Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Summary: Natsu and Lucy know of each other, but don’t actually meet until the first day of their senior year. Their adventure is beginning, and the pain they will go through is either going to tear them apart, or bring them together. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: for themes

Genre: Romance/Fantasy


Lucy pulled her shirt out from under the hand dryer and rubbed her fingers over the fabric cautiously. It was still a little bit damp, but not so terribly damp that it would ruin everything that she had in her backpack when she shoved it in there.

She frowned when the bell rang overhead, signaling the end of lunch and a limited passing period. Lucy began walking out, heading to the cafeteria again and hoping everyone had left. But Levy caught her arm. “Hey, are you a half day?” Levy continued after Lucy nodded. “We’re all going to Fairy Tail, do you want to come and hang out with us?”

“I would love to!” She pulled Levy into a quick hug and smiled at her fellow book nerd. They had gotten to talk during the amount of time it took to get her shirt semi dry, and Lucy had instantly found a best friend in her. Lucy walked out of the bathroom with her shirt slung over her forearm. The girl beside her immediately ducked behind the taller girl’s body, and Lucy craned her neck over her shoulder. “What is it Levy?”

Before the petite girl could answer she was picked up with a loud squeak, and an annoyed look on her face. “Oi, it’s bunny girl.” Lucy looked up with an annoyed look as well, knowing there was only one person who called her that. She was met with red eyes and long black hair, a lot like Rogue; it was a wonder they weren’t brothers.

“Gajeel.” She sighed as he set Levy down and wrapped Lucy into a hug.

“I thought I wouldn’t see you until the holidays, but I’m glad I get to see you now.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Gajeel looked at her sternly. “So, have you made any friends yet?”

“Well, Levy is my friend. Then of course you know Loke, and Sting and Rogue came with me. Then there’s Natsu.”

Gajeel nodded at each name, but when Lucy said Natsu’s name he looked at her harshly. “You’re friends with flame brain?”

Lucy looked at him confused, but nodded, remembering that the guy who threw ice cream on her also called him that. “Why do you call Natsu that?”

“He’s a fire dragon slayer.”

Lucy looked over her shoulder at Natsu, who was watching her. She gave a smile and he grinned back at her. “So, like some people call you metal head?” Gajeel tsked, but nodded.

Lucy looked over her shoulder again, only to see the boy who had gotten ice cream on her walking over, smiling nervously. She studied him and her eyes trailed down his body. He was bare chested and as Lucy kept looking lower she noticed he didn’t have any pants on. Immediately her hands went to her eyes. “Kyaa! Put some pants on baka!”

Everyone around her just laughed and Gray used it as an opportunity to escape. Natsu went up behind Lucy and explained that Gray had a concerning habit of stripping in public. “He almost never lasts an hour, much less a day, with all of his clothing on.”

“Does anyone else here have that habit?”

“No.” After that Natsu turned to see Gajeel still close by them. Gajeel was glaring at Natsu for talking to his cousin like that, but Natsu didn’t know Gajeel was Lucy’s cousin. “What do you want metal brain?”

Lucy scrunched her face up in confusion and turned to look at the receiver of Natsu’s glare. Gajeel answered him threateningly. “I want you to stop talking to my cousin that way. You too, Loke; bunny girl is not a toy.”

Rogue, who had been quiet through all this, finally spoke up. “Can we just eat lunch now?”


Natsu watched as Lucy laughed. Hoping she would one day laugh like that because of him. Everyone started walking off except for Lucy, who looked around like she lost something. She twisted around and bent over, looking underneath the tables for whatever it was she was missing.

When she bent over, the shirt rose up her back and he could see a long, faint scar disappearing up underneath the white clothing. Natsu walked forward, lightly running his finger along the visible part of the scar. Lucy jumped and whirled around, dropping her shirt while kicking Natsu in the stomach. “Lucy kick!”

Natsu doubled over, wheezing. “Damn, that’s one kick you got there, Luce.”

“Natsu?” The defensive position that Lucy had gotten into relaxed. Her breathing slowed and she put her hand over her stomach as she calmed down. Natsu wished he could read her mind at that moment; wanting to know what she was thinking as the look of desperation left her brown eyes. “You scared me.”

“I didn’t mean to. Are you okay?”

Lucy nodded and pursed her lips. “What were you doing anyway?”

Natsu looked at the ground as he spoke sheepishly. “You have a scar on your back.” Lucy looked at him incredulously. “It intrigued me.” He shrugged and she huffed.

“So you just thought you would come up behind me and try to touch me?”

“Why not?” Natsu could tell what she was thinking that time and took back his wish. She thought he was stupid. He looked up at her through his hair. “Sorry.”

“Come on, Natsu. The others are going to be worried about us.” He nodded, seeing she found her backpack, which must have been what she was searching for in the first place, and she was zipping it up. Probably having put her shirt in it. He turned and listened for her footsteps as she followed him. His hands went behind his head as she walked in front of him. Natsu watched her as her hips swayed in front of him. Not paying attention to where he was walking proved fatal, as first he ran into someone, who then pushed him into a pole.

Lucy laughed as he was shoved ahead of her, before proceeding to walk into the same pole. Now it was Natsu’s turn to laugh and he watched as she put her hands on her hips, making a pouty face before bursting out into laughter with him when he wouldn’t relent.

When they had finished laughing, Lucy began walking off again, and Natsu found himself wishing Happy was with him, he really wanted his blue feline friend to meet her. When they were almost to Fairy Tail, Natsu stepped in front of Lucy so that he could hold the door open for her. She grinned at him and he grinned back.

