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Summary: Natsu and Lucy have been intertwined through a red string. No matter what they try it won’t come off. It seems the two have to realize something before they are free of the string, the only question is, what is it?

  • NaLu
  • Rating – T for language and themes
  • Genre – Romance & Friendship
  • Word Count – 901 Words

Lucy felt the pull, gripping her and dragging her out of bed. She moaned, not wanting to get up.

“Come on Luce, we have to get up before they find out!” Her brain was still clouded and Natsu gripped his partner, picking her up bridal style. Lucy’s eyes opened the moment she felt the air touch her bare skin. And she shrieked, squirming in Natsu’s arms so much he dropped her. Erza and Gray were in the adjoining room; Happy, Wendy, and Carla as well. Natsu and Lucy managed to get this room all to themselves.

“Find out what?” Lucy sat up at the hardened voice.


Erza stood in the doorway and Lucy blinked repeatedly. Lucy was still in her clothes from last night, when Natsu and Lucy had snuck out to the festival. The two had danced, eaten lots of food, and Lucy even managed to get Natsu on a few rides. They hadn’t gotten back until early this morning.

Natsu gripped Lucy’s hand, pulling her up, and Erza could see the red string that was attached to them. “You didn’t.” Lucy solemnly nodded.

“We can’t get it off. I called Cancer and he couldn’t cut it, Natsu couldn’t burn it either.” Natsu looked at Lucy as she explained. “We were gonna go back this morning when they opened, but if what they said last night is true then we’re stuck.”

Erza’s face was pale from shock. “Those strings are magic. They intertwine with your own and the other person’s magic and hearts until you realize the reason it was put on you. So why was it put on you?”

Lucy didn’t know, and neither did Natsu. They had been dancing, their hands twisted together and overall having a good time. Then this girl comes up and wraps the string around their wrists faster than the two can protest. She was gone by the time they figured out they couldn’t get it off.

“You have no idea, and no doubt that girl is gone, so I don’t know what you want to do.” Erza gripped the two hard by the shoulders and pushed them out the door. “We’re going to master with this.” Reckless. The red-head thought. She expected that of Natsu, but Lucy? She really shouldn’t have been surprised. Natsu had a habit of convincing Lucy to do crazy things with him.

By the time they got to the train station, the others were already there with the luggage. Gray and Happy laughed at the two doing the walk of shame, and Carla was just as disappointed as Erza. Wendy was the only one who felt bad for them.

Getting to the guildhall was a different matter. Master was laughing, saying they had to realize it themselves what it was there for. Gajeel had muttered, for Natsu to hear, “you have to claim her.” To which, Natsu turned bright red and tried to shift away from Lucy. Mira was grinning at Lucy, and Levy was looking at her friend shocked.

“You two? I mean, isn’t it—“ Levy couldn’t think of the right way to say the words she wanted to.

The worst part was when Lucy excused herself to go to the bathroom. Natsu stood up with her and she paled. They walked into the woman’s restroom and locked the door. “I am not using the bathroom while you are in here.” Natsu looked like he knew something, and was antsy. “What is it, Natsu?”

He gulped, afraid the woman was going to slap him. “I have to claim you.” He realized how that sounded and revised his statement. “As my mate, not like a possession or something.”

Lucy went bright red and she cautiously whispered, “like, sex?”

Natsu went red too, frantically shaking his head. “That is only when I go in heat, which if I claim you as my mate now then you will have to help with that in the future.” Lucy nodded, licking her suddenly dry lips.

“Then what do you have to do?”

“Do you trust me?” He continued when he saw Lucy nod, “Lift your shirt up a bit.” She did as she was told, lifting it to just underneath her bra. Natsu bent down and gripped her skirt, pulling it down to rest on her hips instead of her waist. Lucy’s heart was beating fast, Natsu’s faster. He could feel the blush spreading over his body and it didn’t help when he moved his hands over her smooth skin. He gripped her by her hip bones and she jerked forward. Natsu tilted his head, leaning towards her left side.

Cautiously his tongue slipped out, sliding over her skin. Lucy gasped at the feeling, confused. Natsu’s mouth was hot against her skin, and twisted to the curve of her waist, just before her hip bone. He licked the area, and one of Lucy’s hands flew to his hair. He moaned against her skin and it sent shivers over her. Natsu gave her one last lick, and without warning bit down, hard. Lucy whimpered and tugged at his hair when he began licking the lacerations. Something snapped into place in her and she wondered if Natsu had felt the same thing. He licked her until all the blood was gone, then stood up.

The two watched as the string that had once held their intertwined hands fell off, leaving instead, their intertwined hearts.

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Day 7 of NaLu Week 2017, a bit short, but it is what it is! I don’t have much to say. I know this wasn’t my best work, but I was writing my book at the same time as NaLu week so… Anyway, let me know what you thought, any questions you have, or anything!



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