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Summary: Lucy, a dancer and amateur storyteller has to deal with some changes to the choreography she worked so hard on; Natsu, a choreographer and coach, also one of Lucy’s childhood friends. When the two are set into an arrangement, the question of will this work out is ever present. Inspired by a comic by ayumichi-me on tumblr.

  • NaLu
  • Rating – T for language and themes
  • Genre – Romance & Friendship
  • Chapter – 1 of 2
  • Word Count – 2,662 Words
  • Chapter Word Count – 1,170 Words

Lucy was outside in her garden, working on her turns. Her mind was filled with the happenings of the exhausting day. She had been told to change her choreography and make it easier, just because one person couldn’t get the tondue plié right. Then Aquarius told her that her choreography would be adjusted again when whatever choreographer and coach came in the next day. Over all, she was filled with turmoil, and figured turning could do her some good. However, she stopped working on her turns when the song switched to the one she had choreographed.

Lucy counted herself in and began the dance. From chassé, to a développé leap, then to a chaîné, followed by a barrel turn, then finally ending in the tondue plié. She counted again, her mind racing with a feeling similar to flying. The entire point of dance was to tell a story, which was what Lucy wanted to do, become an author that is. Yes she danced, yes she enjoyed it, but her real passion lay in the art of storytelling.

Lucy missed a step and began falling backwards. She closed her eyes and readied herself for the impact of the grass, but instead, she was surrounded by warmth, and strong arms were holding her up.

“That was quite a nasty fall you almost had.” Lucy was nearly speechless. Nearly.

“But it wasn’t, thanks to you Mr. Dragneel.” He smirked at her.

“You know who I am.” He sounded pleased and Lucy scrunched her eyebrows together.

“Of course, doesn’t everybody?” She also wanted to add that she would remember his pink hair for eternity, even if they hadn’t seen each other since her mother passed, but she didn’t.

“I guess you’re right miss Heartfilia—”

Lucy cut in, “just Lucy is fine.”

“Then just Natsu is fine for me.” Lucy looked shocked and Natsu actually grinned at her.

“All right then, Natsu.” She tested out how his name sounded and decided she liked the way it rolled off her tongue.

“Well Lucy, how did you know it was me?”

Lucy smiled, similarly liking the way her name sounded coming from him. “Your hair. It gave you away.”

“Darling, would you please come inside? I have someone I’d like for you to meet.” Lucy’s father called out from his office window, without looking down at his daughter.

“Of course!” It seemed at this moment that Lucy and Natsu remembered that she was still being held in his embrace.

“Thank you Natsu, I guess that’s my cue.” Natsu released the girl and watched her go, and Lucy wondered if he even remembered her.

Lucy walked into her father’s office to see a red-haired man sitting in one of her father’s conference chairs. A third was pulled up next to the original two, and Lucy followed her father’s directive to sit in the extra seat. The red-haired man was talking on his cell phone.

“Yes, please come up here now.” He would take a breath between each statement. “Mhmm, to meet her, but be nice. Of course you are always nice, now hurry up.” With that, the phone conversation ended and Lucy was introduced to the man.

“Lucy, I would like you to meet Igneel, an old friend of mine.” Lucy shook hands with the man and smiled, knowing she had only ever met his wife.

“So lovely to meet you Mr—”

“No, no formalities, please, just call me Igneel.”

“Oh, of course Igneel.”

The door behind them creaked open, and it took all of Lucy’s etiquette training to keep her from turning around to see who had just walked in. Although, she had a feeling she knew what this meeting was about. It didn’t stop her from gripping tightly to the seat’s armrests.

“Hey dad, sorry about that.”

“No problem kiddo, now come on over and sit down.”

Lucy’s mind was racing. She had never had to meet the guy she was engaged to before on the day it was announced. She wondered if this guy was as much of a douche as all the others had been.

“So kids,” her father began, “you two are to be married after three years of being together.” Lucy sat and listened to her father, albeit a bit angrily, her nails digging into the armrests. “This is mainly a business endeavor, in order to combine the Dragneel and Heartfilia corporations.”

Lucy looked over at the pink haired boy she knew would be sitting next to her when he audibly gasped. “Wait, what?”

“Yes, and starting tonight, Natsu will live here, simply because it is closer to your work than the Dragneel estate.” Natsu’s father spoke with a commanding tone, and Natsu didn’t even try to argue. “Now, why don’t you two go bond while we do some talking.”

Again, Natsu put up no fight, gripping Lucy’s arm and pulling her out with him.

“You knew.” He stated.


“Yes you did, otherwise you would have turned to see who it was—”

“Etiquette classes.”

“Then you wouldn’t have been so calm.”

“Calm?” Now it was Lucy’s turn to give him a stern talking to, and she backed Natsu into a wall, pinning him with a finger poking into his chest. “That was not calm. You haven’t seen me calm yet dragon boy, so get over it.” Lucy’s mind was reeling, but only one question was clear. “Have you never had this happen before?”

Natsu looked at Lucy as though she had grown another head, “of course not! Why the hell would I have been engaged before?”

“Oh.” Lucy said softly, backing away.

“Wait,” now Natsu switched their positions, “have you?” Lucy, who was staring into his chest, nodded and Natsu pushed onwards with his questioning. “How many times?”

“Six.” She claimed timidly.

“And not a one worked?” Lucy shook her head. “Why not?”

This time, Lucy spoke with passion. “Because they were all assholes!” She quickly covered her mouth, but Natsu burst out laughing.

“Wow, alrighty Luce.”

Her embarrassment began to fade as she remembered their time as children. “Luce?”

Natsu grinned, “your new nickname. But only I get to use it, got it?” Lucy nodded, noticing that throughout the questioning Natsu had trapped her against the wall in between his arms and his face was really close. She also noticed that he didn’t seem to remember their time together as children.

“Natsu, Lucy!” Igneel was walking towards them, smiling. “Glad to see you two are getting along well.” Natsu grabbed Lucy’s hand and linked their fingers together, dragging her to his father grinning.

“Yeah!” Lucy began to tune out the conversation they were having until she heard Natsu talking to her. “Luce? Luce. Hey Luce.” When she blinked at him, he took it as a sign to continue. “Are you tired?”

She nodded, then was suddenly swept off her feet and in Natsu’s arms. She didn’t remember much after that, falling asleep in his arms and then waking up in the morning feeling warm, but the source was already gone.

Hey lovelies!

This is day 3 of NaLu Week 2017, and is also in conjunction with day 4! Now, this is also part of a larger story called Dancing Around if you wish to check it out. Day 4 actually goes with another person’s story and ayumichi-me’s drawings for that. To be fair, when I wrote this, I didn’t know that her art was based off someone else’s work, and I since have not been able to find said work even after searching the name. I also used some of my own choreography throughout the story and repeatedly did the motions so I could describe them accurately for you guys. Dedication am I right? Anyway, this little piece was fun to write, and essentially it could just be a one-shot or two-shot, but if you read any further then it definitely needs to be continued. Let me know what you thought of it overall! Hearing from you guys gives me the motivation to write more!


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