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Summary: Natsu and Lucy were at a masquerade party for their job. The two unknowingly drank an aphrodisiac, which had been put in the lemonade. Luckily, they had already finished the job, having caught the infiltrator.

  • NaLu
  • Rating – T for language and themes
  • Genre – Romance & Friendship
  • Word Count – 1,486 Words

The way he walked towards her gave her goosebumps. “Would you like some lemonade?” Lucy looked around, searching for her partner, catching sight of him by the food table. Of course he’s by the food. The guy talking to her followed her gaze to the pink haired male. “Oh, is he yours?”

Lucy tilted her head, confused at what he meant by that, but seeing how she wasn’t paying much attention to him, left her alone, sighing and deciding to find someone who wasn’t already so obviously in love. A girl walked up to Natsu, but he shook his head, then looked over his shoulder, catching Lucy’s eyes. He grinned at her, beckoning her over to him, and the other girl frowned in distaste when she saw the blonde, before heading away herself.

“Lemonade or punch?” Lucy raised her eyebrows at Natsu’s question. He blushed. “Right, lemonade it is.” He poured two cups of the liquid, handing one to his partner. “Cheers!”

Lucy and Natsu bumped their drinks to each other’s before downing them quickly. Although the person who posted the job said to stay and enjoy the ball, both had decided only to stay for a little bit. So far that had consisted of Lucy dragging Natsu out for a single dance. Then, of course, Natsu had left Lucy on the side, deciding to get them food, which is where they were now. Lucy poured herself another cup of the lemonade, watching as Natsu went from dish to dish that was laid out. He was about to swipe the last of a dish, but Lucy smacked his hand.

“We should go. We’ve been here too long already. If we want to make the last train, we need to go now.” Natsu pouted and Lucy rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t worry, I’ll feed you.”

At this, Natsu smiled, then gripped Lucy’s upper arm, dragging her with him to the front gates. Neither worried about their appearance, simply wanting to get home. However, they did notice the looks they were given, and by the time they had gotten to Lucy’s apartment, the looks were becoming familiar to them.

Jumping in through the window, Natsu complained loudly, “why did Happy have to go off on a job with Carla and Wendy now?”

“Maybe he wanted to try, again, to woo Carla.” Lucy got to work in the kitchen, leaving the dragon slayer to wander around her apartment. “Hey Natsu, it’s getting hot in here, can you check the thermostat?”

Natsu gave her a confirming grunt before walking over to the wall where the temperature was set. “It says 74 degrees (Fahrenheit).”

Lucy pursed her lips, it never got this hot in here, even when she turned the thermostat to 79. “Turn it to 72 please.” Natsu did as she asked and then walked over to her couch, stretching out on it to wait for food.

Finishing her preparations, Lucy laid out Natsu’s plate, allowing him to begin eating. He thanked his partner around one of the pieces of chicken she had cooked for him. “Yeah, you’re welcome. I’m getting in the shower.”

Natsu finished his food and followed Lucy to her room, not bothering to knock before he entered. She wasn’t undressing yet; beginning to undo her elaborate hair style. She looked up when her hair was halfway down, surprised when Natsu groaned. Both of their faces were red. Natsu desperately wanted to see her eyes, but she would have to take her hair all the way out for that. So he walked towards her, both uncertain of what was happening. Her viewing lacrima went off, and both of them looked over at the music that was now playing. She went over to turn it off, but it wouldn’t.

Suddenly Natsu’s hands were on her waist and Lucy could feel the heat emanating from them. “Na—?”

Lucy stopped when she looked over her shoulder to see him breathing hard. He leaned down and put his forehead against her bare shoulders. “Luce? What’s wrong with me?”

His skin was hot against her and she nearly moved her body back into it, despite the overwhelming heat that was already surrounding her. “What do you mean Natsu?”

Natsu’s hands twitched against her waist and she bucked backwards, accidentally grinding on Natsu. He groaned, feeling his pants tighten. “Damn these stupid dress pants.” Without moving away he burnt them off, nearly catching Lucy’s dress on fire as well.

