Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Summary: Natsu and Lucy know of each other, but don’t actually meet until the first day of their senior year. Their adventure is beginning, and the pain they will go through is either going to tear them apart, or bring them together. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: for themes

Genre: Romance/Fantasy


Lucy giggled as she sat at the dinner table. Beside her sat Natsu, and across from them sat Wendy and Grandeeney. In between Natsu and Grandeeney, at the head of the table sat Igneel. It had been nearly four months since Lucy had begun living with the Dragneels, and so far she was enjoying it. Every morning the three would go to the cafe, meet all of their friends, sans Sting, Rogue, and Yukino, then walk to school together. After lunch, which they always stayed at school for so they could hang out with Romeo and Wendy, they would head back to the guild and hang out until the two got there.

It was dinner Lucy enjoyed the most. Although she still wasn’t eating much, she enjoyed having people to eat with. Before, when she had lived across the way, she had almost always eaten alone, or with her spirits. Now, the five ate together every night no matter what. Lucy found out that she particularly enjoyed watching the others eat. Natsu and Igneel were scolded every night for being pigs by the two female Dragneels. Natsu would pout and attempt to go to Lucy for soothing, but he couldn’t because she was always holding the cats and giggling too hard at the pouty looks on the males’ faces.

Lucy stood up, grabbing both her and Natsu’s plates and taking them over to the sink. She grinned over her shoulder at Natsu as he brought the others’ plates. Together the two set the dishes in the sink for the youngest Dragneel to do and took of upstairs.

“We’re going to study mom!” Natsu called out.

“Mhm, sure!” Grandeeney yelled back to the two. She knew they weren’t going to study, and neither of the two were deterred from their true objective in any way.

Lucy yelped as Natsu put his hands on her hips and tugged her back as they entered her room. Lucy slid back and stopped as Natsu held her close. “You okay?” He asked and she nodded.

It was a little difficult, but Natsu was able to spin her around and look at her. “I’m fine Natsu.” Natsu had unwillingly been forced to watch as her father came and tried to take her back. Lucy knew Igneel was holding the boy back as she dealt with her father. Grandeeney helped her deal with him, letting Lucy stand her ground until it got too much to take. When her father began to insult her, Natsu was more forceful with his own father, trying to get away from him to help Lucy.

Natsu, she guessed, could tell that she was feeling backed into a corner. It was then that Grandeeney stepped in and Lucy was able to take a breath. When Natsu was able to pull her into his arms, he calmed down and so did she. Lucy was unable to completely calm down until Grandeeney had cooked dinner and told Lucy it was her favorite. So, when after dinner, Lucy and Natsu went up to talk, she no doubt wasn’t expecting them to study.

“I’m sorry Natsu.”

“Don’t be, Lucy. I just don’t want to let you go without a fight this time. I let you go once, and I don’t want to have that happen again.” Lucy gripped Natsu as the two sat on her bed, leaning into his warmth. “I don’t want you to go.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” She let him lay down next to her and hold her, allowing herself to relish in the way he was holding her, in the warmth she was feeling from him.


Lucy fell asleep quickly in Natsu’s arms, facing him with her breath ghosting over his neck each time she breathed out. He knew she was in a deep sleep when her hands slid under and curled into his shirt, making him jump slightly at the coldness. When she let out a soft sigh he looked down and watched her, noting the way her eyes moved under her eyelids. Natsu let his arms rest around her hips, lightly running his fingers along her spine, falling into the soft fabric of her shirt and wishing for her to sleep soundly.

His own eyes began to drift closed as he rested his head over hers. As best he could with one hand, he yanked the blanket out from under them and pulled them over, before finally allowing his eyes to close, his other senses becoming more aware. His nose twitched as he drew in the scent of her. Lavender, honey, and vanilla. At least, that was what he could relate it to. It was unique, not quite those things, but close enough to be associated to. It was Lucy.

That was the best way to describe it. It was his favorite scent and one he could always separate from any other scent. Natsu’s hand slackened as he fell asleep beside her, dreaming of fields of lavender, vanilla beans, and honey bees.

Natsu groaned as the light from the window shined directly on his face. He tried to turn away, only to find himself rooted in position by something. Instead of opening his eyes, he slid back against the bed, trying to find a spot that wasn’t in the sunlight. In the end, he did, just not in the way he expected. He heard a grunt as he fell off the bed, something, or rather someone, landing on top of him.

Lucy mumbled something incoherent as she blinked wearily. Her hands were placed on Natsu’s chest, her hips firmly against his as she looked at him sleepily. When she realized it was him, she let her hands drop and laid back on top of him.

“Too tired.” She mumbled into his shirt and Natsu chuckled. He looked at her, not quite sure whether he should let her sleep or not. “Natsu, too tired. Bed.” He chuckled again but complied with her demand, lifting them both up and laying back on the bed. He got up and went to the window, listening to the little whine Lucy made, and closed the curtains so he wouldn’t be bothered by the sun. When he went back into her bed with her she curled up against him, leeching off his heat.

“You only use me for the heat don’t you?” He could feel her smile against the skin of his collarbone.

“You finally figured it out huh?”

He grinned. “Dang it, I should have known from the start. No one as beautiful as you would want to talk to a doofus like me.” He felt her frown against his skin and he turned to fully wrap her in his embrace.


“That’s not true. I like talking to you, a lot more than anyone else. Besides, you look just as good as I do.” His arms tightened around her and his hands lightly skimmed her hip. Anyone else and she would have Lucy kicked them from there to the moon, but it wasn’t, and she knew he wasn’t trying to cop a feel.

His fingers danced across her skin, touching each scar and tracing it individually. His breathing slowed, and his legs tangled with hers, rolling her onto her side. She looked up at him, only to watch him pull her dress up slightly and for him to duck out of her vision. She frowned in confusion and let her head relax, but stayed still, waiting for him to make his move. Something between a whimper and a moan came from her throat, followed by a gasp. She quickly took stock of the situation, not moving.

Natsu had first run his fingers over her scars, and then his tongue before peppering light kisses along each one. She made the sound again when he did it again, as the skin there was sensitive. Her hand closest to him, her left, flew to his hair, threading her fingers through it. She couldn’t help but feel that somehow, what they were doing was wrong. And yet she wanted it so badly. One of his hands gripped her thigh, fingers curling to the inside and exploring the sensitive skin there, overloading her with sensations.

“Natsu…” Her voice was breathy, and he froze, fearing he’d done something wrong. “Please Natsu…” Her body was shaking with want, toes curled and fingers clenched. She was taut, yet loose, taking in everything, but not understanding anything. Natsu pulled away, looking at her, before slowly backing off the bed with an apology before running out of the room.

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