Part 4

Part 4

Summary: Lucy’s faucet has been dripping for a while now, and no matter what she does it just won’t stop. So, she asks her neighbor if she can spend the night one night, and she wonders: is this the start of a friendship, maybe something more, or is it all just a big lie? NSFW (NaLu)

Rating: for sexual content and themes

Chapter Rating: T for themes

Genre: Romance

Natsu stood in the doorway of his sisters room, watching as Lucy calmed his sister down. She had another nightmare, and couldn’t move. She had just screamed, making both Natsu and Lucy sprint to her bedroom. Wendy fell asleep not long after Lucy started to calm her down and Lucy stood up, turning around, a sweet smile on her face. When she saw Natsu, she froze.

“Ah, sorry, I should have let you take care of her.” She had been living with them for only weeks, yet Natsu already felt as though he was handling Wendy and the house better.

“No, she feels better when you help her.” Natsu gestured for her to follow him, so she did. She left a little crack in the door to Wendy’s room so the cats could go in and out. The two sat down on the couch. Lucy looked at Natsu as he grimaced. “I owe you an explanation.”

Lucy just shrugged, she wasn’t an idiot, she knew exactly what he was talking about. “I guess you do.”

“About six years ago our parents and my older brother died in a house fire. I say my, because although he was Wendy’s as well, him and I were related by blood, but Wendy, me, and the rest of the family, we were a mix and match bundle. Wendy’s adoptive mother married my adoptive father around the time she was four. I’ve been taking care of Wendy, putting myself through the firefighter academy, and over all just trying to be the best parent and older brother I can be.

“But it’s hard. I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes you need to be handed your ass before you can get back up and fight. I don’t make much money as a firefighter, and I could barely keep up with the rent, much less feed us both. I started drinking about a year after the fire.” He looked up to see Lucy just watching him, no judgement, just curiosity in her eyes. “I know I shouldn’t have, what with taking care of a kid, but I couldn’t help it. I was really throwing my life away at that point. It was really bad for about a year, until my cousin threatened to take Wendy from me and raise her himself.

“I couldn’t let that happen. I love Wendy, she’s everything to me. I can’t lose my little sister. We were drowning, nearly getting kicked from the apartment, and then Wendy would have been taken from me for good. So, when your father stopped by with the offer, I couldn’t resist. He just told me I had to move away from you and that’s it. Never said a damn thing about staying away from you. So I took it. He gave me the money I needed to buy the house instead of rent it, and there’s still some that I have in savings for Wendy’s college money. About fifteen grand or so, that’s what’s left over.

“I’ve been paying the bills with my salary, and getting food as well. But I know Wendy wants to go to university, so I’ve been saving up little by little for her. I just wish I would have come to check on you sooner.” Lucy smiled at him.

“My father, just after my mother died, became a heavy drinker. He never had the guilt trip you did. No one would dare to take me from him.” Lucy’s hand rubbed at her wrist, a look of sadness on her face. “It wasn’t until I was Wendy’s age that I left. I got a job at the bar I currently work at.”

Before she could continue, Natsu cut in. “Wait, you work at a bar? I’ve never seen you.”

“I work at Fairy Tail. It’s not exactly a bar, we serve all ages there, in fact, one of the families that come in often have a three year old daughter. It’s just down the street from the university. It was actually there that I first thought of taking classes at the university. And about the money thing with my dad, I don’t mind you accepting it, in fact, I’ve told all of my friends, if they wish to accept it, they may. Most do, but word their answer carefully after talking with me about it. But some refuse.”

“So you aren’t mad at me?”

“No. Natsu, you’re too sweet to be mad at!”

“Too sweet?” Natsu asked with a look of annoyance on his face.

“Yeah. You figured out yourself that the wording you used could let you still come back to me.” She grinned at him. “You’re the first one too. Everyone else either had already talked to me, or never figured it out like you. So, thank you, Natsu.” Lucy leaned in and hugged him, and Natsu was shocked. He stayed still, not returning the hug nor moving away. She pulled away after a few minutes, looking over at the clock on the side table. Natsu watched her blanch at the time and chuckled.

