Life was really easy,
There were plenty of things to do.
But things were bad,
And being little I just didn’t know.
Because everyone smiled,
They thought it was great.
Little did they know,
What terror it would bring,
To their little darling treasure.

Life was sort of easy,
Switching was kind of fun.
But things were getting worse,
And still I didn’t notice.
Because new people were smiling,
And I just didn’t know better.
But those smiles,
I thought I’d never see end.
Little did they know,
All they did was make me believe,
Everything was always a fairytale,
That everything would be magical.

Life was okay,
School was a bore.
But things were bad,
And growing older I began to know.
Because people were mean,
And now I was learning.
But things like these,
They scar you for life.
Because you can never,
Get your childhood back.
Little did they know,
I told the truth I did,
But not a soul believed me,
So I learned it was okay to lie,
Because that is all anyone ever believes.

Life got bad,
Now I’m not the same person.
But they all say,
Things will get better.
Because they think they are right,
So I smile and nod.
But they think it’s alright,
When really it’s not.
Because they don’t know,
The pain I cry at night.
But now I’m no longer trying,
And it gets worse everyday.
Now little do they know,
Their treasure’s gone away,
But no one notices,
The red on her skin,
And all she can think about,
Is the end.


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