Together, they walked over to the usual table, which was now over loaded with people. The table was large, and the benches long, but the people on it sat so spread out that it didn’t matter; there was barely enough room for Natsu and Lucy to sit side by side, and Natsu had to put his left arm around her shoulder so she wouldn’t fall off and he wasn’t pushing her off. Lucy blushed lightly and Natsu grinned at her.

Cana looked up at Natsu smugly and then spoke to him. “Text Wendy and Romeo to meet us here when they get out.”

Natsu nodded, and then pulled out his phone, glancing at the time. He was shocked that it was already one in the afternoon, and lunch at the school had ended just under an hour ago. He was reaching around Lucy to type the message to his sibling and friend. She glanced at his phone curiously. “What’s wrong Luce?”

She looked up into his eyes shocked. “Nothing just, what is that?”

Natsu shook his cell phone back and fourth. “This?”


“It’s a cell phone. You’ve never seen one?” Lucy shook her head.

“My father has a desk telephone, but no, I’ve never seen a hand held one.”

Natsu grinned at her. “Wow, you must have lived a pretty sheltered life then right?”

Lucy smiled at him sheepishly. “I guess you could say that.”


Lucy’s mind was turning. She trusted Natsu, certainly. However, the rest of them, she wasn’t so sure about. She looked over at Loke, and he nodded to her. So she looked down at the menu just as a white haired waitress walked over. “Usuals everyone?” They all nodded and the waitress looked at the newcomers. “What about you seven?”

Gajeel spoke up first, before looking at the girl to his left expectantly. She had long blue hair that was curled up at the ends. And when she spoke, her voice sounded soothing; like laying in the water would feel. Then it was another girl, who sat next to Sting. She had short, light blue — nearly white — hair. Then of course, Sting ordered for himself and Rogue. Loke was next to go and he greeted the woman like an old friend, to which the woman responded in kind, before finally deciding that Loke would, as well, get his usual, as she hadn’t noticed that it was him when she looked at the unusual faces.

When the white haired woman turned to Lucy, she was looking at Loke, and a question was on her lips. Usual? Does he come here often? She shook her head when Natsu shouldered her, making her look up at the waitress.

“Could I just have a vanilla shake for now?”

“Don’t know what you want yet sweetheart?” Lucy shyly shook her head and the white haired woman continued. “Then let me pick you something, on the house.” Lucy put her hands in front of her, ready to refuse the action, but the woman had looked straight at Natsu. “Wendy and Romeo?”

“After school’s out, yes.” The two nodded at the same time and Lucy looked over at Natsu.

“Who are they? Rather, who is everyone?” Lucy looked around the table and watched as her cousins conversed freely with those around them. Well, Rogue was just kind of talking to Sting, but he also didn’t have the social ineptness that the others had. She was surprised that Gajeel was doing so well, but he was only talking to Levy really, and the other blue haired girl beside him.

She decided to take the opportunity of Natsu ignoring her to slide out of the seat. She walked over behind Loke and tapped his shoulder. The orange haired male looked up at her with a grin. “Hey, Princess.”

She shook her head, and then asked her question. “You have a usual?”

“Ah,” Loke looked at her with earnest eyes. “Yes, this is basically a club type hang out, although strangers do come in here sometimes. Like Sting, Rogue, and Yukino over there. They are part of the Sabertooth club, but they are here because you brought them.” Lucy nodded, remembering her cousins saying something about that before, and she vaguely wondered how Loke knew the girl’s name. Loke pointed at Natsu’s shoulder, “you see that mark?” Lucy nodded again, looking over at Natsu’s red tattoo. “That is his Fairy Tail emblem.”

“You have one?”


“Does my father know?”

“Hell no!” Loke grimaced, gripping the table tightly. “He’d fire me for having divided alliances. Anyway, my point is, most of those seated in this hang out place are members of Fairy Tail.”


“No. He’s a member of Phantom Lord.”

“Right.”  Lucy replied, remembering him mentioning something about that.

Gajeel looked up, hearing their conversation. “Ex member lion boy.” Loke and Lucy both looked at him confused. “They wanted us to get bunny girl and keep her for ransom. That wasn’t happening. Me and Juvia here took them down, with some help from Fairy Tail.”

“Juvia and I,” Lucy muttered.


“Your grammar. It is supposed to be Juvia and I, not me and Juvia.”

“Oh, shut it bunny girl.” Lucy rolled her eyes at his comment. She would never get through to him. Natsu had looked over to see that Lucy wasn’t there, and just as he was turning to look at her, she wandered off to the bathroom.

Lucy clenched her fist, nervous to meet all of these people. She had stayed in the bathroom for a long while, trying to get herself together. It wasn’t like they knew who she was really. No one would, because she was never allowed out of the house.

That is, her heart sped up, unless they had come to one of her father’s company or other formal parties. The Heartfilia company was pretty well spread out and Lucy only knew of a few of his employees. Her breathing came hard and labored as she thought about that. Hadn’t that stripping guy been at one? How many people had come to her father’s parties where she was a dress up doll, and also went to her school?

Was Natsu one of them? No, she would recognize that pink hair anywhere.

Lucy put her hand over her heart. She didn’t want to be judged just because of her social stature. That didn’t define who she was, and she hoped no one thought it did. Lucy wondered just how long she had been in the bathroom, and prepared to step out.

When she did, Lucy clenched and unclenched her fists again, hoping to be able to fight off her nerves. She looked around the large room, noticing that there was certainly a lot of people in the room, and two new additions had been added to the table she was sitting at. She looked over at the clock, and saw that it was now a quarter until two. She was in the bathroom for nearly thirty minutes. The food had not come out yet, but her shake had, and she wasn’t certain if she would be able to drink it with her nerves. She thought that maybe just some water would be good.

But then Natsu looked up at her, his enchanting grin on his face and her name on his lips. “Good, you’re here Luce! I thought you’d run away.”

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