“Good thing it’s Saturday today right?” Her face lit up and she hugged him again, this time, he hugged her back. “Glad I could make you happy.”

Then she frowned and sat back. “But I have to work tomorrow…” Her whine was adorable and Natsu pulled her into his side, patting her head.

“I wanna see where you work, let me and Wendy come too.”

“Yeah, okay.” She hummed and leaned into him. Natsu looked down at her to say something, only to see her half asleep on his shoulder.

“Night Luce.” He said, lifting her up. As he took her to her room and laid her in her bed, she smiled up at him.

“Goodnight Natsu, thank you.” He leaned down, lightly kissing her forehead before leaving her room and going to his own.

When Lucy woke up the next morning, she quickly got ready for work. It was ten o’clock by the time she got ready to leave. She was heading out when a hand on her shoulder stopped her. “Hey Luce, are you going to work?”

She turned around and looked at Natsu. “Oh, that’s right, you guys wanted to come with. Well, I have to be there in an hour, so hurry up.” Natsu nodded and left to grab Wendy. The three of them left and arrived at Lucy’s work shortly after. When they entered, a white haired girl with cropped hair walked up to them.

“Lucy! You’re here early as always!” Lisanna said, smiling at her coworker and friend.

“Yep, can you put these two in my section?” Lucy gestured at Natsu and Wendy.

“Ooh, Lucy.” Another white haired female came up behind her sister. “Is this him? Your boyfriend? That’s so cute!”

Lucy blushed and Natsu looked at her confused. “No Mira, this is Natsu and his little sister, Wendy.”

“So it is your boyfriend.”

“No! He’s just a good friend.”

Mira winked at the blushing girl in front of her, and Lisanna spoke up. “Okay, so you wouldn’t mind if I stole him?”

Lucy looked over at her friend with surprise. “Hey! You can’t have him, I already told you both that I like him! Besides, you already have a boyfriend.” She blushed when she heard a cough from behind her, and turned to see the siblings.

“Ooh,” Wendy began, “you like him.”

“Umm, I’m going to go clock in, for work.” Lucy pointed with her thumb behind her and the white haired females giggled.

Lucy shook her head as she ran to the back, logging the time and nodding to Mira when she came back. When Lucy walked out, she saw there were already a few people in her section, plus she had to work the bar since Mira was busy cooking. Lucy took a breath in and walked over to Natsu and Wendy.

“So,” she sat beside Wendy across from Natsu, leaning on her clasped hands to gaze at him. “Have you decided on what you want to eat?”

“Everything!” Natsu said and Lucy laughed, completely expecting that.

“Hey Lucy, you’re back!” Someone walked by the table and Lucy stood up, turning to smile at him. “And looking as delicious as ever!”

Lucy chuckled before responding. “Hey Laxus,” Lucy looked at Natsu when she heard a scoff. The pink haired man was frowning at Laxus. Lucy just rolled her eyes at the two, turning to speak with Laxus. “If you’re looking for Mira she’s on cooking duty today. We could really use your help at the bar.”

“That’s why she called me in doll. Keep that tight skirt short, girly.” Again Lucy rolled her eyes, before turning back to Natsu.

“Ignore him, he’s Mira’s lover.” But Natsu was frowning and Lucy followed where his gaze was. He was looking at her skirt. Her entire outfit really. She was wearing a short black skirt that hugged her waist, hips, and thighs. Her shirt was a simple strapless top that was also black. It was less of a shirt and more of a strapless halter top. Her midriff was shown and Natsu stood up again.

“Turn around.”


“I said, turn around.” Lucy frowned but did as she was told. She looked over her shoulder to see Natsu frowning. He stood against her, his hands brushing her bare stomach. Lucy tensed as his hands laid over her stomach. He leaned down and his breath was over her neck. “I don’t like that you wear this kind of stuff. I mean, look how vulnerable you are; I could do anything I want to you like this, and you would be able to do absolutely nothing.”

