Do people care?
Not about someone in particular,
But in general.
There are so many broken people
In this world.
So many that can be seen,
Into the depths,
Yet nothing is done.

Even those who are shattered themselves.
They see them,
Those like them
Their classmates,
Their friends,
Even random strangers they see on the street.
But even those closest to them,
They do nothing.
It’s not that they don’t care,
It’s that they have fear.
The fear of rejection,
Of disapproval.

Some of you may be thinking,
But we do help.
Behind those screens
That are society today.
Well yes, you do.
That’s not in question here at all.
It’s different behind a screen.
There is no face to the
No familiarity,
No fear.
At least not to those
Who want to help.

But to those who want help,
They have fear.
The same fears.
There’s no face.
Therefore you can’t tell.
Are they
Or saying they are.

When in reality they:
Are drawing that magical wand
Across their skin,
Or swallowing those pills
That make them feel better,
Or whatever it is that is their
You just don’t know.

And what I’ve found,
What is
Is even when you need someone,
And your friend had said,
They will be there
When you need them,
They are not.

Texting them at a
When they are tired,
They will accept
Any truth you give them,
They will regret it in the morning.

And that’s the worst thing,
No one is ever there,
To see you,


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