Part 2

Part 2

Summary: Lucy’s faucet has been dripping for a while now, and no matter what she does it just won’t stop. So, she asks her neighbor if she can spend the night one night, and she wonders: is this the start of a friendship, maybe something more, or is it all just a big lie? NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: T for themes

Genre: Romance

Lucy woke up warm, but it was still dark outside, and she wondered what had woken her up. Her entire body was warm and insanely comfortable. She didn’t think she had ever slept so soundly. She shifted slightly with a soft sigh, and closed her eyes again.

She opened them quickly when she heard the door creak open. “Natsu?” A soft voice called. The warmth slid away from Lucy a little, as the man sat up.

“Hmm? What’s up Wendy?” Lucy didn’t move, unsure if she should, especially since they had been so closely pressed together on the bed. But, his arm stayed around her waist as he leaned on his other hand. She took that as a good sign and slightly looked up at the young girl standing in the doorway. Lucy realized that she now knew both of their names, but they didn’t know her name.

Wendy had tear streaks down her face, and Lucy whispered lightly to Natsu. “Nightmare. She had a nightmare.” She felt the boy tense behind her and waited as he removed his arm from around her before sitting up. She stepped out of the bed and crouched on the floor in front of Wendy.

Putting out a hand, so Wendy could see she was harmless, Lucy lightly caressed the girl’s cheek, removing the tear stains. “Whatever happened, it was just a nightmare all right?”

Wendy tilted her head a little sleepily. “Who are you?”

“I’m Lucy.” Wendy nodded, and put a hand on her shoulder. “Now, do you want to talk about what happened?”

“No. Can I just—”

“Sorry, Wen, Lucy’s sleeping in here.”

Lucy turned around to look at Natsu with a glare, before turning back to Wendy. “Come here.” She walked over to the bed, telling Natsu to scoot over before laying down and gesturing for Wendy to lay in between them. “Lay your head on my shoulder okay?” Wendy was on Lucy’s left side, and her head went to her chest, right over Lucy’s heart.

Lucy brought her right hand up to play with the girl’s long hair, smiling at her. “Now, go to sleep all right? If you need, me and your brother are here to fight any of the nightmares away.” Wendy hummed at that, before letting out a soft exhale.

“How did you know what to do?”

Lucy froze at the voice, but Wendy had fallen asleep quickly, and just snuggled closer to Lucy. Lucy looked over at Natsu, his eyes shining in the moonlight coming from the window. “My mother used to do it for me when I would have nightmares before she passed. I still have them sometimes, and thinking about what she used to do helps calm me down, so I thought I’d try it for Wendy.”

“When did your mother pass?”

“A few years ago, she had cancer. Should have died by the time I was seven, but she stuck around for a good twenty years.” Her hand was still sifting through Wendy’s hair as Natsu rested his arm around them. Lucy was uncertain why she felt so comfortable with the man and his sister, but they gave off an aura of being whole. Of being a family.

“So you’re twenty-three?”

“Twenty-four. You?”

“Twenty-seven, birthday was yesterday.”

She looked at the clock that said 4:17am, and frowned slightly. “Like yesterday, yesterday… or two days ago yesterday?”

He grinned at her. “Yesterday, yesterday.”

“Well, happy birthday.”

“Thanks. So, what led you to knock on my apartment door again?”

“A dripping faucet.”

“Ah, yes.” Natsu’s right arm was under her head as she dropped it to look at him more clearly. His other arm slid the girls closer to him, and suddenly, Lucy could see the black flecks in his green eyes.

She was enraptured, and hadn’t even noticed that she had spoken aloud. “Wow, beautiful.”

“Huh? What’s beautiful?”

“Sorry!” She blushed. “Your eyes.”

He chuckled, and the laugh shook even Lucy. “No need to apologize Luce.” The two smiled at each other, and Lucy lightly ran her hand down from Wendy’s hair to Natsu’s arm, watching as he shivered.

“Do you have a specific time you have to be up?” She didn’t want to keep him awake if he did, and was afraid she may be keeping him awake. He nodded, and she sighed. “Well, why don’t you get some sleep then, and if Wendy needs anything I will help her out.”

He yawned before shooting her a grin. “That sounds like a great idea.” His arms retracted from around the girls and Wendy squirmed a bit, leeching off of Lucy’s lingering body heat. Natsu rolled the other way and then whispered back to Lucy. “Wendy and I have to be up by 6:30, kay?”

“Yeah.” She continued to pet Wendy’s hair and stared at the ceiling. When she was certain that Natsu and Wendy were both sleeping soundly, she carefully slid out of the bed. She left her pillows, phone, and blanket there, but grabbed her key.

She was careful not to lock the door, and looked around to make sure no one else was around, then she went inside of her own apartment. Lucy looked around, frowning to herself. Her first mission was to take a shower. Then she wanted to find breakfast items she could make, because she thought it would be rude to use their items when she should be at her own home, but she also wanted to make them breakfast. So, she walked into her kitchen and debated with herself for a moment, wondering if Natsu and Wendy would have the tools she would need, before deciding they should.

