There is that one person,
They sit behind you;
Turn around,
And they smile.

And they smile at you,
Because they wish that they
Were as they act,
But you probably should
Know, they are
Not happy.

Not happy at all,
In fact, quite
The opposite.

The opposite of what they seem,
And one day,
They are gone;
It isn’t a surprise.

It isn’t a surprise for their absence,
For they had all the signs:
They had the seclusion —
The cuts,
The bathroom —
At lunch,
The grades —
That were once perfect
In every class they had,
Had now become
Barely C’s;
And finally,
They didn’t care anymore.

They didn’t care anymore about anything;
The only thing that is truly sad is
No one cared enough —
To talk to them,
To see how they really,
Truly are.

Truly are broken,
By the things not able to be seen,
By the shows that they have put on,
By the way,
Just don’t,

Try to dig deeper,
To ask what was wrong,
But they only saw,
They were fine,
When truly,
They were not,
But no one cared to try.

But no one cared to try.


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