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Summary: Princess Lucy meets prince Natsu while their two kingdoms were drawing up a treaty. They are quick to fall in love, but also quick to fall into danger. What will happen to these two as their limits are tested?

  • NaLu
  • Chapter – 5 of 8
  • Rating – M for mature themes
  • Chapter Rating – M for gruesome details
  • Genre – Romance & Angst
  • Word Count – 9,180 Words
  • Chapter Word Count – 1,229 Words

These city walls ain’t got no love for me
I’m on the ledge of the eighteenth story
And oh, I scream for you
Come please, I’m callin’
And all I need from you
Hurry, I’m fallin’, I’m fallin’

Lucy was frightened when early the next morning she was dragged from her bed. She was not taken to the public execution area though, so she assumed that the two would not die. The moment she walked through the doors she froze. Across the great hall, less than fifty meters away, was Natsu. The chains from the roof, that were there to hold prisoners were indeed attached to him. His arms held above his head, the collar bound around his neck. His feet were chained as well; the metal was not a normal metal, magic draining should the prisoner attempt to use any, it was made to kill them.

The blonde was quickly tied up at the other end of the hall, before she was dragged to the seat beside her father’s throne, chained to it and given a clear view of Natsu. She couldn’t move, the chains strapping her in less effective than the fear that paralyzed her. His green eyes blinked up at her and she nearly broke down into tears. It was then that her father spoke.

“I have accepted your terms daughter.” Does that mean he will kill us? She wondered. “Your husband,” he spat, obviously hating the word, “will be allowed to live as long as I get the resources I need. There will also be consequences for betraying me.” Lucy nodded, relieved.

“However, those consequences will be taken out on the prince here, for he is more durable, and has much more I can use.” Her eyes widened and she looked up at Natsu. It seemed he could tell she wanted to argue, because his eyes begged for her to stay silent. “And you, will watch.”

Lucy allowed a tear to fall from her eye as she nodded, replying weakly. “Yes father.”

He will answer my questions, and if I hear a peep from you, you will not like what happens. Understood?” Lucy could already feel her stomach turning as she nodded again. “Good. First question, what is your name?”

“Natsu.” He replied.

The king raised a hand and an arrow shot from behind them tearing through one of Natsu’s wings. Lucy almost screamed out when it happened, but bit her lip instead, making herself bleed. “Full name.”

Natsu spoke through clenched teeth. “Etherious Natsu Dragneel.”

Her father raised his hand again and Lucy bit harder. “Including title.”

Already panting, Natsu spoke again. “Etherious Natsu Dragneel, son of Igneel of the dragon kingdom and of the Dragneel clan of the demon kingdom, next in line to rule for both.” Lucy watched his eyes, they were laced with pain. The girl looked at his wings, there was a purple ring around the wounds where the arrows had gone clean through, and she realized the arrows were poisoned. Her eyes widened and she looked at him worried, but he shook his head imperceptibly.

“How are you both kingdom’s prince?”

“Igneel adopted me when I was young, my brother had thought I died in the forest until I had gone over to create an alliance recently.”

Another arrow at her father’s raised hand and Lucy screamed when it sliced so close to his arm. At that there was another on the other side, her father turning and glaring at her. “Explain.” He said to Natsu.

“When I was young, I had evidently gotten lost in the forest. After four days everyone thought I died, but Igneel had found me after two days. He took me in and adopted me. I was about seven. He named me his heir, and then when I was fifteen sent me to the demon kingdom to create a treaty, there, Zeref, who is the current king, informed me he was my brother, and that I was next in line to the throne should he die.”

Her father nodded. “What resources does the demon kingdom have to offer?”

Natsu looked at Lucy, he wouldn’t give these secrets up, she knew. “I’m not too sure.”

“Lies.” The king got off of his throne and called over one of his own personal guards. “Do it.” Lucy watched in terror as the guard brought out a knife, beginning to saw off one of the horns on his head. Natsu couldn’t really struggle, or else it would be worse, but he did begin to roar out in pain, causing Lucy to sob silently. She couldn’t move to hide the tears or pain she was feeling, and Natsu had taken as much pain as he could handle without admitting he was in any. “It’s just going to get worse from here demon, so you should just tell me what I want to know.”

I don’t know.” He ground out, but the guard moved on to the next horn, making Natsu cry out more. Lucy turned her head to the side, not able to watch what was happening anymore.

“All right, then tell me the truth of what the dragon kingdom has to offer.”

“Never.” Natsu spat out. Natsu’s screams turned into loud roars, causing Lucy to look back, only to see his wings being forcibly torn from his back.

“No.” She whispered. “No!” Her voice got louder as she struggled from where she sat. “Natsu! Natsu!” She couldn’t stand this, her scream tore through the room before she blacked out.

It was three hours later when Loke woke her up, undoing the chains and picking her up, bringing her over to where Natsu was being patched up by Virgo. Lucy couldn’t think of anything to say or do except for apologize.

“This isn’t your fault Luce.”

“But it is!” She cried out, and Natsu sat up, the healing salve doing it’s job and turning the fresh wounds into scars. He pulled her into a hug and she gripped him, even as he hissed through the pain. “It’s all my fault. Your wings, your beautiful wings, they’re gone.” Sobs ripped through her and she was pulled in tighter to him.

“Lucy, my queen, look at me.” She did, watery brown eyes meeting stern, hopeful green. “My queen, there you are. My beautiful, wonderful, caring queen. I love you.”

“I love you too, my king.” She replied, leaning in, kissing him with all the deprivation she had been feeling for the past three months. Her hands went to his hair and felt his sawed off horns and she almost started crying again, but she instead used what little magic that wasn’t celestial that her mother had taught her to remove the rest of them so it wouldn’t be painful for him. They shimmered before disappearing in a shower of golden sparkles, covering the two in stardust.

Natsu pulled back, a damaged smile on his face, showing her his appreciation. Lucy leaned in, kissing him quickly before they both pulled back again. “We need to get cleaned up.” Lucy turned to Virgo. “Is he okay to walk yet?” The maid nodded, helping both the royals to their feet. Lucy dragged Natsu away with her, to her bedroom before sending him to the bathing room, requesting clothing for both herself and the male from the maid spirit.

Lucy sat just outside the room while Natsu was in the bath, not willing to go too far from him, and it seemed he felt the same, for when she exited from her own bath he closed any distance the two had between them.

Hey lovelies!

Day 4 done! Wow, that was a bit much wasn’t it? Well, I told you about the foreshadow, let’s see if you get what I mean. I didn’t want Natsu to have to deal with so much pain from literally getting parts of his body sawed or torn off so I did a thing. Damn boy is stronger than we think though, and don’t forget that poison… Also, Lucy passing out? Was it just ‘cause she couldn’t deal with the sight or…? What are you guys thinking?


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