Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Summary: Natsu and Lucy know of each other, but don’t actually meet until the first day of their senior year. Their adventure is beginning, and the pain they will go through is either going to tear them apart, or bring them together. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: for themes

Genre: Romance/Fantasy


When Lucy stepped out of the bathroom, Wendy went up to her, smelling blood. “Lucy? What happened?”

“Oh, Wendy! Why are you here? I thought I told your brother to go get you. Did he not?”

Wendy rolled her eyes. “He did. However, he looked pissed, so I asked him what was wrong. He said that you had lied to him and I asked him what about.” Lucy grimaced and Wendy continued. “When he explained the situation, I may have gotten mad at him for accusing you and ran off.”

Lucy gripped Wendy’s hands in her own shaking ones. “I appreciate the gesture, but your brother must be worried sick about you. We need to get you back to your own house.”

Wendy yanked her hands out of Lucy’s and the forceful tug loosened the towel around Lucy’s body. It fell down, and the older girl reflexively crossed her arms over her chest. “Oh my, Lucy! What happened?” Lucy looked to her door to see that Wendy had shut it behind herself. “You have so many bruises. And the cuts, what are these lashes? Let me heal them!” Wendy walked around the taller girl, inspecting all of her injuries.

“No!” Lucy put her hand out, as if to brace herself. When Wendy looked at her shocked, she just smiled sadly before repeating, “no, don’t worry about it.”

Wendy didn’t understand why her older brother would doubt Lucy. When her brother had shown up to get her late, without Lucy no less, she was worried. The gruff way he spoke and the look in his eyes just confirmed her thoughts. It had been two weeks since the two had properly spoken, and her brother had been left to mull over whatever Lucy had told him. It seemed the more he thought about it, the more withdrawn he would get.

Wendy knew that Natsu cared about Lucy, as she hadn’t missed the way that on the very first day they met he had said ‘my Luce’. He had also growled at anybody, including Wendy, who used Luce as her nickname. Before they went home that day, Wendy had pulled Lucy aside and asked what her and Natsu had been doing before the group got there. Lucy had simply replied that they had been talking about her past.

Natsu walked up and said hi to the group, tugging at Wendy until she reluctantly followed him. “Natsu, where is Lucy?”

“Why would I know?”

“Were you not with her after school?” Natsu looked at Wendy thoughtfully.

“Yep.” He didn’t say anything more.

“So shouldn’t she be with you then? Where did she go?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care okay?”

“No! That isn’t okay Natsu! Lucy should have someone with her, someone to protect her.”

“What are you talking about Wen?”

Wendy shook her head. “It was her that was worried about me huh? Not you.”

“So what if it was?”

Wendy went over and started hitting her brother over the head. “You are an idiot! Are you oblivious to the stares guys from school give her? And she had gone through something like being raped before—“

“That’s what she lied to me about! She said that Rahkeid—“

“Our Rahkeid?”

“Yeah, but when I talked to him Friday, he told me nothing happened.”

“And you just believed him didn’t you?” Her hits were getting harder.

“Ouch! Wendy, stop that!”

“Yeah, tell mom on me! Then imagine just how it feels when I tell her ‘I didn’t touch him’. You idiot, she trusted you with something she probably hadn’t told anyone.”

Natsu grabbed her wrists, holding them in place. “Then how would you know?”

“Because I’m not blind like you are.”

Wendy looked at Lucy with a look of anger, directed elsewhere. “Natsu is an idiot.”

Lucy grinned at her, “yeah, but it’s okay.” Wendy wrapped her arms around Lucy’s body, holding her tightly to her. Lucy pulled away and bent over, picking up her towel and wrapping it back around herself.


Natsu’s phone buzzed in his pocket as he laid back on his bed. He pulled it out to see Wendy was calling him. “Hey.”

Hey.” Her voice sounded concerned over the phone.

“What’s up?

What’s up is that you are an idiot! You need to get over here now.”

But she lied to me.”

“No, she didn’t, and stop acting like you’re all high and mighty, because you’re not.” There was a pause as she sighed. “Fine, you know what? I will give you until the end of the hour. Either choose to be here, or leave her alone forever. Good luck.”

Natsu looked down at his phone. He had about twenty minutes to make a decision, and he oddly felt as though this were a test. Wendy said the Lucy hadn’t been lying, but does that mean she truly wasn’t? His sister did have a good sense about those types of things, and something she said after the first day of meeting Lucy, after Natsu had gotten those guys off of her. She had talked to him after they had gotten home, asking him if Lucy had said anything concerning to him, and when he asked why, she pursed her lips

The desperation in her eyes. Something like that has happened to her before. It looked like she was reliving it. Is that what Wendy truly thought? And Lucy…why was she so hard to figure out?

“Cause you don’t really know her yet!” Natsu looked up, startled to see his little blue friend in front of him.

Natsu continued with his thoughts. Rogue had said something about it too, before, when Natsu had just begun to know Lucy — not that it wasn’t still just the beginning since she hadn’t really gotten to talk to him.

