy know of each other, but don’t actually meet until the first day of their senior year. Their adventure is beginning, and the pain they will go through is either going to tear them apart, or bring them together. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: for themes

Genre: Romance/Fantasy


As the day went by, Lucy noticed that Natsu was purposely avoiding her, and when she tried to stick to him in the hallways, he went off, saying he had to do something. She always walked into the classroom late, as she still got lost. Even during the past two weeks, he would still make sure that she was heading the right way. It confused her, making her unsure of whether he truly wanted to see her that afternoon or not.

From zero hour to first hour, she went the wrong way, ending up at the principal’s office again, which was the complete opposite way of her first hour. Lucy sighed as she turned around and walked to her first hour class.

“Lucy, why are you late?” The teacher was looking at her annoyed, not having wanted to be interrupted.

“Sorry, ma’am. I got lost on the way here.” Her voice was still cracking and she pulled her water bottle out of her bag to drink some down.

“You’ve been getting here just fine for the past two weeks and you are just now getting lost? Hard to believe.”

“I’ve had a guide for the past two weeks, I thought I could make it here without him. Guess I was wrong, I apologize.”

“Yeah, you were wrong and about twenty minutes late to class. It better not happen again or you will get detention, do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Lucy nodded and everyone laughed, except for Levy. Lucy cursed herself silently, she should have just followed Levy, but she had been so focused on talking to Natsu that she had forgotten that Levy had the next class with her as well.

Lucy walked to the back and sat down, not uttering a word. She followed Levy to the next class, but when the smaller girl asked what happened, Lucy just shook her head, not wanting to explain. She got lost again on the way to third hour, and had nearly missed the entire class by then. She tripped in the hallway right as she found the right room and looked up when the door was opened.

“Where have you been Lucy?”

“Sorry sir, I got lost on the way here.”

“I called your previous teacher, and she said that you had left as soon as the bell rang. Even if you were lost you should have been able to get her before now.” He was right, Lucy would have made it long ago had she not stopped in the bathroom, expelling the little bit she had for breakfast. She was still shaking from that.

“Yes sir.”

“Don’t let it happen again, or I will call your father.”

Lucy’s eyes widened and she nodded fervently before heading to her seat in the back, passing Natsu, Mira, and Lisanna. Natsu didn’t even look at her, Mira and Lisanna just gave her looks of pity.

The only class she made it to on time was biology, her last class. And when there was a fire drill during biology, she tried to walk over to Natsu so they could walk out together, but he stuck to one of his friends instead. Leaving her with her seat mate, Dan.

“Hey LuLu, why did your dad say you were taking this week off?” She just shook her head, not wanting to talk to him. One of his arms went around her waist and she took it in her own, squeezing it, watching in satisfaction as he grimaced slightly.

“You want to tell my father petty lies about me hurting you?” She squeezed harder, silently thanking all of her spirits for showing her self defense moves. “Then I will hurt you for real. Do you understand? I am tired of you hurting me and then saying that I am the one hurting you.” She glared at him before letting his hand go. What she wasn’t prepared for was the empty hallway they were now in. Everyone had gone ahead while Lucy had stopped to glare at Dan.

Dan took advantage of the circumstance and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her into the men’s bathroom, one hand over her mouth, muffling her screams. “You little bitch.” His knee came up, hitting her already weak stomach and she gasped for air. She was way too weak for a full on fight, and he had pulled off his tie to wrap around her mouth, effectively gagging her. He shoved her back against the wall hard. “You whore, coming on to me, then telling your father it was me.”


Natsu didn’t notice until it had been over fifteen minutes out in the heat, that a certain blonde was missing. And he only noticed because Loke came over to him from his own class. “Where is Lucy? She has this class right?”

“Yeah, she should be somewhere—“

“We are missing someone.” The teacher spoke up, then sent a glare at Loke. “Two someone’s, do any of you know who?”

“Dan and Lucy ma’am.”  Loke looked over at the girl who had spoken, it was a very observant girl named Laki Olietta. She would know.

“Dan? Straight?” Loke asked the girl, and she nodded. Loke paled considerably. “Shit.”

“What is it Loke?” Loke just glared at Natsu, running back into the building. A few teachers tried to stop him, but in the end they let him go, and Natsu followed after him.

