Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Summary: Natsu and Lucy know of each other, but don’t actually meet until the first day of their senior year. Their adventure is beginning, and the pain they will go through is either going to tear them apart, or bring them together. NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: for themes

Genre: Romance/Fantasy


When Lucy stepped into the hallway, her eyes looked side to side, not seeing any of the usual workers. Confused was the least of what she was feeling. If anything, she was concerned. That concern, however, died when she saw her father’s door open, and heard the voices coming from inside the room. Instead it was replaced with an inquiry and then panic.

“No, my wife was very grateful that you allowed the young miss to go to Fairy Tail High School. She wished she could have been there for her first day of school, but was happy to see that she had made so many friends.” The voice was familiar, and one she had hoped she would never have to hear again. Lucy slightly crept closer to the door.

“Why was she not at the school? She told me she would be there to show Lucy around.” So Lucy was right, Mavis had been the only reason Lucy was allowed to go to the school.

“Do not worry. She made sure there was someone who had every single class with her, and it seemed that they bumped into each other before the first class of the day.”

“What about her cousins? Why did they not have the same classes, and Leo too?” Lucy’s father always called Loke that, since technically that was his real name.

“Something about how all the classes were full. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a meeting I must attend Mr. Heartfilia.”

“Of course. Please, tell Mavis I said hello.”

The other guy just hummed before turning and walking out of the door. When he saw Lucy, he paused his step growling out one word as he nodded to her. “Heartfilia.”

“Whatever.” She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he made her scared. He wasn’t worthy of knowing that. She stood against the wall, waiting a moment before going to knock on her father’s office door. “Father? It’s Lucy, may I come in?”

“Enter.” He didn’t even answer as though she asked a question, just stated what he wanted her to do. She sighed but entered after her father’s demand. “Ah, Lucy. It’s you.”

Lucy really wanted to roll her eyes, raise her eyebrows, glower, something to show how stupid she thought he was. Instead, she stood there, calmly waiting for his assessment. Her eyes darted around the room and she began to fidget. “Father, what is this about?”

“Yes, what is this about an indecent act at school today, Lucy dear?”

Again she was exasperated with him, but she responded like a good little girl. “Indecent act? Father, what are you talking about?”

“Hitting a male? Showing skin? My dear, must I pull you out of the school already?”

“Father!” She had no idea what he meant by hitting a male, however the showing skin was most likely the uniform’s fault. “The uniform shows that much father-”

“No. Your shirt was see-through and someone snapped pictures of you.” He held up his phone, which he had sitting next to him, to show her a picture of herself in the cafeteria. This was just before she had gone into the bathroom and just after the ice cream had slid off of her white shirt, leaving a — he was right — see-through path down her skin-tight uniform shirt. It didn’t help that the lower part of her back was showing from how taut the shirt was over her breasts in the front, raising it higher than intended.

“Oh. That was a misunderstanding father.”

“I don’t care if it was a misunderstanding! You will not be wearing something so revealing to a public school when you have yet to be properly married off.” Lucy shrunk in on herself, opting to seem smaller so that her father would not start throwing things again. Her father got up and went around his desk before slamming the door shut. “Damn nosey people.”

“Father it is the uniform! I have to wear it.”

“I have been on the phone with Mavis and she already gave me permission to have you wear more concealing items to school.”


“On the other hand, this male recognized you when you hit him in the hallways. Name is Dan Straight, and as compensation for hitting him you must help him study for the next two weeks.”

“What are you talking about father? I didn’t hit anyone.”

“Don’t lie to me young lady.”

“I’m not lying.” Now Lucy openly glared at her father, wishing that, just for once, he would listen to her side of the story.

“Don’t do that. It is an unrefined look, girl.” He looked at her as though she wasn’t exactly his daughter. “How would you prove that you didn’t either? He said you ran into him in the hall then pushed him down for being in your way.”

Something in Lucy’s mind clicked. “Wait, does he have sandy brown hair?”

“Yes, why? Finally ready to admit it are you?”

Lucy shook her head, her mouth opening in a soft ‘o’ shape. “He was the guy who pushed me down. But why would he go to my father? How did he even know who I was?” Lucy was mumbling to herself, attempting to work through everything. Not paying attention to her father in the room any longer. “And if he knew who I was, then why would he knock me down before proceeding to kick me?” Her thoughts were being murmured softly, but her father heard.

“Now you’re making accusations? Where is your proof?”

“You wouldn’t just believe your own daughter? Even so, I have bruises across my body from it. Would that be enough proof to sate you father?”

“No. Either way, you must help him study for the next two weeks. Now, you are dismissed.”

“I don’t even get a say in this?”

Her father looked up at her with raised eyebrows. “Did I not say you are dismissed?” Lucy nodded before turning around and leaving dejectedly.


Natsu ran after Lucy when she went inside, however, instead of going in through the front door, the boy ran around to her balcony. He was lucky that he knew where her room was, as he would have fallen straight back down had her scent not been overpowering another’s. Natsu gripped the railing and pulled himself over. Her balcony was left open, though the curtains were pulled shut. He listened for any sound from her room before entering.

His eyes widened at the amount of pink she had in her room. And yes, this was pink, unlike his hair, which was salmon. He looked around her room to see a few pictures of whom he assumed was her mother, the late Mrs. Heartfilia. Natsu remembered his mother telling him that she passed when her child had just turned seven, on her child’s birthday. Lucy must have felt terrible when it happened.

Natsu walked out into the hallway, following the sound of raised voices. Particularly, Lucy’s high pitched voice. “Indecent act? Father, what are you talking about?”

“Hitting a male? Showing skin? My dear, must I pull you out of the school already?” No, no, no, no. I just got to meet her, the girl who I can smell from miles away. You can’t take her away!