Natsu remembered seeing the bruises, and the glass. The glass pained him. It pained him to see someone he thought of as his friend not even realizing when she was hurt, as though she had gone numb to everything.

“Maybe she has Natsu. Maybe she just stopped feeling. Ever thought that that’s why she was cutting?” Natsu looked up at his friend again, annoyed.

“Stop acting like you’re my conscience personified. You’re not!”

“Doesn’t matter. You need to think about that. Wendy was right when she said that Lucy had never told anyone before, well besides her father, but you have heard what he has done to her. So her fate is in your hands. Whether she is believed by you, it’s your choice.”

“When did you get so smart little buddy?” Natsu grimaced. He was a family first kind of guy. Rahkeid told him he didn’t touch her, but is Natsu really supposed to just believe him? Lucy hadn’t even known Natsu was Rahkeid’s uncle.

What the hell is happening that you don’t want us to know about? Rogue’s words ran circles in Natsu’s mind. She had told him, and here he was trying to tell her she was wrong, that she was lying. Lucy’s voice rang out in his mind as well, I’ve never told anyone… I’m trusting you. Then again just today, I don’t know what made me trust you, but I thought I made the right choice. He could hear the pain laced in her cracked voice. He wanted to be the one to take away her pain, not add to it.

And on top of that, what he heard from the bathroom was just too real to mean she was lying. There were lashes on her for goodness sake! And yet, here Natsu was, still doubting her, when, even when she didn’t know he was listening — when he should have been helping her — she stuck to her story. It was Natsu who needed to get checked, he needed to look at the situation from all sides.

What had Loke said? That she hadn’t been talking to anyone except him and her father? And god, what Dan had said about her having eaten that morning — what was he doing to her?

Tears came to Natsu’s eyes as he realized what he needed to do. He looked down, he had two minutes.

Natsu took off running and simultaneously pulled out his phone and sent a quick text off to his sister: ‘on my way, don’t let the clock run out!

Natsu didn’t like the look of the text his sister sent back. ‘Hry. She needs u!’ His sister wasn’t one to abbreviate unless she didn’t have time to write out the full message.

Natsu ran as fast as he could and straight into the house. “Lucy!” He heard a sob, followed by his sister’s voice.

“Stop it! Leave her alone! It’s not her fault. Please stop. Oh god.” Natsu ran up the stairs and did not like the sight he was greeted with. Lucy was on the ground at the top of the staircase, the guy from earlier in front of her along with her dad. Wendy was trying to get past Lucy, but she kept holding her arms out to the side. There was blood running down her leg and her wrist, and he wondered why Wendy hadn’t healed her yet.

Wendy made eye contact with him just as he took the first step and her face was filled with pure panic. “Luce?” He said, noting she was in just a towel. Natsu ran to her side and knelt down. “What’s going on here?”

She was shaking when he put a hand on her arm, coughing as though she couldn’t breathe. Her father practically snarled at the featherlight touch Natsu had on his daughter. “Oh, look at that darling, your little boy toy is here.”

“He’s not a toy.” She looked up with a glare, her voice croaked, and it seemed to take a lot of effort to keep herself upright.

“You’re right, you are the toy.” Lucy looked down at the ground in the shame.

“She isn’t a toy either.” Natsu growled, but Lucy didn’t look up. In fact she seemed to shrink further into herself. He wanted to grab her and take her far from her father, but that would solve nothing.

“Fine, go and entertain him, then maybe after he is done using you, you will come back and beg for the honor of this.” Natsu had no idea what they were talking about, but as Dan and her father stepped into his office, he felt increasingly certain that he didn’t like the look they were giving him.

“He won’t use me!” She said it with conviction before her throat closed up a little. “He won’t.” Her voice had gotten smaller, and as bad as Natsu wanted to assure her that she was right, he couldn’t, because her father cut him off.

“Really? You told him didn’t you?” Her eyes were downcast again. “He doesn’t believe you either. It’s obvious. So when you’re ready, Dan and I will be here, with a proposal drawn up, that all you will have to do is sign. Until then, get out of my house.”

Natsu could have sworn that he heard Wendy hiss. But Lucy’s father had turned around and walked away from the door, Dan closing the door with a smirk on his face.


Lucy felt her body sag as the door shut, her vision blurry and feelings numb. There was a lump in her throat that she willed away, but it would not leave her. Her father told her to get out of his house, she had no home. What was she to do? Suddenly her palms slammed flat on the ground and she screamed. “Fuck!”

There was a light touch on her bare shoulder and Lucy scrambled back, covering her face with her hands as she cowered against the wall. Her whimpers leaking through, seeking the ears of the dragon slayers around her. She really was like a frightened animal this time she supposed. Her breathing was erratic, and she was close to a panic attack.

She heard voices talking around her, but really had no idea what they were saying as she slumped to the side. They came to her ears as though through water, and she felt drowsy and heavy. She was having trouble keeping her eyes open, looking at the people in front of her, and the one thing that made it through her senses was a single sentence.

“I believe you Luce.” And with that last sentence, she smiled slightly before blackness claimed her world.

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