Part 3

Part 3

Summary: Lucy’s faucet has been dripping for a while now, and no matter what she does it just won’t stop. So, she asks her neighbor if she can spend the night one night, and she wonders: is this the start of a friendship, maybe something more, or is it all just a big lie? NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: T for themes

Genre: Romance

Lucy frowned at her phone. She had gotten in touch with one of her friends who was helping her move, and whom she had been staying with. She had found a cute little apartment that was more like a house, only a ten minute walk from the university. It was for a good amount of jewel, but that was to be expected in places like that. Luckily for her, it was available for move in later the week she had found it. Most of her stuff was in boxes because of the leak anyway, and she had finished packing relatively quickly.

Her lease at the place she was staying was ending that Friday, so she was hoping to get out relatively soon; sometime before that at least. But then she got the call she had just gotten. The place wasn’t ready, they had to do some inspections, and she wouldn’t be able to move in for the next month or so.

Somewhere, in the month since she had stayed with them, Natsu and Wendy had moved, and neither have texted or called her. Lucy closed her eyes for a moment, a wave of hopelessness filling her. She turned around once, twice, before deciding to go out to her favorite restaurant for dinner, comfort food was what she needed. But it seemed, she would have to go alone. Her friends were all busy. Again.

Today was a bad day to be by herself, and she knew that. It was why she always went to the certain restaurant, on this certain day. Her mother had died five years ago that day. So, when she walked in to the restaurant, she wasn’t surprised to see the host, Richard, smiling at her.

“Ah, miss Heartfilia. Usual table?”

“Please, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course, however,” his voice went soft, quiet as he told her, “your father is here as well today.”


Richard’s smile saddened slightly. “Well, it is the fifth anniversary of your mother’s death, it is to be expected that today is a special occasion.”

Lucy wanted to be angry for them allowing her father to come into her sanctuary, but there was no rationale for that. “Please, just place me as far away as you can from him then.”

“Is the lounge okay?”

“Yes, the lounge is perfect.”

“I will send Erik to you in there.”

“Thank you, Richard. It means a lot to me.”

“Of course miss Heartfilia, we love having you here, so it is important that we keep you happy.” She smiled at him, following him to the lounge, and she sat in the back booth, facing the wall, so she wouldn’t have to see anyone who was in there.

She sighed shakily as she waited for the waiter. Her golden hair fell over her shoulder, resting lightly on the top of the purple dress she wore. She was glad her hair was acting as a curtain when the tears started coming.

“Miss Heartfilia?” She waved lightly at Erik, and he took the seat across from her, allowing her to keep some privacy. “I brought your shirley temple. Would you like your usual?”

She looked up, brushing the tears from her eyes. “Please.” She croaked out. She always got what she did as a kid when her mother and father used to take her to that restaurant.

“Lucy,” she looked up at the sound of her name, they rarely ever spoke it at the restaurant. “It’s okay to cry you know. And especially since your father came, taking away what you thought of as your safe place on days like today.”

“Thank you Erik.”

“Now, miss Heartfilia, where is your company, you always bring someone with you.”

“That would be us.” Lucy and Erik looked up shocked. Lucy for a completely different reason than Erik, as she hadn’t been expecting anyone.

“Natsu, Wendy.” She smiled at them, albeit a little watery. Natsu slid in next to Lucy and Wendy sat where Erik had just been.

“All right then, what can I get for you two?” Lucy zoned out as Natsu seemingly ordered everything off the menu, while Wendy sat there patiently.

“What are you guys doing here?” She asked when Erik walked away.

“We saw you and decided to come over.” Wendy replied. “May I ask, what’s wrong?”

Lucy looked at Wendy. “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it, okay? Hey, Natsu, switch me seats please?” They did, and she was surprised Natsu didn’t question it, but she really preferred sitting on the outside.

“But you look so sad…” Wendy looked down at the table.

“Well, let’s cheer me up then. How have you guys been?” Natsu and Wendy shared a look before turning back to Lucy.

“We’ve been good.” Lucy nodded, uncertain of what to talk about. Normally, she came with people who would just talk at her on these days so that she didn’t have to worry about speaking. Lucy looked to her right, glancing at the door before her eyes widened. Her father had walked in, most likely looking for the bathrooms, but his eyes caught hers and he walked over to her.

