Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Summary: Natsu and Lucy know of each other, but don’t actually meet until the first day of their senior year. Their adventure is beginning, and the pain they will go through is either going to tear them apart, or bring them together. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: for themes

Genre: Romance/Fantasy


The island was big, but there were only two paths to be taken, and as Gajeel won over Natsu in rock, paper, scissors, there was only one for the celestial wizard and her partner. She sighed as the two walked into the cave. At the far end was a light, but it wasn’t really something that said ‘exit’ to Lucy. She turned to point it out to Natsu, but he was already entranced by the light and walking towards it.

“Natsu?” She called, noting that the way he was holding himself was suddenly different. Instead of walking, he was stalking, instead of looking at her, he was watching her. His overall movement seemed predatory, and his eyes, even they were different. The pupils drawn together into slits, and the iris’ a more golden tone to his deep green onyx. “Are you okay?” She asked after a minute.

“Perfect!” He grinned at her, and even that, his normal grin, seemed feral somehow. She nodded, gulping, and could see that he followed the movement in her throat. His tongue swept over his lips and her own parted. Then he shook his head and his predator-like movement changed, it was normal again. “Lucy? I don’t understand. What’s… What’s happening?”

Just like that, all of the tension left her body and she walked over to him, pulling him into a hug. “What do you mean?” He held her tight, sniffing her hair, before resting his face in her neck. She knew he did that when he needed to be calmed down, but for some reason it seemed so much more intimate just then. Almost like the start of what was to come. And if asked, this probably would have been the moment that came to mind for when it all began. When everything she knew was turned upside down.

Her left shoulder ached and she gripped him as he tensed, not wanting him to pull away. Just where her collarbone, shoulder, and neck met ached so bad. She cried out and Natsu looked up, concerned. “Luce?”

“It hurts. Why does it hurt?” Her vision was beginning to blur, and with one hand she gripped Natsu, the other scratching at the ache. He grabbed the hand scratching at herself and grimaced. She watched him as his teeth elongated, and her pulse was jumping. She could feel it, and it was obvious in his eyes that he could see it.

Her mind began to clear, even as her vision lessened. “Bite me.” She was right, it was something to do with his dragon senses, but not in the way she would have thought. No, the test was for them to make it out of this, together, in the sense that dragon’s do.


“I said bite me. You know you want to.” And she could tell, as his fangs slightly elongated, as his tongue ran over them again and again, testing them, she could tell. He wanted, or rather, needed to bite her. Lucy pulled his head down to rest over the spot and then ran her finger soothingly through his hair.

“Lucy.” He sounded like he was struggling as he looked up at her, panting. “I can’t.”

“Yes, you can.”

“But, you don’t know what this will mean.” He was breathing harder now, so obviously trying to resist it, whatever pull she had on him.

“Then tell me. I only know what my cousins have told me.” Lucy frowned slightly as he snarled a little and tightened his grip on her when she mentioned her cousins. Then she remembered, rule number one: never mention another dragon in the presence of your dragon before mating. Lucy hugged Natsu, reassuring him that she meant nothing by it.


“Well, in simplest terms, it would mean that I’m yours and you are mine.” He rushed on when he thought about how that sounded to Lucy. “Not that you are a possession, because you aren’t, I just mean, in a sense it would be like getting married, just, without the option of divorce. Essentially, you would never be able to get rid of me.”

Lucy seemed to ponder what Natsu had said, but he kept his grip on her, not letting her go. Then, she nodded. “Okay.” Natsu looked up at her again, and her hands, which had been pushing his head back to the spot that ached, stopped. “Your eyes.”

Natsu frowned. “I’m sorry, do they scare you?”

“No, no. To be quite honest, they are intriguing.” Natsu could tell she found them a lot of things, and intriguing was probably one of the least important ones, but decided not to mention it and follow her hands to her neck. His teeth throbbed in time with her pulse and he bit as she was inhaling. She gasped, but made no other movement, and he stayed there for a little under ten seconds before pulling away and looking at it. Her blood swirled into a shape, and little pieces of his fire danced across her skin, making him watch her in worry and awe.