The first thing that hit Natsu was the overpowering smell. It was fear, and then blood. The two coppery scents mixed together and Natsu followed them. He could hear whimpers coming from the men’s bathroom and stopped, listening.

“You whore, coming onto me, then telling your father it was me.” The whimpers turned frantic. “I’ll show you what your father truly thinks about you. But first let’s see,” Natsu heard a smack and then a cry of pain. “Come on Lucy. Fight back you bitch.” Some muffled words. “What was that?”

“I said, you are an asshole who doesn’t know how to take no for an answer.”

“Hmm, much better. Still wish you would fight back.” Lucy whimpered again as another smack sounded. “You didn’t fight back the first few times I beat you, but you fought back the rest of the times, why not now?” Lucy whimpered, then Natsu heard something that sounded like retching. “You ate this morning didn’t you?”

Natsu was unsure why he wasn’t stepping in to help her. He should move, but he couldn’t. All he could do was listen, the conversation taking precedence.

“And I bet the reason has to do with that boy huh? The one who you’ve been trying to talk to all day.” Natsu heard a very audible gasping before more retching. He peeked around the corner to see Lucy leaning over one of the toilets. Dan had her hands tied back with his tie and Natsu could see lashes on her legs. Her dress had slid up over her knees.

“Leave him out of this.” Lucy said when she got a break from throwing up.

“No. It’s his fault you aren’t coming over. What am I supposed to do without my plaything?”

“I’m not a toy!”

Dan chuckled, his lips turning into a smirk. “Really? Because I’d say that your father also thinks you are one.” Natsu watched as Dan yanked Lucy back by her hair and shoved her onto the ground. Her face was blank of any emotion, but he could see her eyes held fury. “I mean, how often does he talk about matching you up with the right guy for the purpose of business? And how often do you have to play dress up for him? Oh, and then there is Natsu’s nephew.” Lucy’s eyes widened.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“I’m not stupid. I did my research on you Heartfilia. You had an unresolved complaint of molestation from Natsu’s nephew.” At the shocked look on her face, Dan continued. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know that Rahkeid is his nephew? Oh this is good.” All of the fight left Lucy’s body and she just lay there.

“No.” She whispered, her voice broken. “No, he would have told me. Natsu would have— He would have told me.” Tears trailed down her cheeks, going to the side since she was laying back.

“But he didn’t, and that makes this so much better. A game, a toy. You are a useless toy for all of us men. Even Natsu. The idiot probably just wants to show his nephew that he can get you before hand, and with your permission. Oh, and talk about being a toy again. I mean, Rahkeid is your nephew too. Your sister must have been so disappointed in you for lying about her son.”

A little bit of the fight entered her. “But I didn’t lie! I didn’t.” Natsu clenched his fists, unsure what to believe.

“Silly little doll. What happens if I take away your virginity? How much do you think your father’s business partners would pay for you then?”

Lucy sobbed, knowing full well that the fire drill should have been over by now, and that someone should have come. “Please. I’ll tutor you again, or whatever. But please, just don’t.”

Even though Natsu couldn’t see his face, he knew that Dan was smiling smugly. “Good girl. See, I told you you were a plaything.” He leaned down and kissed her nose. Lucy’s face turned to blatant fear, but Dan just got off of her. “As for what I want from you. Simple, don’t talk to Natsu.”

“What? But,” she looked up at Dan, who brought his belt down on her leg again. Not having expected it, she screamed. That was when Natsu stepped in.

“Leave her alone.”

“Oh, look. You finally made an appearance. Come on. You talk to her. She will want you to. And lovely doll, you have this week. Then, I expect you to make good on your promise.” She nodded numbly and he yanked her up into a standing position before untying her hands, then, kissed her cheek and left.

Natsu, for all his charm could only say, “school is already out.”

“Oh. Thanks for telling me.” She looked at him as if he was going to say something else, but he just looked around. When his eyes landed back on her she was blushing. “Sorry! I’ll, umm, leave now.” As she walked out Natsu heard her mumble to herself. “Great going Lucy, you are going to go around the asshole who wants to rape you more often simply so he won’t rape you? Dammit, I need to eat so that I can be strong enough. And what did he mean about my nephew being Natsu’s?” He heard her run into something and then curse.

Natsu followed her out and grabbed her arm. She grimaced but turned to look at him. His eyes were dark, and his bangs hung in his eyes. She longed to swipe them away, but with the look he was giving her, she thought maybe he would bite her arm off. “Natsu, are you okay?”

