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Summary: Friends as children, Natsu and Lucy meet again after being separated for a few years. The two get to know each other again amidst all the turmoil surrounding them. The only thing left uncertain, is where they lie with each other.

  • NaLu
  • Rating – T for language and themes
  • Genre – Romance & Friendship
  • Chapter – 8 of 8
  • Word Count – 28,701 Words
  • Chapter Word Count – 2,207 Words

“A story?” Lucy asked before letting out a grunt as his fingers dug into a particularly aching muscle.

“Yea, a story, you read lots of ‘em.” Natsu lightly heated his hand up, making sure he would have an easier time with the difficult muscle.

“All right. Have you heard of Alice in Wonderland?” Lucy put her hands under her head, trying to think of a story.

“Tell me one that hasn’t been written Lucy.” His hand dragged back down to her calf and massaged there again for a moment as she hummed.

“Do fairies have tails?”

“What?” Natsu didn’t realize she was starting her story, and she giggled.

“You can’t interrupt me if you want me to tell you a story.” He made a sound and she took that as an okay. Then Lucy began the story.

“Do fairies have tails,” the little girl asked her mother.

“No one knows sweetheart, for not one has seen those elusive creatures.”

“That’s not true momma, I’ve seen one.”

“Well, my dear,” the mother replied taking a brush through the young girl’s blonde hair, “then you should be the one we are asking. So, do fairies have tails?”

“I’m sure some do, but my friend doesn’t.”

“Your friend?” The mother looked at the doe-eyed child with sincere curiosity, and the child nodded.

“My friend. She lives in the west part of the forest.” The mother looked at the child with concern and then continued brushing her hair.

“But the west part of the forest is too far for you to venture, my dear. Are you certain she isn’t just another imaginary friend?” The little girl looked up at her mother earnestly.

“Mom, I’ve told you about my imaginary friends, I know the difference.” The young girl did know the difference, and she was quite intelligent for the seven years she had. “I promise mother, she is real.”

“Well, then please dear, find out if fairies have tails.” The young girl looked up at her mother and nodded. “Goodnight, Iris.”

“Goodnight, mom.” Iris laid in bed, thinking about her question, uncertain as to why she even wondered.

Some years later, she was pondering the same thing and her eyes were beginning to drift close when there was a light tap on her window. She stood up and walked over to the window, opening it. “Kaimana, what are you doing here?” The boy stepped into her room.

“Iris, come on. I want to take you on another adventure.” Iris grinned at her pink haired friend—

Natsu chuckled lightly and Lucy smiled, “Why not just use our names if they are based off of us, Luce? It’s okay, I don’t mind.” She hummed as his hands continued their magic, and nodded.

“Luce,” Natsu said, “come on. I want to take you on another adventure.” Lucy grinned at her pink haired friend, and he grinned back. She stepped into his arms.

“Come on, dragon boy.” She whispered to him. He wrapped his arms around her carefully, and spread the wings he had kept hidden; red scales smooth over taut muscles, powerful enough to give the boy flight. He jumped out of her window, and the two flew. Lucy leaned into him, putting her mouth next to his ear. “Let’s go visit Levy.”

Natsu chuckled and turned his head so he could speak to her. “But she takes all of your attention,” his hands tightened on her waist, “and I want to be the center of your attention tonight.”

“Please, Natsu?” The young dragon smiled at his friend, giving in easily to her sweet pleas.

“Fine, but you have to teach me more about the stars.” She grinned in response, nodding her head eagerly as the two began their descent.

Natsu made a face and Lucy laughed. “Something wrong?”

He growled lightly. “Gajeel’s here.”

“Well, he is another dragon just like you, wouldn’t he also have a princess to protect?” Natsu nodded, not seeing where the blonde was going. “Levy is the fairy princess, Natsu. That would mean he would be here protect her.”

You see, the dragons in this world, although still protection for the princesses, are practically raised by their wards side. Natsu and Lucy were raised together, the young celestial princess and the young fire dragon prince. But only Lucy and her mother knew Natsu was a prince. Mainly because he would never admit to it, saying that princes were boring and stupid. But he was secretly glad, because it meant he wouldn’t have to leave Lucy. Not ever.

“What do you mean, ‘he wouldn’t have to leave’ her?”

Lucy turned her head over her shoulder to look at Natsu. “I was getting to that.”

“You’re taking too long, Luce.” He whined, but he was interested in the story, and that alone made her smile at him.

“Lushi, when am I gonna come in?” Lucy looked to see Happy had woken up from where he had been asleep on the armrest. Lucy grinned at the blue cat, surprised either of them were still paying attention to her story.

“Soon. Very soon. Now shush you two. I’m trying to tell you a story.”

You see, the young princess was only allowed to marry royalty, and when Lucy had found that out she had cried for days. Until Natsu had comforted her, telling her that it would be okay because she would still be able to choose whoever she wished to marry. She had shaken her head into his chest, wrapping him in a tight embrace before telling him that he was the only one she wanted to share her life with. Natsu had frozen and she had apologized profusely. I’m so sorry, I swear, it just slipped out of my mouth. Oh gods, there is no way I can take that back, please don’t leave. But Natsu just waved it off, grinning at her like the fool he was.

“Hey!” Lucy chuckled at Natsu’s outburst, knowing that he didn’t like that bit.

He had pulled her tighter against him and smiled into her golden locks, telling her it was all going to be okay, because don’t worry, I’m a prince. Lucy had looked up at the dragon prince, shocked. Then her expression gave way to an excited smile. She grinned at the prospect of marrying her best friend, because at least she would be with someone who cared about her, even if they weren’t in love.