He was glad none of it was hurting her, if the look of pure bliss on her face was anything to go by, yet at his exhale she looked at him from under her eyelids, head still thrown back. “It’s done.” Natsu said, eyes still watching as the blood mixed with the flames, branding into her skin harmlessly.

Igneel had always told Natsu he would have to mark someone some day, and that the mark would take on a shape that would mean something to both of them. Natsu hadn’t known it would be Lucy or that it wouldn’t hurt, nor what shape it would take. However, the shape it took, made him realize that it was a perfect match for the two of them.

Along her collarbone, lay a dragon, and going from where her shoulder met her neck up to just underneath her ear was the tail, shaped in the form of one of her celestial keys. It moved slightly, every time Natsu looked at it differently. It’s head would tilt, the eyes would follow him, or the tail would flick back and forth under her ear. He leaned down out of instinct and pressed a kiss to the body of the dragon, noticing with pride that Lucy shuddered. When he pulled back the dragon stretched before curling into a ball so that it wouldn’t be as visible.

The colors were a simple pattern of red and gold, red as the base with gold accents. Lucy had her eyes closed when Natsu looked back to her face so he leaned in and caught her by surprise, kissing along the bottom of her jaw. As his mouth connected she jumped backwards a little bit, not moving far as she hit the wall, and Natsu followed after her.

She looked up at him and Natsu grinned, leaning down and kissing her full on the mouth before lightly shoving her further into the wall, her gasp allowing for him to deepen the kiss. Her nails dug into his biceps as they both realized something.


Lucy’s mouth opened wider, and Natsu took it as an invitation. She felt him pause as there was a pull between the two, a filling of an emptiness that wasn’t there before. Or it at least hadn’t been noticeable. A piece that had been missing before, unnoticeably, was noticeable for a painful second before it was there.

She groaned as she gripped him tighter, feeling a coil in her stomach release. He had taken a piece of her soul and given a piece of his own in replacement. Her body tightened and she shuddered, pulling away from Natsu and looking at him.

“What was that?” His pupils were still thinner than normal, but the coloring had gone back to normal. As he shook his head his appearance changed to it’s usual state.

“Part of the mating ritual? If I’m correct.” Lucy nodded.

“I was talking more about the painful emptiness just now. But yes, I know the bite and mark was part of the mating ritual.” Her hand stroked the dragon key on her collarbone and it keened at the attention, seeming to whine at her like a cat when she stopped petting it. Natsu nodded at her and then kissed her again quickly.

“Shall we head back, maybe someone else will know.”

“You’re right that someone else will know.” A voice said from in the cave and Natsu wrapped his arms around Lucy protectively before growling at the intruder. “Hey, be nice Natsu, I’m not going to steal my cousin from you.”

Lucy recognized the voice then. “Sting?”

“Well yes, but it’s not me who knows, that would be Rogue.” The two stepped out into the light and Lucy could feel the mark’s movement, displaying itself proudly to the two dragon slayers in front of her. Rogue chuckled and waved at the little guy and Lucy watched as he snapped his jaw together at the slayers before going to hide under Natsu’s hand over her shoulder. She raised her brows and looked at Rogue questioningly.

“Wow, I’ve never seen a mark take on such a hotheaded personality before. Definitely a mix between your guys’ personality. Now that emptiness you felt wasn’t part of the mating ritual.”

“I’m pretty sure we knew that much Rogue.” Natsu said.

Rogue rolled his eyes at Natsu’s statement before continuing. “It wasn’t part of the dragon mating ritual at least. It meant that you are soul mates. Meaning, normally the non-dragon mate is just the dragon’s mate, not the other way around, meaning essentially, Lucy could end up with someone else. Although you, Natsu, would never be able to and probably wouldn’t have let her. However, because you are soul mates, you are also Lucy’s mate, just as she is yours.”

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