Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Summary: Natsu and Lucy know of each other, but don’t actually meet until the first day of their senior year. Their adventure is beginning, and the pain they will go through is either going to tear them apart, or bring them together. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: for themes

Genre: Romance/Fantasy


Lucy opened her balcony doors for the second time that day, stepping out into the open air. She found that it was sprinkling, and sighed lightly, leaning against the railing. She looked across the way. The balcony doors of the other house were open and she could hear giggling from inside. The two people that had driven over earlier, were long gone by then, only the imprint of tire marks in the dirt proof of their visit.

There was a loud squeal of laughter and Lucy looked up at the balcony again. She smiled at the sight, seeing that the two siblings were playing. The younger one was on top of the elder one, her body flung over his head as she kicked at his back. “Let me down!” The giggle was abruptly stopped, replaced with her concerned voice instead. “What is it?” After that, she was unable to make out any words, hushed voices were all she could hear. Then the girl looked out of the balcony doors to see Lucy standing on her own balcony.

Lucy had the feeling of being watched again and saw that the boy was also watching her. The young girl reached her arms towards the doors, not touching, and blew. The doors slammed shut and Lucy jumped. Her hand went over her heart and she frowned. Was it him that had been watching her earlier?

Lucy twisted under the sheets, only half conscious. She didn’t want to get up just yet and groaned as her alarm clock went off. Reaching over to hit the snooze button, her hand was intercepted.

“No,” a familiar voice said, not relenting on their grip. “Get up.” Lucy couldn’t place the voice as her mind was still fogged with sleep. Shaking her head, she pulled her wrist out of the grip.

“Nm-mm,” she groaned instead, ignoring it. “Five more minutes.” Lucy reached out again. This time however, she was picked up out of her bed, blankets and all. Before she had any time to speak, or get a good grip on the guy holding her, he dropped her on her — luckily — carpeted floor. It still hurt a lot though. “Loke.” She exaggerated his name, annoyed. “Not so early.”

Loke just laughed at Lucy, who stayed laying down on the floor until Virgo came in. “Princess!” The maid cried out. “What are you doing on the ground?” Lucy pointed at where she assumed the orange-haired male stood above her. Virgo quickly ushered him out of the room and hit the off button on the alarm, giving Lucy peace and quiet. She sighed happily, until Virgo leaned down and pulled at the girl. “Up Princess. It is time for you to get ready for school.”

Lucy nodded, and allowing Virgo to help her, got up from the floor to trudge to the bathroom. Ugh, too early. She knew she shouldn’t be complaining, but seriously, how could students do this day after day? Lucy rubbed at her eyes, thankful that Virgo had already started her shower and all she had to do was get in.

Quickly washing, Lucy grimaced when she soaped over the cuts and scars that were on her wrists. She dropped her hand to her waist and sighed, that familiar emptiness filling her with a weight. Ironic wasn’t it? She wished her mother were there, to look at the stars with her, as they used to. One of Lucy’s favorite ways to escape now was to climb on her roof and lay back, stargazing. She wished her mother was there to read to her, Lucy’s escape during the daytime when only one star could be seen. But what she really wished her mother were there to do, was to hold her. That was all she truly wanted. She was afraid of the loneliness that was settling inside of her, of the aching that she did something wrong. That she was something wrong.

Her heart thumped loudly and she shook her head, rinsing off and getting out. Lucy picked up the uniform she had laid out the night before, careful not to wrinkle it. The shirt was nearly too small, but the jacket that went on over it was just right. Her skirt was short, but not too short, and her socks went to just above her knees. Lucy slipped on the flats and then looked at herself in the full length mirror. She reached up to yank her hair into a ponytail, using the band that Virgo had left out for her. Lucy grabbed her backpack on her way downstairs to the dining room. Rogue and Sting were both already there, eating breakfast. Lucy quietly sat down and drank her coffee. She ate the bagel on her plate, not looking at the boys until she noticed it had gone silent, where previously the two had been conversing.

“What?” She asked as she saw them staring at her. “Is there something wrong?” She noticed that their outfits were similar to her own, and the school symbol was proudly displayed on the pocket over the heart.

The two boys were watching her closely, seeming to take in every detail. “No, nothing.” Sting claimed, but Lucy didn’t believe him and turned to Rogue, who she knew would give her a real answer.

“Rogue, what is it you guys aren’t telling me?”

Rogue’s eyes widened, realizing she was asking him for the truth before he grimaced. “You look hot.” Lucy blushed a deep scarlet and looked down at her plate again.

“Oh.” She said quietly. “Thank you, I think.” The two boys nodded and the three of them ate the rest of their breakfast in silence. Lucy would glance up every now and then, wondering if they were just messing with her, but they paid no attention to her, instead taking a great interest in their meals and soon empty plates.

Loke burst through the dining room doors, his orange hair was spiked and he was in his uniform, but he looked to be in a serious rush. “We are gonna be late! Come on, get up, let’s go.” He went around and ushered the boys up, then grabbed Lucy’s hand and tugged her out the door. She tried hard to reach for the rest of her coffee, but he yanked her away. After Loke had pushed her into the car and sat next to her, she turned to glare at him. “What?” He said innocently, obviously not realizing his mistake.