She grabbed the pancake mix, eggs, bread, and cinnamon rolls she had, not certain what they would like. She also grabbed the croissants she had and the ham and cheese she had wanted to use to make a few breakfast sandwich’s that week. Then, Lucy wondered about drinks, deciding she would take what she had of those as well. The lemonade, cranberry juice, milk, and coffee all sliding into a bag she had pulled out.

She moved quickly, wishing to get back over there before either of them woke up, and she looked up at the clock on the microwave, seeing that it was already nearly six. She slung her backpack over her shoulder so she would have everything she needed for school, then grabbed the two bags of breakfast items. She stepped out of her door, locking it behind her before making her way back into Natsu’s apartment. She went in the kitchen they had and set the food down on the table, then went back to the door, setting her backpack near it.

She heard a light ‘meow’ and turned around to see two cats on the table inspecting the bags. She smiled at them, walking over and reaching in the bags, opening the fridge to put the things that needed to be kept cool in there. She was surprised at how orderly it was, and there was even a label or two.

One of them read: fish for the cats; Natsu, do not eat!

She giggled, assuming that Wendy was the one who put that there, before sliding that little dish out, holding it in her hand precariously as she put the other items in. She looked around to see if there were any bowls for the cats, noticing a corner the two had migrated to. Lucy bent down, placing a handful of the chopped fish in each of the bowls. The male cat seemed to be more enthusiastic about eating the fish than the female. Lucy’s smile widened, and she stuck the rest of the fish back in the fridge. She washed her hands before exploring the cabinets.

She found everything she needed and began to make the breakfast, quickly making some coffee for herself before pulling out three plates and three glasses, setting the table as she went. Lucy had to shoo the cats off the table twice before finally pulling out two small dishes and setting them in front of the two, deciding to see if they would eat what she made as well. She gave them little tastes as she cooked, humming happily. It had been a long time since she cooked for anyone, and she was happy to do so.

She went into the bedroom to see Wendy holding onto her pillow and Natsu holding onto his sister. Lucy grabbed her phone and looked at the time. The two still had a few minutes to sleep, so she grabbed the charger, tucked the phone in her back pocket, and walked out. She stopped by her backpack to place the charger in there before going back into the kitchen.

It was only about three or four minutes before someone walked in behind her. “You changed.” The sleepy voice drawled, and she turned around fast, cursing as her hand slid on the side of the pan. She shook her hand out, gazing at it in despair, her intruder completely forgotten. Or he was, until his own hand slid over hers. She hissed. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Lucy watched as his eyes roamed her body, frowning. In turn, she frowned, wrapping her arms around her bare midriff self-consciously. “What?”

His hand dropped from hers just before it touched her bare skin and he shook his head. “I’m getting in the shower.”

“Okay. Breakfast will be ready in ten or fifteen minutes.” He looked at something behind her.



“The oven says twelve.” She didn’t have a chance to reply before he had left. She turned back around, focusing on the food, and when she was done with the ham, she went over to the sink, running her hand under cool water.

“Did you get burned?” Lucy’s looked to her right, seeing Wendy standing there. She nodded, and the little girl smiled. “Natsu gets a lot of burns, so we have some really good salve, let me go get it.” Only seconds later and the girl was back, presenting Lucy with the salve. “Come, sit. Let me tend to your burn.”

Lucy raised her eyebrows, but did as she said, sitting in front of Wendy. “Thank you.”

“Normally, my brother is the one who cooks breakfast, this is different.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” she drawled on as though she didn’t hear her question. “Normally, his girls don’t come out of the room, or even talk to me. You must be really special.”

Lucy raised her eyebrows, and as soon as Wendy was done wrapping her hand she was waving them in the air. “No. Your brother and I aren’t together or anything. I’m actually just the neighbor.”

Wendy frowned. “Then why were you here last night?” The oven beeped and Natsu walked in, ruffling his sister’s hair.

“I’ll explain that later Wen, you go get ready for school okay?” She nodded and Lucy began to stand up, only to be pushed back down. “Let me get it. You’ve already burned yourself once.” She nodded, seeing as she probably would have burned herself again with what he was wearing. He was once again shirtless, and only wearing pants. He had a towel around his neck, probably meant for drying his still damp hair. He looked back, amused. “Having a good look?”

“Oh! Sorry!” Lucy blushed before turning to look at the table.

“I see you figured out the cats would eat whatever we did.”

She looked back up at him. “Yeah, I already gave them some fish too.” She paused. “I hope I’m not overstepping any boundaries by having done that and making breakfast.”

“Sheesh, you sound like a stuck up, rich girl.” Lucy’s eyes widened, realizing she had accidentally acted how she would around her father and his colleagues. She had automatically gone in that mode after he had patted her head to push her down, something that made it obvious she was to sit and be quiet. At least, when she was around her father. She doubted Natsu saw it like that. Her shoulders slumped.

“Sorry. It’s habit.” Her eye’s found the ground and she fiddled slightly, something that she did when she was uncertain what to do.


“You never answered my question, if I was overstepping any boundaries.” She deflected the intrusion of her past life.

