Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Summary: Natsu and Lucy know of each other, but don’t actually meet until the first day of their senior year. Their adventure is beginning, and the pain they will go through is either going to tear them apart, or bring them together. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: for themes

Genre: Romance/Fantasy


Lucy woke up buried underneath blankets, bandages over her injuries, but she felt scabs, so she knew Wendy took her request to heart. She also heard snoring, and purring right next to her ear. She turned over to find Happy lying there. Happy had been introduced to her through pictures, rather than actually in person, and Lucy knew immediately that she cared for the little blue cat who was hugging her tightly. She also knew he, like both Frosch and Lector, was an exceed. She looked past Happy, to see Natsu, and groaned, sitting up.

Her left hand went to her head, as her dominant, was underneath Happy. She looked around the room, wondering where she was and what exactly happened. The room was painted red, and had black outlines all along it. She saw Wendy, sitting in a chair near a desk, and beside her a woman smiling down at the girl. The woman had pale blue hair, nearly a white, but it was long and went down to her knees. She had some of it up in an elaborate braided bun.

The woman looked over to Lucy and smiled gesturing her to follow. Lucy did, slowly untangling herself from Natsu and Happy, who were still sound asleep. She slid out of the bed and walked over to the doorway, slowly and unsteadily, draped in a simple nightgown and nothing else. The woman wrapped an arm around Lucy’s waist, helping her to keep her balance.

“Thank you,” Lucy spoke when they had stepped into the hall and closed the door.

“No need to thank me Lucy.”

Lucy looked up at her. “How do you know me?”

“Oh, dear, I guess it has been a long time since we’ve seen each other. You were about five when we adopted these two.” The woman smiled. “I’m Grandeeney,” to Lucy it sounded like she said ‘gran-dean-ah,’ and she remembered her mother introducing her to the woman when she was younger.

“Oh, I remember you now.” Lucy smiled at the woman as they walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Would you like some tea dear?” Lucy shook her head. “All right, well how about some hot chocolate.” Lucy grinned and nodded her head.

“I would love some.” Then she frowned, sitting at the table while Grandeeney began to make the drinks. “Do you know what happened exactly?”

“Not exactly, no. My son called me and his father yesterday, telling us that something happened and he needed one of us to come home straight away. We both did, as the business meeting was over and done with quicker than we expected. When we got here,” she brought the cups over to the table and sat across from Lucy, “Natsu took us to see you, and Wendy was bandaging you up. Igneel is actually over there talking to your father right now. I’m not sure what exactly is going to happen, but I know that if you end up needing a place to stay, you are welcome here.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s no problem dear.” The two smiled at each other and then the front door opened. The women stood up, entering into the main hall to see Igneel and Virgo. Virgo smiled at Lucy while she bowed.

“Princess, I have brought your clothing items and other necessities.”

“Thank you Virgo.” Lucy smiled at them both. She grabbed her things form Virgo as the spirit disappeared, leaving Lucy in the Dragneel’s house, alone.


Natsu woke up when he heard his father talking to Lucy. “So Lucy, you can stay in the guest room for as long as you need.” Natsu stepped out onto the stairs and saw Lucy sitting on the couch with a suitcase in front of her.

“Thank you Mr. Dragneel. I promise I will find an apartment and job as soon as I can.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it sweetheart. We will take care of you; think of it as a favor to your mother.” Natsu saw Lucy sitting poised, or as poised as she could be in a nightgown that practically swallowed her whole. He stepped down the stairs, unsure of how she would react to him. He grimaced as he stepped on a squeaky stair and everyone turned to look at him. “Natsu, good to see you buddy.”

“Hey dad.” Lucy looked at the ground as the two spoke, and Natsu walked over to her. “Luce?”

He owed her an apology, but she got to it first. “I’m sorry you had to see that earlier Natsu, and that your sister had to see that.” She looked up at him as she spoke and Natsu’s eyes widened.