“No. You lied to me.”


Lucy ran home crying. The tears blurred her vision, making it hard for her to walk normally. When Lucy got back to her house she ran straight up the stairs, aiming for her bedroom, her tears having calmed down. “Lucy.” She turned to see her father standing in the doorway to his office. She took in a deep breath and observed her father to see if he was drunk. He wasn’t. “How’s school going?”

Lucy’s instincts kicked in and she smiled widely. “Wonderful dad. It’s absolutely wonderful. The classes are surprisingly interesting and I love having new friends.” Her lies sounded like the truth even to herself and had she not trained herself with this, she would have frowned.

Her father nodded and turned into his office, closing the door behind him. You lied to me. Lucy almost started crying again. She was hearing his voice. She didn’t lie, she didn’t. Not to him at least. Lucy went into her room and set her backpack down, then went to the adjoining bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. I don’t appreciate being lied to Lucy. Why didn’t he use the nickname he had made?

She walked over to the shower and turned it on, then stripped herself, nearly throwing her keys. Her eyes widened and she caught them, apologizing to them. Specifically to Aquarius, who she knew she would get a beating from later. Then, she realized she didn’t have towels. “Great, just great.” She yanked out a key and held it in front of her. “Open, gate of the maiden: Virgo.”

“Yes princess?”

Lucy wasn’t in the mood for words, so she gestured to the door and simply said, “towels.”

Virgo left and Lucy got in the shower. It was scalding and she reached to turn it down. You lied. “No.” Lucy gasped out loud and hit her hand on the wall, missing the shower knob. “I didn’t lie! I,” She began to take heavy breaths and looked ahead of her. “I didn’t lie. Not to you,Natsu.” He said he never even touched you. Lucy’s hands went to her hair as she began to shake. “No, no, no.” She took a deep breath in. “No. Stop it, Lucy. Stop it!”

Her mind went over the conversation she had with Natsu, not long before.

“Natsu, are you okay?”

“No. You lied to me.”

“What? Natsu what are you talking about?”

“About Rahkeid, my nephew? You lied.”

“Natsu, what are you-”

“I talked to him last Friday, and he said he never even touched you!”

“Natsu, I have not lied to you once. Not about Rahkeid, not about my father, not about my life. Honestly, I usually do lie to people, because of shit like this. They never believe me. With you— Well, with you I thought I made the right choice.” At that point Lucy could feel tears heating her eyes. She closed her eyes for a moment before looking back at him. “Look, I completely understand. He is family, I am nobody. Just some random girl you met on the first day of school.” She couldn’t stop herself then. She reached out, and cupped his cheek, smiling even as the tears fell from her eyes. She pulled away and looked at her phone. “Look, it is nearly two thirty, you should probably head to get Wendy.” Lucy had to forcefully push him away from her. “I said go.”

He looked back at her again. “I don’t appreciate being lied to Lucy.”

He hadn’t used the nickname she had been thrilled to have from him. She was no one to him. She put a hand to her mouth and bit down as another sob racked her body. She reached forward blindly, knowing what would soothe her. She found the razor, and held it in her right hand. Her hand began to shake as she looked at her wrist. Then, she cut. Once, on her left wrist. The hand with the blade went down to her left hip and she began counting.

You lied to me. One.

You lied. Two.

He said he never even— Three.

—touched you. Four.

I don’t— Five.

—appreciate being— Six.

—lied to— Seven.

Lucy. Eight.

Lucy watched as the blood ran down her leg. She hadn’t felt so damaged in a long time. Not since the act of Rahkeid’s torture, and even then, the betrayal wasn’t as painful. Lucy cleaned the wounds, still sobbing as Virgo came back in. “Princess, you have a guest.” She heard the sobbing Lucy and opened the curtain. “Not again. Princess, you need to stop doing this to yourself. You don’t deserve punishment.”

Lucy stood up and shut off the water, grabbing the towels from her maid. “Thank you Virgo. You can go back now.” Lucy knew her maid was scared for her. She knew that most of her spirits were afraid for her. They could feel her feeling, and therefore could tell when she was hurting. However, they couldn’t do anything unless their master was in danger. And even then, there was a limit.

Wrapping one towel around her body and the other around her hair, Lucy stepped into her bedroom.

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