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Summary: Princess Lucy meets prince Natsu while their two kingdoms were drawing up a treaty. They are quick to fall in love, but also quick to fall into danger. What will happen to these two as their limits are tested?

  • NaLu
  • Chapter – 2 of 8
  • Rating – M for mature themes
  • Chapter Rating – T for topics discussed
  • Genre – Romance & Angst
  • Word Count – 9,180 Words
  • Chapter Word Count – 1,425 Words

Well I’m terrified of these four walls
These iron bars can’t hold my soul in
All I need is you,
Come please, I’m callin’
And, oh, I scream for you
Hurry, I’m fallin’, I’m fallin’

Lucy had felt trapped, caged in, when her and Natsu had their first meeting. She had gone with her father to the dragon kingdom, where he and king Igneel were drawing up a peace treaty between their two kingdoms. The blonde had known she would most likely be put in an arranged marriage to keep the treaty, but when they had come to that topic, her father claimed he had already promised her to someone else.

Her breathing began to get heavy and she stood up abruptly, rushing from the room, leaving the two kings, the queen, the prince and the princess behind. She had been introduced to each of them, queen Grandeeney, princess Wendy, and prince Natsu, the last of which had shown up forty minutes late, nearing the hour mark.

The girl stood against the wall in the hall, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. “Are you all right?” A deep voice asked, and she looked up to meet the green-onyx eyes of the dragon kingdom prince. Lucy nodded, looking away from the prince. “You obviously aren’t. What’s so shocking about what happened in there?”

“It’s just, my father and mother had always promised I would get to agree to whomever I was to marry. I hadn’t even known my father had allowed someone claim to me yet.” She paused for a moment, watching the dragon prince’s reaction. He frowned and his wings flexed in agitation. “I haven’t the slightest idea of who it is either.” She pursed her lips, wondering if she should speak her next thought aloud. “I… If he hadn’t of promised me already, I would have agreed to the arrangement your father was proposing as long as you were okay with it.”

The prince smiled at her. “I wouldn’t have gotten a choice, but if I did, I would have agreed as well.” She gave a sad smile, just as the door opened and her father walked out.

“Prince Natsu, your father would like to speak with you.” Natsu nodded and walked into the room with a quick glance back before leaving her alone with her father. Lucy looked up at her father with fear as he struck her across the face. “You insolent child. How could you embarrass me like that? Running out when I mention your arranged marriage, as if you did not know.”

“But father, I—”

“No. You are to be married when you are twenty six, you know this.” She had known that for as long as she could remember, it was true.

“Yes, but—”

“No buts, you will marry the man I have chosen for you, and you will help me secure our treaty with this kingdom and any others I may need your help with.” Lucy nodded, her cheek still stinging from the slap. “Good, now go in there and apologize.”

“Yes father.” She looked at the ground, walking to the doors, stepping through them and leaving her father in the hall. She kneeled down the moment she stepped through the doors, hearing the murmuring of the dragon kingdom’s royal family cease. “I apologize your majesties and your highnesses. I did not mean to be so rude and rush from the room.”

“Look up, princess Lucy.” A voice similar to Natsu’s spoke and she did, still not looking the king in the eyes for fear of his wrath. A gasp came from the royals in front of her and she lowered her head again, tears truly threatening to fall. A shadow fell across the space in front of her and she flinched, but a warm and comforting hand lightly touched her injured cheek, and she looked up, once again facing the dragon prince.

“Did he hit you Luce?”

She didn’t look at him, nor did she question him being so familiar with her. “I deserved it, your highness.”

Natsu stepped back, his warm hand now clenched into a fist. His father spoke, “do not do anything rash Natsu. We know nothing about how her father would react.” Natsu nodded, releasing his hand from a fist and stepping forward, pulling the blonde princess into a hug. She was shocked to say the least, and her arms slowly wrapped back around him. It had been a long time since she had been held like this, and her tears suddenly flowed freely.