“No, you’re fine. Waking up to breakfast was not something I was expecting. I thought Wen and I were going to have to go through a drive-through or something.”


“Don’t be.” Lucy looked up to see Natsu frosting the cinnamon rolls, and she stood up, grabbing the drinks from her house and placing them in the center of the table. She had finished her coffee just before burning herself, that cup having been placed in the dishwasher. She poured herself some cranberry juice, getting an odd look from Natsu. “Where did that, well, any of this stuff come from?”

“I went back to my apartment and grabbed all the stuff before coming back.”

“Ah, hence the clothes change.”

“Why are you obsessed with my clothes having changed?”

Natsu grinned at her, walking over to where she was standing. “Because, these clothes show just the same amount of skin as your nightclothes do, if not more.” His hand brushed her bare stomach and the muscles tensed.

“What did your sister mean, that she never meets your girls? She’s never met one of your girlfriends before?”

He frowned slightly. “The girls I bring home when I get drunk. That’s what she meant. It’s been a really long time since I’ve had a proper girlfriend.”

“Normally you cook them breakfast?”

“Then kick them out.” His face was back to a grin, but Lucy was still frowning.

“Why would she have thought I was one of your girls then? Did you get drunk last night?” Natsu shook his head, still smiling, but it wasn’t his grin.

“Not that I know of, but he always comes home after I’m asleep.” Wendy had walked back into the kitchen then, and Lucy turned around.

“You sure know a lot for a seventeen—?” When Wendy nodded she continued. “You sure know a lot for a seventeen year old.”

“She’s too smart for her own good.” After that there was more eating than talking and a lot of hustling around the kitchen. Lucy just sat, sipping at her juice, watching them eat and dodge each other. Natsu was about to grab the last croissant sandwich when Wendy smacked his hand.

“Lucy hasn’t eaten anything yet.” Lucy looked over at Wendy surprised.

“Why not?” Natsu sounded like he was whining, and it seemed to be a very possible thing. Somewhere, throughout the hectic grabbing and dodging, the male cat had climbed into Lucy’s lap, nestling her stomach every once in a while to get her to pet her.

“Oh, don’t worry about me you guys. I’ll be fine. If you guys are that hungry, eat it. I’ll grab something on campus.” Her stomach was nudged again and she opened her mouth just as Natsu bit into the last sandwich. “What are the cat’s names?”

“Happy and Carla.” Wendy replied, the female one in her lap as well. Lucy smiled, grinning at the cat that was in her lap. Her phone buzzed and she grabbed it out of her pocket.

Levy: Where are you? You’re gonna be late!

When Lucy didn’t answer the text within the first two seconds, her friend’s name popped up on the screen as a call. “Hel—”

“Where are you?”

“I’m coming jeez.” And Lucy was standing up, the cat on her lap meowing at her indignantly as he jumped off. “I may be late, I need to clean up first, tell the pr—”

“Oh hell no. I’m not telling him, he will take me down with you!”

Lucy’s phone was loud enough that the two at the table could hear the other girl. “Shit! I’m sorry, I woke up late today.”

Today of all days?” Lucy watched as Natsu mouthed ‘late?’ at her. She nodded. “Lu, just hurry up, I’ll see if Erza can stall him.”


Bye.” She hung up, and Lucy slid the phone back in her pocket.

“How did you wake up late? You were up at like four thirty!” Lucy nodded, ignoring him for a moment as she downed the juice in her cup.

“Normally I wake up at four thirty, shower, dress, and eat while I’m walking out the door at five thirty. But I figured I would wait for you and make you guys breakfast. It’s one day out of the year, I’ve never been late before. Can I have the rest of that sandwich?”

“Really? Sure.” He handed her the uneaten half of the croissant and she ate as she walked.

“Yeah, besides, my partner won’t even be there today, so it really doesn’t matter.” It mattered to her, but there was nothing she could do.

“When does class start and how far away is your school from here?”

“7:15. A few miles, why?”

Natsu looked at the clock, seeing it was only seven. “I’ll drive you.” He immediately stood up and grabbed his keys, telling Wendy to grab her stuff.

“I’m not gonna deny it, because I really don’t want to be late, it’s just down the street.” Lucy set all of their plates in the sink before turning to face Natsu again. “I’ll come back and clean the dishes if you’ll allow me to.”

“Nah, I got it.”

Lucy frowned slightly. “Okay.” She grabbed her backpack, before following the two out the door. “It’s Magnolia University.”

“Oh, my sister’s school is right near there. Cool.” Natsu gestured for Lucy to sit up front, but she had already slid in the back, pushing Wendy up front. They drove off, and Lucy sighed.

She quickly grabbed a piece of paper from her bag and wrote her number and a message on it, before sliding it into Wendy’s backpack that she had thrown in the back. She was just zipping her bag back up when they pulled in. “Thank you!” She said, getting out of the car and smiling.

“No problem, bye Luce!”

“Bye Lucy!” Wendy called, waving. Lucy waved back, before turning and running to her class. She made it just before her professor called her name, and called out breathlessly.


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