She raised an eyebrow and calmed down. Loke knew this was a sign that he was in trouble. “I didn’t get to finish my coffee. You made me leave without a full cup of caffeine in my system.” Loke became pale and he turned to the driver — Capricorn.

“Umm, hey Caprico? Can we get miss Heartfilia some coffee on the way?” Lucy looked at him shocked. Then realized that they were in an enclosed space and he was probably scared of her.

“Sure Leo!” Capricorn shouted back and Loke scrunched his face up in dislike at the nickname but made no comment.


Natsu once again woke to his sister jumping on him. He groaned and blinked himself awake. “What Wendy?”

“School!” She said excitedly. Yes, his little sister was excited about school. Natsu rolled over and fell off the bed with a grunt.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m getting up.” While Natsu was a senior in high school, Wendy was only a freshman. “Go get dressed.” At this, Wendy ran out of Natsu’s room, leaving him to get off of the floor and walk across the hall to the bathroom. Natsu heard his sister talking to her cat, and smiled, wondering if Happy was in there as well. After all, he did have a crush on Carla, who was Wendy’s cat. Turning on the shower, Natsu turned and went to get a towel. Quickly showering and dressing, he came out to Wendy bumping into him.

“Oh, sorry Natsu!” Natsu had put his hands out to steady his younger sister and gave her a smile. He saw that she was already in her own uniform and had her backpack slung over her shoulder.

“Where are ya going in such a hurry?” Wendy looked up at Natsu and tilted her head.


Natsu grinned and then ran to his room, grabbing his backpack, before he dashed back out, his shoes only half on his feet. “All right, let’s go!”

Together the two raced out the door, running to their favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all around just favorite place: Fairy Tail.

Just Fairy Tail. It was in the same neighborhood as Fairy Tail Elementary, Fairy Tail Junior High, Fairy Tail High, and Fairy Tail University. So, following the trend, the name was Fairy Tail. It was a bar, cafe, diner, nearly anything it could be. But most importantly, it was a hang out spot.

By the time the two siblings had gotten there, their friends were already sitting at the usual table. Erza and Gray had come over the day before, and the three seniors had compared schedules. No classes together; which Natsu was thankful for. Cana and her younger cousin, Romeo, whom was about Wendy’s age, was also sitting at the table, along with Levy and Lisanna. Mira was working before school started, and was standing beside the table, her uniform slung over her arm, and her brother Elfman was already at school apparently.

Natsu walked over and Wendy ran to Romeo, comparing their schedules. Lisanna, Levy, Cana, and Mira all turned to Natsu, wanting to compare their schedules with his own. Cana had none, Mira had one class with him along with Lisanna. Great, both Strauss sisters in one room, not fun. Levy, on the other hand had three of the five classes with him.

Lisanna, Natsu, Levy, and Gray had all started school at the same time as Erza, Cana, and Mira, making the three older girls still in the same grade. When the four used to tease them about it, they all got beatings. Especially Natsu and Gray.

Mira went behind the bar to grab Natsu and Wendy’s food, which she had already taken the liberty of ordering for them. After that, she disappeared to change into her uniform.

“So, Wendy, have any classes with Romeo?” Cana watched Wendy’s face light up.

“All but one!” The two went back and forth, Natsu deciding his food was more important began to focus on eating when he caught the scent from yesterday again.

By the time Mira had come out, both Natsu and Wendy were finished eating and all were ready to go.

Levy turned around excitedly. “So, who’s ready for the first day of our last year in high school?”

At this, Wendy spoke up, “Romeo and I aren’t in our last year of high school Levy.”

Levy looked embarrassed, but everyone just laughed.


Lucy walked into the hangout place known as Fairy Tail, and went over to the bar to order a coffee. 

“What can I get for you miss?” Lucy looked up and smiled at the man.


“What type?”

“Whatever you want to give me.” The man nodded and got to work. She turned around and leaned her back against the bar. She watched as a group of people who had on the same uniform as her, were laughing at a blushing blue haired girl in the middle. However, what caught her eye was the pink haired boy who looked up and made eye contact with her.

Suddenly, she was tapped on her shoulder and turned around. “Your coffee miss.”

She smiled gratefully at the person who handed her the drink, giving him the money she owed. “Thank you.”

“No problem, please come again.” Lucy took a sip of the mystery coffee and groaned.

“I most definitely will! I think this is my new favorite place!” The man behind the bar chuckled and nodded.

“See you around then miss.” Lucy looked over at the pink haired boy again as she walked out, focusing on his smile as he laughed with his group of friends. She walked to the car, sipping on her coffee and wondering about him. She wondered if she would run into them at all as she opened the car door, sliding in next to Loke.

From there, the group of four made it to the school. It took a while to get there, as the streetlights were never in their favor. They each stepped out of the car, carefully making their way up the path. Even though it was only six in the morning, there were a lot of people lounging around and talking. Lucy looked up and smiled as she saw the name of the school, thinking that it was a fitting name: Fairy Tail High.

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