“Lucy.” She didn’t say anything, just looked at the table. “Lucy, look at me when I speak to you.”

She looked up. “Yes father.” Natsu and Wendy watched as Lucy stood up slightly, and her father pulled her into an awkward hug. She grimaced.

“How have you been my dear?” She didn’t get to answer before he continued. “I heard your lease is ending Friday and you still don’t have another place to stay.”

“How do you know that?”

He avoided her question. “Go on and sit back down.” She did, favoring no argument than getting into one right then and there. “What are you going to do about it?”

“I don’t know yet father, why do you care?”

“I am your father, I care about you.”

“What do you want?”

“For you to come back home.”


“Well, then I suggest you make new friends, and fast, because your old ones weren’t true friends.” Lucy squinted her eyes at him.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“They were easy to buy. Just ask the boy beside you.” Lucy’s shoulder’s sagged as she understood. “I’m just trying to help you grow, but obviously you aren’t meant to be out in the real world. Come back home Lucy.” Lucy shook her head, tears escaping, and she stood up. “Sit b—”

“I’m sorry, if you’ll excuse me, I need to use the restroom.” She walked quickly off, nearly bumping into Erik on her way through the doors. She pulled out some jewel to pay for her, Natsu, and Wendy’s meal. “Here. I apologize, but I can’t stay here any longer. Thank you Erik.”

Erik nodded before leaning in. “Happy birthday, Lucy.” She smiled slightly before running off, waving quickly to Richard before stepping out into the fitting weather. It was raining, and she walked down the street to the park, sitting on one of the swings before letting herself breakdown.

Natsu and Wendy sat uncomfortably as Lucy’s father began to walk away.

“Umm, Natsu?”


“What just happened?”

“I don’t really know.” Natsu thought about the entirety of the exchange they have had with both Lucy and her father, wondering what it all meant.

“She looked so sad, and then he made her cry. Why would he do that to her?” Wendy asked, concerned about Lucy. Unknown to her brother, Wendy had found Lucy’s phone number in her backpack and entered it in her phone, before taking the paper and throwing it away. She hadn’t texted her, because she hadn’t wanted to bother her, but there was something in Lucy’s eyes, that made Wendy regret her decision; something akin to disappointment.

“I said I don’t know.” Natsu was snapping at her, which he rarely ever did.

“Natsu,” she began carefully, “what did Lucy’s father mean when he said her friends were easy to buy, and that she should ask you?”

“He meant that if he offered them money, they were more than likely to take it because they need it.”

“But… You wouldn’t have done that right? So why’d he say—”

“Wendy! I did do it, all right? I’m sorry, but we were drowning, we would have been kicked out, I would have lost you. I can’t lose you, Wen.”

Wendy opened her mouth to respond when the food came. The waiter looked at them, frowning. “Miss Heartfilia has paid for your meals, as well as hers. Also, since today is her birthday, she would get a free dessert, so I will bring that out for you two shortly.” Natsu had begun eating, but froze when he heard it was her birthday.

“Thank you.” Natsu replied, then waited until their server left. “Will you be okay here for a moment Wendy?”

She nodded, and watched as Natsu got up and walked out of the lounge area.

Natsu walked into the dining room area, and spotted Jude Heartfilia easily. He made his way over to him and sat down across from him. “What do you want?”

“Is that how you normally treat your daughter?”

“Why do you care?”

“I care, because Lucy is my friend, and that waiter just told me that today is her birthday, yet you still made her cry.”

“I doubt it’s because of me that she was crying.” Jude looked at Natsu pointedly.

“You have no right to use that as a weapon against her. Have you been doing that to all of her friends, just to show her how the world works?” Natsu sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Why don’t you want her to be happy?”

“I do want my daughter to be happy. But I also don’t want a naïve daughter who has no idea what hit her. My methods may be cruel, but it is best that she find out now that there are no true friends. Besides, that wasn’t what I was talking about.” He waved a hand through the air as though he was dismissing the boy.

“Then what were you talking about?”