“No! Luce, it’s not you that should be apologizing. I should be apologizing.” He bent down in front of her so that he had to look up. “I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you, that you went through all of that abuse with Dan, and that I didn’t tell you about Rahkeid being my nephew. I’m so sorry that I made you hurt yourself. I’m such an idiot. I should have been there for you instead of ignoring you. I should have listened to Wendy.” Lucy shook her head, but Natsu put a hand on her knee. “Can we talk? Alone?”

She furrowed her brows, looking at him in confusion, but nodded. “Sure.” She stood up, still wavering a little, but followed Natsu, who had grabbed her things, up the stairs. The room he led them to was a deep blue with fiery red designs on it.

“This will be your room while you are staying with us.” Lucy nodded and looked around. There was an ensuite bathroom, a desk, a dresser, and a bed with a nightstand. Under the window there was a nook that Natsu imagined would be perfect for her to read in. Natsu gently held her shoulders and looked into her eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it Natsu. It’s not as though it is your fault.” She began busying herself with unpacking and putting her things in the places they would be staying for a while. Her backpack slid under the desk and her suitcase tucked under the bed. She grabbed a pair of her own clothing and turned to him. “I’ll be right back, just going to change into my own clothing.”

He nodded and watched her walking away, thinking of all the different wounds he had seen on her body. She was more frail than he remembered, from nearly two weeks worth of deprivation. When he had seen her there, wrapped in nothing but a towel, he knew he was attracted to her, but also knew that it hadn’t been the time to marvel about his newfound enlightenment. Natsu sat down on the bed that she would be claiming for the foreseeable future and watched the bathroom door intently. When it opened, he cringed at the sight.

Not wearing the drowning nightgown any longer, she was in very short sleep shorts and a half tank top. He could see the bruises that littered her midsection and the slices that lined her hips. When she was distracted with brushing her hair, he knelt down beside her and looked at the fresh cuts.

“Are these because of me?” He lightly traced around them, begging silently to hear the word no come from her lips. But as he looked up, he knew that would not be the one syllable word to come out of her mouth. Lucy looked to be indecisive about her answer, and torn between actually admitting it, but after nearly a minute of the internal debate, her lips formed the word.



“Shit.” Natsu groaned, resting his head on the side of her leg, unaware that his hands, which had unconsciously wrapped around her leg was on the inside of her thigh. Her breathing hitched as a warmth traveled to her stomach. She honestly didn’t know how to act around Natsu at that point. Sure he had not believed her, but that happens to the best of people. She wanted to just be his friend again, but also felt she should hold some animosity against him.

“I’m sorry.” She said, looking down at him. He stood up, pulling her into a hug, of which she relaxed into. Lucy held onto him, feeling herself beginning to tear up again. “I’m sorry, so sorry.”

“Shh, Luce, it’s okay. I should be apologizing to you.”

Lucy began crying, falling into Natsu’s arms, both falling back onto the bed. Natsu held her, making sure she knew that he was there. Lucy gripped onto his shirt and he wrapped his arms around her. She continued apologizing over and over again as Natsu lightly raked his fingers through her golden hair. Somehow Lucy managed to end up straddling the pink haired man, squeezing him tightly to her as though she was going to open her eyes and he would disappear. When she finally stopped and pulled back, Natsu was the first to speak.

“No more apologies from you. I’m so sorry about all of this Luce. Had I just talked to you, maybe none of this would have happened.” Natsu leaned down and brushed his lips against her neck, breathing in deeply. Lucy couldn’t help but feel that he was doing something she didn’t know about. One of his hands brushed over her hip and rested there, thumb drawing patterns over the cuts. He huffed into her neck. “I hate this.”

When she stiffened, he tightened his hands on her. “I hate the thought of you hurting yourself over something I said. Especially something like that.” His head lifted up and Lucy could feel his breath on her ear. “I hate that I wasn’t there, that there will be new scars here that are my fault. I don’t want you to have any marks, much less one’s from me.”

Lucy smiled softly at Natsu. “I like the scars. They remind me that I’m fighting a battle. One no one else can see, but one that is dangerous all the same. It’s a never ending battle, that some may not have made it through. So I don’t mind them.”

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