“Thank you, Natsu.” She whispered, hiding her face in his chest.

“Anytime Luce. Anytime.”

Less than a month later and the two were best friends, spending as much time together as they could, even neglecting their duties. Lucy lay with her head on Natsu’s upper arm out in the grass field. He was face down, his wing covering the girl from the beating sun. “Let’s just stay here forever, okay?”

Natsu looked up from his spot on the ground, turning his head to face her and resting it on his other arm. “Forever is a long time, Luce.”

“Not with you it’s not. It will feel like the shortest amount of time has passed ever, just as the shortest amount away from you feels like forever.” A smile was shared between them before Natsu closed his eyes again.

“How long do you think we can keep this up Luce, before your father gets mad again?”

“It was part of the treaty. You and I spend every other week together. Hopefully, never.” She closed her eyes and slid closer to him, loving the feel of his wing surrounding her, protecting her.

“I’m going to miss this when you get married.” And that was the kicker in the treaty. The two were allowed this time together, until Lucy got married in nine years.

“Don’t think about that.” She brushed hair away from his face, making him look up at her. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking, the shadows dancing around his face concealing his true thoughts. “What is it Natsu?”

“Nothing, just… Don’t worry about it Lucy, let’s relax.”

He could hear her, the sobs reaching his ears even from so far away. His Luce was crying. He wouldn’t allow that. Getting up from his bed, Natsu flew to the now twenty year old woman’s kingdom, stopping when he reached her window. He slipped in silently, wrapping his arms around her as she lay in bed.

“Natsu?” She turned, seeing her friend beside her. “What are you doing here?”

“I could hear your pain, even from my own bedroom. What is it? What’s happened?” You. She wanted to say, you’ve made me fall in love with you and it hurts. But she didn’t, she just shook her head and wrapped her arms around him, careful of his wings, holding herself against him for some form of comfort. “Please tell me, Luce.”

“I can’t. You’re not to worry, understand?” She replied, resting her head on his chest at an angle.

“No, I don’t. I’m always going to worry about you.”

“No more. No longer.”

“What has happened Lucy? You must tell me.” Lucy paused as his grip became firm and he used her full name, telling her he was serious. He truly was worried about her.

“I’ve fallen in love.” His heart broke. “The worst part is, even if he did love me back we could never be together, and he knows that.”

“How would he know that?”

“He knows about my arranged marriage.” A growl slipped from Natsu’s throat and Lucy kissed his collarbone, attempting to calm him down. “He’s been there for me a lot, it was only last night I realized I had fallen in love with him. It hurts so much, because I want him, but can never have him.”

“Why would anyone give you up, Luce? I know…” He paused, not ready to finish that sentence out loud. Taking in a deep breath Natsu continued. “I know I wouldn’t give you up.”

Her breath caught, and Natsu feared he said something wrong. “You mean it?” She whispered, looking up at him curiously.

“Yes.” He had barely breathed the word, before her lips were crushed against his. Natsu’s hands wrapped around her and yanked her to him. He rolled on top of her, his wings flexing and surrounding them. One of his legs went in between hers, his mouth moving against hers punishingly.

He pulled away slightly, looking at her. “Let me court you Luce.” Both of their breathing was harsh. “Please? I know I don’t know much about it, but I’ll do the best I can.”

“Yes.” Then their lips met again, shadows hovering around them, showing them as one.

Hey lovelies!

Day 1 of NaLu Angst Week 2018, wow. This was a bit difficult to write, going backwards from the end result. Natsu and Lucy were fast friends, weren’t they. Then poor Lucy, fearing Natsu did not truly love her. The two would betray their kingdoms to be together, hint hint. Okay, but the next bit isn’t all that angsty, only a little bittersweet. And full of smut. Like, literally, it’s pretty much all smut. But how was this bit of angst? Let me know your thoughts, or questions!


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