Lucy slid back into him, letting his arms wrap around her and hold her there. She was staring straight ahead, her eyes unfocused, as her mind was focused on him. His lips brushed the place where her shoulders and neck met on her right as she slid into him. Natsu didn’t pull away, instead, leaning down and sucking on the spot. “Wh-what are you doing Natsu?”

“Making sure no one else will do something like this.” Lucy felt his tongue slide against the spot, soothing it before he pulled back. Lucy’s eyes focused again and she saw that Lisanna, Mira, and a few of the costumers had watched the entire exchange. Mira was squealing and Lisanna was smiling slyly. Natsu turned her around and kissed her, before pulling away and sitting back down, smirking. Lucy blushed and got to work, leaving the two.

Natsu and Wendy left after about three hours, just waiting until she got on and off of her break so they could spend it with her. She waved goodbye and paid for their meals — as she had been doing so often lately when they went out — before working the rest of her shift. When her shift ended, Natsu showed up to pick her up, but Wendy was at home.

Neither talked on their way home. But the moment they stepped inside, Lucy smacked Natsu across the face. “Oi! What the hell?”

Lucy looked at Natsu, who had fallen to the ground more from shock than force. He was holding a hand to his cheek and looking at Lucy with confusion. He could tell she was angry, as she looked at him with a glare. “What the hell? Really, Natsu? You know exactly what you did!”

“What do you mean?”

“Ugh!” She turned and walked away, going to her room. She slammed the door behind her and threw her bag to the side, not hearing the door open and close behind her. Hands were placed on her waist and she was pulled around, shoved into the wall. “Natsu!”

“Lucy, tell me what you are talking about!”

She glared at him from where he had her trapped against the wall. Natsu had been smart, putting both of his legs in between hers so she couldn’t knee him. She used her hands, attempting to push him away, but he wouldn’t budge. “You took my first kiss, and on top of that gave me a hickey at my work place!”

“Your first— Wait, your first kiss?”

“Yes!” Lucy looked at him, shaking her head. Natsu could see tears forming in her eyes and did the only thing he could think of. He kissed her, hard. Lucy hit the wall hard, and her hands, which had before been trying to push him off, were gripping his shirt. “N-Natsu.” She said when he pulled away. Her eyes were still closed when he leaned in and kissed her again. She responded that time, kissing him back and allowing him entrance into her mouth.

Natsu dragged her over to her bed and laid her down, him on top of her. “I’m sorry about earlier, I just couldn’t help myself. All those men gawking at you and trying to look up your short skirt. I needed them to see you were already taken.” Lucy nodded, knowing she was probably being too forgiving. But she couldn’t think about much other than the feel of his body on hers, and the way his hands felt on her bare skin.

“Natsu, what are you doing?”

“I don’t know. I just—”

The door to her bedroom opened and Wendy stepped in. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the view in front of her. “Ahh! I’m so sorry, I’ll leave!” Lucy pushed Natsu off and sat up.

“No. It’s okay Wendy.”

“Ow! Luce that hurt.” Natsu was on the ground, holding his head. Lucy laughed, looking over at Wendy, who was also laughing.

“Come on, let’s go make dinner.” Lucy said, getting out of her bed and walking out with Wendy, leaving Natsu behind.

Natsu watched as they left him. Well, he watched Lucy. She was still in her work clothes, and Natsu could see why it was the uniform. It would make nearly anybody drool over the workers, and they would order whatever was on the menu. Kind of like Natsu did, except, he did it because he would eat it all. He stayed back for a while, wondering what just happened, and what it meant to Lucy.

“Ya know,” Wendy started as they were walking, and Lucy looked over at her. “Natsu hasn’t gone out and gotten drunk once since he met you. He also hasn’t brought any women home either.”

“Maybe he’s just becoming more responsible.”

“I don’t think so.” Wendy replied looking at the ground before grinning at Lucy, who looked at the girl in shock as she spoke next. “I think he likes you.”

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