“Natsu!” She twisted in his arms, turning to see her partner in nothing but his boxers. Instinctively her hands laid themselves on his chest and she traced her fingers across his skin. The two had been dancing around this line for a long time now. Lucy noticing, that even though Lisanna had told her that she thought Natsu and Lucy would be adorable, she got jealous when Natsu wanted to hang out with the youngest Strauss sibling. Natsu had noticed how annoyed he got when Loke would come and be able to save Lucy while Natsu was still fighting a monster. He didn’t move his hands from her waist, instead curling his fingers inwards. Again Lucy bucked, this time forwards.

Natsu wondered how many times he could get her to rub on him before she made him stop. He did it three more times before she stepped forward, actively doing what Natsu had been originally making her body do as a reflex. “Fuck, Lucy.”

She groaned, her eyes going hazy with desire. Using her hands on his chest and her movements against his crotch she forced him backwards until he fell onto her bed. There she climbed on top of him, her layers of skirts rubbing against Natsu’s bare skin, the tulle particularly having an effect of him. Still, his hands never left her waist, even as she began moaning over him. Neither of them understood what was going on.

Sure, they’d seen each other naked before, had even shared some accidental kisses, but Lucy for one, never thought that the mighty Natsu Dragneel would want this. “Hey, Natsu?” All he could do was hum in response. “Do you—” She was unsure how to phrase her question, so she bit her lip before continuing. “Do you actually want this? Me, I mean.” Soon after that she began babbling about how she was certain something must have just turned him on and he just figured she was there. But she knew he wouldn’t do that, so her thoughts changed, still speaking aloud. “Or maybe I’m forcing myself on you and you’d rather be elsewhere. I mean I know I’m not beautiful or anything but—”

“What the hell do you mean you aren’t beautiful, Luce?” She looked up at that. “You always comment on how hot you are and how you can get anything just because of your body.”

“Yeah, that makes me hot, and a girl that everyone wants to have a go at. But it doesn’t make me beautiful.”

Instead of answering, Natsu moved his hands from her waist to her ass, sliding her up to over his belly button. “You are beautiful in every way Lucy. You’re eyes, body, soul, words, everything. Every little fucking thing about you is so fucking beautiful.”

Natsu heard her breathing quicken and felt her ass cheeks clench together. “You really think so?” Natsu nodded and Lucy leaned over him, her eyes shining behind the black mask that covered the top part of her face. She had only gotten out around five pins before she had noticed Natsu, so only a bit of her hair was down, hanging over her shoulders. She closed the gap between them, moaning the moment her lips touched his. One of Natsu’s hands went over her shoulder, the other entangling into the hair that was down. Her mask made it sexier, making it seem both more sensual and mysterious.

“Lucy, you are so fucking sexy.” Both knew of all the intimate actions that could happen, and often times did happen, but neither had done it themselves. Most of Lucy’s skirts were splayed around Natsu’s crotch and over his pecs, Lucy leaning at an odd angle to keep her mouth on his.

Both were so completely engrossed in each other that they hadn’t heard Lucy’s door unlocking. Mira and Erza walked in chatting, going to Lucy’s room to get the book that Lucy had told them to grab while she was out. Erza made a sound similar to a choke but also a squeal, and Mira just let out a breathy laugh, making the two spring apart. “I see you two had some lemonade.”

Both looked at Mira confused and the silver haired mage continued, “it had an aphrodisiac in it. One that enhances your feelings for someone you already harbor feelings for.” She smirked at the last part, knowing neither partner could deny any longer that they had feelings for each other.

Hey lovelies!

Day 5 of NaLu Week 2017, yay! So I actually got this idea from Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. It was an interesting concept and I always wished it had turned out differently, but I prefer writing NaLu, so I decided to try it out. Hint: it still didn’t end the way I wanted it to. I don’t know why, but I love the mysterious aura that is given because of masks and I just thought, what better way to do that than use something equally as mysterious? And now we have this. I hope it was to your liking, or at least enjoyable! But let me know if you have questions or just some comments! I love hearing from you guys!



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