Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Summary: Natsu and Lucy know of each other, but don’t actually meet until the first day of their senior year. Their adventure is beginning, and the pain they will go through is either going to tear them apart, or bring them together. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: for themes

Genre: Romance/Fantasy


Lucy grinned at him and shook her head. “Of course not. Why would I do that?”

“I don’t know.” Lucy stood behind Natsu, her folded arms resting on the back of the bench, as her seat had been taken over by the two newcomers. Loke called over to her.

“Lucy, come sit on my lap.” She grimaced, shaking her head no profusely. Natsu didn’t seem to realize what the problem was, so Lucy went to walk around to the end of the table, and try to find a chair to pull up. The people on Natsu’s side of the bench scooted closer together, and he told the two next to him to switch him spots.

“Here Luce.” Again it was a tight squeeze, although now because there were two added bodies, no matter how small. On the other side of the table, there was a single space left open and Lucy wondered why it was there.

She got her answer when the waitress came back, bringing all of their food. After multiple trips, to and from the kitchen, she had finally gotten all of the food laid out on the table. The white haired lady sat down in the open spot at the table.

“So Lucy,” said girl looked up from her plate of food.


“How was your first day at a new school?”

Lucy was startled. “Oh, it was good, I guess.” Natsu’s arm had gone back over her shoulder and she could feel him stiffen.

“Just good?” He asked her, looking straight at his food.

“Well, it’s just that-”

Loke cut in before she could say anything. “She didn’t have any classes with us so she probably wasn’t really sure how to act.”

Lucy stiffened alongside Natsu, and his arm over her shoulder retracted. Lucy’s eyes glazed over as she remembered looking at the picture of the principal. She set this up. Made it so I would make new friends. Lucy’s mind was whirling, and she didn’t notice she was being spoken to until she was nudged. She had been nudged hard enough that she looked up quickly, “what?” Then she promptly fell off the bench. Everyone laughed at her and she looked at the ground.

She bit her trembling lip before standing up, her head bowed. “I apologize, but I must be going.” With that, she hadn’t even taken a bite of her food or a sip of her shake, she ran out, deciding to head home. Lucy calmed down a bit as she headed home, silently thanking the principal for her efforts, no matter how wasted they were on the socially awkward teen.

Lucy slowed as her house came into view, and a hand landed on her shoulder. She turned around to see Rogue there. “Are you okay Lucy?”

“I am.”


“Yes, Rogue.” She let a soft smile grace her lips.

“Why are you hiding it Lucy?” Rogue looked stern and she let her smile turn into a confused frown. She didn’t even need to say anything, he just continued. “I saw the bruises when you fell. It isn’t your father is it?”

Lucy let out a sigh of relief. “No. No, he would never purposely hurt me, not physically at least.”

“Then who is doing it?” Lucy grimaced, not wanting to answer. “Lucy, it will be okay if you tell me.” She turned to the side and Rogue gripped her shirt, yanking it up a bit. Just over her waist, but she still began breathing harder. His hand touched over a sensitive spot — which had been nudged by Natsu before she fell — and she whimpered in pain. “Lucy, why do you have glass in your skin?”

“Damn, I thought I got it all out this time.”

This time?”


Natsu had run to catch up to Lucy, only to see Rogue had gotten there first. Everyone else stayed behind, talking. He watched them from a distance, slowly walking toward them. Lucy was in the middle of a sentence it seemed, “-never purposely hurt me, not physically at least.” She looked at the ground, seemingly trying to use her golden hair as a shield when Rogue spoke next.

“Then who is doing it?” There was a pause as he waited for an answer, before realizing she was not going to be giving one. “Lucy, it will be okay if you tell me.” She was turning away, and Rogue gripped her shirt, sliding it up, whether by accident or on purpose, Natsu didn’t know. But the black haired male scowled when he saw what was there. As did Natsu himself. She had a brown piece of glass stuck in her right side, nearly on her back, but not quite.

Rogue’s hand lightly skimmed over it, and Natsu, even with his dragon sensitive hearing, could barely hear the whimper coming from the girl. “Lucy, why do you have glass in your skin?”

He growled at the words she replied with, although they weren’t meant for anyone else to hear. “Damn, I thought I got it all out this time.”

Natsu stepped forward, his growl a little more loud. “This time?”

He watched as her eyes went wide, not noticing when Rogue tried to slink into the shadows. Lucy grabbed him by his hair. “Oh no you don’t.”

“Hey, ow. That hurts Lucy!”

“Too fucking bad.”

“Hey,” Rogue exclaimed, “watch that pretty little mouth!”

Lucy ignored him and looked up at Natsu, who was watching intently. His eyes were trained on the piece of glass that was rippling with every breath she took.

“Don’t worry about it Natsu.”

“Don’t worry about it? Like hell I’m not going to worry about it Luce!” He was yelling and Lucy looked up at a window in the front of the house. She grimaced and Natsu followed her gaze, only to land on a tall man standing in the window.

Her voice was low and she turned and ran to the door. “I’m sorry Natsu, but I must go.” She was inside, the door slammed shut before he could even say a word.


She felt bad for leaving Natsu like that, but she certainly had to deal with her father. However, before doing that, she went to her room and decided to change into clothes that he would find respectable. She found the pink dress that her mother had passed down to her and laid it on her bed. She went over to her window and pulled the curtains closed. She caught a sight of pink and sighed. She really did wish that she could just tell him that it was her own fault with the bruises. She was so damn clumsy.

It wasn’t as if she could tell him that on her first day she had been pushed down in the hallway when she was wandering lost before he found her. Nor could she tell him the boy’s name, quite reasonably however, since she didn’t even know it. But most of all, she couldn’t tell him, because the boy had threatened her.

Besides that little mishap though, school was phenomenal and she loved it. Most of the people there were considerate and although only Natsu and Levy really tried to get to know her, she knew it was going to be okay. After all, they were already taking the spot in her heart of best friend. She smiled at the thought before hearing a sound coming from her bedroom door. She opened the door to see Virgo raising her hand.

“Princess! I was just about to come and see if you needed any help.”

“Please Virgo, come in. I would love to have help.”

Virgo stepped in her room and closed the door behind her before pulling Lucy’s clothing off of her, not giving the girl a chance to protest. She quickly stripped Lucy of her school clothes and then changed her into the dress.

When she was done changing, Lucy strode to the door, ready to go and deal with her father.

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