The next day, the contract had been drawn up and Lucy had quickly added an escape route for Natsu if he didn’t want to marry her. He can fall in love and marry someone else, it is only fair. She had given her all to him, and he wanted to say the same, but she could only marry royalty, and there was only one royal she liked beside her mother.

So, her dragon protector, was also her lover. She smiled at him as the two made their way further into the forest, excited to see her friend.

“Lu? Is that you?” Lucy ran forwards, out of Natsu’s arms and he looked around for the other dragon to come out. When Gajeel did step out, his wings were displayed proudly, as Natsu’s were. The two growled at each other, but it was a fight neither would win, because neither of them were the alpha, that was reserved for someone else.

“Hey Levy!” Natsu turned his attention back to the blonde and stepped toward her, lightly touching her shoulder. “We need to draw a treaty up soon. I’m getting a little anxious.”

“Yes,” her blue haired fairy friend replied, before looking behind her at Natsu with a knowing grin. “But we cannot do that until you are married.” Lucy turned her head over her shoulder to smile at her friend.

“Less than a year now.”

They had to wait until Lucy was eighteen, simply because that was the proper mating age for a dragon. “Yeah.” Natsu’s tense shoulders relaxed and Levy stepped back into her own dragon protector.

“Until then, Lu! I will see you at the wedding.” Lucy pouted, wanting to spend more time with her friend, but turning around to face Natsu.

“One more stop.” He groaned and she giggled. “I want to see Wendy.”

Ah, yes, the alpha of the dragons. The female may seem shy and reserved, but she was ever the alpha when she needed to be, and because of her sweet nature, the dragon boys took care of her without complaint. Natsu and Wendy were like siblings, and in turn, so were Wendy and Lucy. Currently, there is only one spawn for each dragon, and they are all royalty. So Wendy, is a princess. The others, besides her close friends, call her the sky maiden, and she was known to be very kind, but also very dominant. So, Natsu loved her like a sister, and was very protective of her.



“Natsu!” The two girls looked at him with a look. “What? I thought we were noting who was here.” They looked at each other before bursting out in laughter, and Natsu blinked.


“Happy!” This time, Natsu ran over to his cat.

“Why’d you leave me?”

“I had to go pick up Lucy.” He looked back over his shoulder where the two girls were chatting. Wendy nodded before looking up at Natsu with a thoughtful look. Lucy was walking back towards the boy, and she smiled at the cat on his shoulder.

“Hello Happy. We are gonna go look at the stars. Wanna come?” Happy nodded, excited to actually have been invited. He settled on Lucy’s shoulder as Natsu picked her up, and the three vanished into the night.

Nearly a year later, the two were married, Natsu and Lucy were mated and together. Celestial and fire kingdoms united, but not quite one. Not until a few years later when they had a sweet baby girl with pink hair. The king and queen loved their little princess, and showered her with love every day.

“They all lived happily ever after. The end.”

Natsu had just finished with her hamstrings and slid over, underneath her stomach so he could reach her back. “What did they name the little girl?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why wasn’t I in there more Lucy?”

“Because the story is longer and more detailed, but you guys have a short attention span, so I chopped it down.” Lucy laughed at the noise of offense that came from both of the boys. Natsu began to massage her hips and her face fell down into the armrest of the couch. “Oh Mavis, that feels good Natsu.” He really did have magic fingers.

She moaned again and again as he got out knots that had been hurting for weeks, and slowly her eyes began to close. She hummed in content again as Natsu continued his mission. He continued long after she had fallen asleep, light snores escaping her. “Guess we should get you into bed, huh?” He whispered, kissing her forehead as he laid her down onto the bed, before shutting off the lights and laying down with her.

Lucy woke up extremely warm, and knew she was being cuddled by her personal body heater. She turned over in his arms to see his eyes trained lazily on her. “Mornin’ Luce.”

“Morning, Natsu.” He licked his lips and she followed the movement of his piercing with her eyes.

“Luce, I really wanna kiss you.” She was nodding before she thought about it, and just as his lips crashed over hers she had opened them. Her eyes widened for a second before she slowly closed them, and his hand wrapped on her hip tightened, holding her as though she would move away.

A moan came from her throat, followed by a growl from his with him rolling on top of her. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him tighter against her. He pulled back to breathe for a moment, looking at Lucy. Natsu ran a hand along her cheek, thumbing it softly. “I love you, a lot.”

“Huh?” Her eyes opened and she looked up at him.

“Luce, please— Will you please be my girlfriend?”

Her eyes glazed over a moment as she thought about what that would mean. If something went wrong between them, they would most likely stay friends, but it would be awkward, for her at least. On the other hand, she wanted Natsu, and bad. She’s loved him for years and he was finally asking her out. He got the piercings for you idiot, of course he’s gonna like you! Her conscience was screaming at her, and she focused back on Natsu.


“Oh, I mean, that’s fine, I just figured I’d tell— wait, okay?” Natsu seemed to be prepared for the worst, as he had rolled off of her completely. She rolled over on top of him, leaning down and kissing him before speaking again.

“Yeah, okay.” Lucy watched as his grin spread across his features, he was bright, always so bright, and it made her so happy.

Speaking of happy, “you liiiiiiike each other!”

“Happy!” The two yelled in unison, but then Natsu chuckled, looking up at Lucy.

“Yeah, we do like each other. A lot.”

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