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Summary: Princess Lucy meets prince Natsu while their two kingdoms were drawing up a treaty. They are quick to fall in love, but also quick to fall into danger. What will happen to these two as their limits are tested?

  • NaLu
  • Chapter – 3 of 8
  • Rating – M for mature themes
  • Chapter Rating – M for mature scenes
  • Genre – Romance & Angst
  • Word Count – 9,180 Words
  • Chapter Word Count – 1,182 Words

Show me what it’s like
To be the last one standing
And teach me wrong from right
And I’ll show you what I can be
And Say it for me,
Say it to me
And I’ll leave this life behind me
Say it if it’s worth saving me

Natsu could tell the girl was anxious. They were about to do something to defy both of their kingdoms, why wouldn’t she be? But she was smiling, so Natsu could tell that she was not regretting her decision.

“Ya ready, Luce?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be, Natsu.” She leaned up, kissing him quickly before the two stepped into their friend’s home.

“Lucy, Natsu! You’re here early.” A scarlet haired woman spoke, guiding them to where her husband was in the other room. “Excited, I’m guessing.”

“Yes Erza.” Natsu answered, looking at the blonde with a smile. “We are.” Neither of them wore particularly fancy clothing, but that did not matter. What mattered were the words that would be spoken that night.

After three years of courting, Natsu had proposed to the girl. Lucy had immediately said yes, even knowing she was going to be doing something she could essentially be denounced from the throne for. After all, Natsu was the one she loved, the one she wanted everything with, and therefore, the one she would do it for. No matter the cost. So there they were, going through with the paperwork, signing and handing it back over to Jellal, who officially pronounced them married.

Lucy giggled as the two raced from the house, Natsu picking her up and shooting into the air. A delighted squeal left the blonde’s lips, and Natsu set them down in his room.

When the situation dawned on her, the breath escaped from her lungs, a deep blush settling on her cheeks. Natsu looked at her worried, but she just stood up and kissed him sweetly as he walked her backwards, to his bed. Before the two could fall, Natsu stripped them both, leaning down and pulling a peak of her breasts into his mouth. His hand travelled to her womanhood, sliding against it and testing the waters. They had done foreplay before. But tonight wasn’t about the foreplay.

Her hand grasped his cock and he pulled his head from her breast to look at her, confused. She slid to her knees between him and the bed, quickly wrapping her mouth around his member instead. Natsu grabbed her hair, holding on as she bobbed, allowing him to expand in her mouth. As he was at his limit she pulled away and he came on her body as she rose. She made no move to wipe it off, sliding back on the bed and spreading herself for him so he could have her.

“My princess.” He murmured against her stomach, licking around her navel before going lower. Her body bucked down as his tongue came in contact with her clit. Natsu wasted no time tasting Lucy, sucking her clit and plunging his fingers inside of her over and over again. She bucked again as his fingers curled, coming on his hand and he licked her clean before sliding up her body, kissing her again. “Are you ready?” He asked for the second time that day.

“Yes, my king.” She responded, certain. Natsu growled possessively as he slid into her, slowly, but hard. He didn’t pause, his mouth covering hers, kissing her the same way their first kiss had been. As though it were a punishment. Bruising her lips with his own, sucking and sliding his tongue in between her lips, tasting all of her, all of what of him was left.

“My queen.” He said as he pulled back. A smile was on his face as he watched her breathing become erratic; her breasts following. He bent down, sucking at the pulse point on her neck. Her body bucked against his and he sunk his teeth in over her collarbone. A jolt spread through her as his magic was laced through her veins, her blood, giving his mate the ability to bear his child and live.

Natsu laced his fingers through her own as he pulled back a bit. His knees on either side of her legs, him, buried deep inside her. The flush of arousal that was on the top of her breasts enticed him to look at the the pink tips, but he just continued pounding in her.

A gasp from her was all the warning he got before she came around him. He smiled at her, a wicked smile that promised naughtiness. Lucy reached up to grasp his shoulders, but he used his own hands still merged with hers to flip her over after pulling out.

“My king?” She asked and he slammed back into her, making her yelp.

“Yes, keep calling me that Lucy.” She had found a kink of his already, his biggest one: domination.

“Of course, my king.” She cried out as he rocked into her hard, nearly dragging her over the edge again. Natsu leaned down to kiss her shoulder, before knocking her arms from keeping her weight up. She fell with a grunt, her face landing in the mattress. A growl started in the back of his throat as he continued to thrust into her, as deep as he could get.

“Fuck, I wish you could ride me.” His damn wings. Lucy thought, if only they wouldn’t be in so much pain if I did. “I think you’d like that too, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, my king.”

“Tell me.” He commanded. “How would you do it? How would it feel Lucy?”

“I would climb on top of you,” a grunt as he sheathed himself again, “let gravity take me down hard and fast so you would be sheathed deep inside me.”

“Like this?” He slammed into her hard, his head hitting her cervix, making her cry out.

“Just like that, maybe a little harder.” Natsu used more force, his hands reaching to grip her breasts, certain to leave bruises behind. “Yes, my king.”

“Then?” He prompted her with another rocking of his hips.

“I would lean forward, watching you as you forced me up on your cock, then drop back down.” She moaned as he tightened his grip. “My hands would be braced on your chest, and every time you dragged me up I’d clench my pussy so you could feel how slick you make me.” Natsu’s hands moved from her tits to her hips, helping him to piston in and out of her, dragging her to him each time. “I’d circle my hips so both of us could feel every crevice, I’d not let any part of me be untouched by you.”

Her breathing was hard and Natsu wanted her to finish, tell him what she wanted. “And?”

Natsu heard her lick her lips, breathing in puffs. “And, just before you finished, when I could feel you expand in my throbbing pussy I’d clench as hard as I could. You would cum, my king, filling me, and as I fell back down I would finish as well.” And they did, both of them collapsing from their ecstasy. Natsu stayed on top of her, in her, making sure she was completely filled before pulling out.

“My queen,” was all he said when he spoke, a small smile alighted her face, satisfied.

Hey lovelies!

Okay, day 2, betrayal. How was it? Smutty? Good, that was the point. Seriously though, this was an important piece of plot, not just smut. Don’t forget to be careful what you wish for. This chapter is so full of foreshadow it hurts, and this was before I even wrote the rest! I hope you understood that their betrayal was to their two kingdoms, or in truth just Lucy’s father, not each other. Sorry, not really NaLu angsty yet. In fact, I’m pretty sure this entire story is nice to NaLu compared to my other stories… Hmm. But what do you guys think?


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