“Father! The uniform shows that much father—”

“No. Your shirt was see-through and some snapped pictures of you.” Natsu waited as there was a pause, then peeked into the room.

“Oh. That was a misunderstanding father.” Lucy’s hair was up in a bun and she was in a regal looking dress.

“I don’t care if it was a misunderstanding! You will not be wearing something so revealing to a public school when you have yet to be properly married off.” Lucy shrunk in on herself, and Natsu was questioning why, when her father got up. Natsu stepped out of sight as Lucy’s father went around his desk before slamming the door shut.

Now Natsu could only hear muddled yelling through the door. Even with his enhanced hearing. Someone put their hand on his shoulder and Natsu turned around sharply. He had been too focused on the conversation happening inside the room that he hadn’t noticed a worker come up behind him.

“It’s no use. We’ve all tried to listen to what they do and say in there, but Mr. Heartfilia’s office is one of the few rooms in the house that is soundproof.”

Natsu looked at the pink haired female with concern. “What are the other places?”

“Lucy’s bedroom is one of them, then of course Rogue and Sting’s bedrooms. Along with her father’s bedroom. That is it I believe.”

“Why do Sting and Rogue live here?” Natsu felt his heart seize, not certain if he actually wanted to know the answer.

“Oh, they are her cous-”

Just as she said that, Lucy came out of the office, barreling past the two already standing outside the office. She ran into her room, and Natsu caught the door before it could close. He opened it and stepped inside, not prepared to have the blonde barrel into him. “Luce? Are you okay?” Having slammed back into the door from her force, he slid down the wood pane and shifted her into his lap.

Lucy was openly crying and Natsu was trying his hardest to comfort her. She slid back a little as her sobs died down and her voice was cracked when she spoke next. “Sorry, I got your shirt all wet.”

“I don’t care about the shirt Lucy. I wanna know what happened to you in there.”

Lucy slid back, pushing herself into a standing position. She wiped her eyes, her mask falling back into place. “Nothing.”

“Hey,” Natsu stood up, approaching her like she was a scared animal. “There is obviously something wrong. Something obviously happened.”

“Honestly nothing happened Natsu.”

“Why won’t you tell me?”

“Because nothing happened!”

“Look Lucy, if you don’t want to tell me that is fine, but don’t lie to me.” Lucy looked at him straight in the eyes when she could hear the undertone of anger in his voice.

“Natsu, nothing happened in there. It was just my father talking to me. It is a normal occurrence.”

“Then why were you crying?” Natsu stepped forward, trapping her against her wall. He leaned in close and she blushed, stuttering her next sentence.

“School. Some stuff happened at school.” Natsu looked at her confused. He couldn’t think of any time when something would have been able to happen. He was beside her the entire time. Lucy seemed to realize this and spoke up again. “It was between third and fourth hour.”


Lucy took in a deep breath. Natsu’s face was still close to hers and it was hard to focus. She was shaking from the memory and from what was foreseen in her future. “When I was looking around for class, a guy ran into me. But, it doesn’t matter now.”

Natsu looked at her in concern. “Please Lucy, tell me.” Lucy noticed that Natsu had not called her ‘Luce’ since he began questioning her.

“Fine, just let me get changed.”

“Can I get the glass out?”

“Huh?” Lucy looked at him questioningly.

“The glass in your side.”

Lucy looked down to see that she was bleeding through the dress. The tightened corset must have set it off, and it didn’t help that she had roughly thrown herself around. “Oh no.” She didn’t even think about Natsu being in the room, just began clawing at the corset laces, trying to get the dress off. She walked over to her dresser at the same time, loosening the laces enough that she could slip out to her white underdress. Well, it had been white at least. “Not my mother’s dress!”

She grabbed clothing from her dresser, then turned and dashed into her bathroom. She closed the door behind her, then stripped to her underwear. The blood was staying relatively around the cut in her side, and she was grateful that she could just pull up the shorts she had grabbed, and throw her shirt on over. She held the shirt up above the cut and opened the door.

Natsu was staring at her wide-eyed. He looked down at the cut then walked up to her. He turned her around, along with himself. Making him walk backwards and her in front of him. He sat when he reached the toilet and pulled her onto his lap, making her straddle him. Lucy was shocked to say the least. She was uncertain how to feel, as she had never been in this position before.

Somehow, Natsu had grabbed the first-aid kit that was on the counter without her noticing. He wouldn’t need the tweezers to pull out the glass piece, as that would probably make it harder with such a large piece. He slid her shirt up over her right shoulder, baring part of her bra to him. However, he wasn’t focused on looking at her body in a sexual way, and instead, grabbed her arms and wrapped them around his shoulders.

“What are you doing Natsu?”

Natsu looked up at her and smiled. “Well, you are going to need to grip onto something while I pull out the glass.”

“Oh.” His smile widened and Lucy could barely feel the light circles his hand was making around the piece of glass. Yet he continued watching her eyes. The circles got smaller until finally, his fingers brushed over the glass. Lucy’s hands reflexively clenched into his shoulder muscles. Her nails bit deep, nearly drawing blood, as the glass was in deeper than she had thought.

Blood flowed freely from the wound and Natsu quickly wiped it up, putting pressure on it to prevent further bleeding. He grabbed some gauze from the kit and pressed it to her wound, removing the previously used materials that were now bloody. He taped it onto her stomach before looking at the bruises on her stomach. She flinched when he touched one and he pulled back. Natsu laughed nervously before looking up at her again. “Sorry about that. Care to tell me what happened now?”

Lucy nodded, then stood up, backing away from him. She beckoned for him to follow her, and he did, out into her bedroom and onto her bed. He sat beside her as she pulled her knees up to her chest and she breathed out.

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