Jude looked up at Natsu, a look of pure sadness and grief in his eyes. “Today is the anniversary of her mother’s death.” Natsu looked at him shocked, before standing up and heading back to the table where Wendy sat. She was speaking to the waiter animatedly about something when she saw Natsu, waving him over faster.

“Mr. Erik here says he knows where Lucy might have gone.”

Natsu’s eyes widened, “really? Where?”

The waiter looked at Natsu. “She most likely went to the park that is down the street.” Natsu nodded and thanked the man, quickly asking for a box for Lucy’s things and his. Wendy had finished eating hers while he was talking with Jude. It was less than five minutes before the two were able to get out and into the car.

“Hey Wendy, do you think she still went to the park even though it’s raining this hard?”

“Better to look right?” Natsu nodded, driving down the street to look for the park the waiter had told them about. When he found it, he pulled into the parking lot. He told Wendy to stay in the car as he got out, running to the playground where he had seen a flash of gold.

He saw her on the swing, and could hear her sobs, even from as far away as he was. His body moved automatically, stopping in front of her and kneeling down. “Hey, Luce.”

“N-Natsu, what are you d-doing here?” She sniffled as he held out a hand, and then she took it, allowing him to help her up. He pulled her into a hug and she shook her head, trying to get away. “I’m going to get your shirt all wet!”

“I don’t care Lucy. I want to make sure you’re all right.” She let him hug her tighter after that, and then brought her back to the car. Later, when they dropped her off, Natsu told her he’d be by in the morning before work to see her and get her to school. She smiled at that and then went inside her apartment.

Natsu, true to his word, stopped by the next morning. It was six in the morning when an excited knock came at her door. She opened it to see a tired Natsu dragged in by the assumed knocker, Wendy.

“Well, you guys are here early.”

Natsu groaned. “Wendy woke me up at five, just so we could be here by six. I wanna go back to bed.” He whined at her.

Lucy gestured to her mattress on the floor, because the bedsprings had been put in storage for the time being. “Well, go for it. Wendy and I can hang out for a little bit.”

“Why is your bed on the floor?” Natsu replied, flopping down onto it and hiding his head in her pillows.

Lucy grunted at him. “You shouldn’t be asking that. But if you must know, it is because, as my dad said, my lease ends Friday, so I’ve been packing. I was supposed to move into a really cute place like, today, but apparently it isn’t ready.”

“So what are you gonna do Lucy?” Wendy spoke up.

“I don’t know.” Her shoulders sagged as she frowned, and Natsu noticed. “I’ll probably end up going back to my father’s.”

“Wouldn’t that be easier? Then you wouldn’t have to pay for housing or food or anything right?”

Lucy nodded. “But I also wouldn’t be able to continue with the degree I want. He would make me take over the company.”

“Ah, right. Stuck up, rich girl.” Natsu chuckled as Lucy threw a towel that was sitting on the table at him.

Lucy looked over at Wendy and sighed. “Can you find whatever it is you want to eat, and I will start cooking it when I get out of the shower.” The blue haired girl nodded and Lucy went to the bathroom after grabbing some clothes. She showered quickly, stepping out of the bathroom in one of her favorite outfits. Which was a white outfit with bell-bottom sleeves that slipped on over the wrist and a strapless shirt that showed her midriff. Her bottoms were a black skirt and knee high black boots.

When she stepped out, she saw that Natsu and Wendy were laughing together over the table, food already set out. She smiled at them, but said nothing, quietly walking over instead.

“You guys made food.”

“Yup! I’ve tasted your cooking, so it’s only fair you get to taste mine.” Natsu responded.

“But I wanted to cook for you guys!” Lucy’s smile didn’t lower, even as she complained. Natsu and Wendy shared a look before nodding.

“That’s okay Lucy! You can cook for us whenever you want from now on!” Wendy said, smiling at the older girl.

“What do you mean?”

“Oi, Wendy, we have to ask her first.”

“Ask me what?”

Natsu turned and smiled at Lucy. “We were hoping since, ya know, your lease here ends soon, that you would just come and live with us.”

“Really?” Lucy blinked, tears startling the two in front of her.

“Yea, but you don’t have t—”

“I would love to!” She said, cutting him off. Wendy stood up and hugged her, and Natsu, apparently feeling left out, stood up and joined the hug as well.

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