Though I’m gone from
Right there with her
I wish her to know that
Yeah, it must seem that
I don’t care,
But sweetheart I do
Oh, I care so much
And it hurts babe.
Yeah, it kills me to know

She has to continue
Move on without me
But I can see
Everything; it’s true
I’m gone for now
But I know, all,
Everything she is meant to

Be in life
I see her probably
More as she should,
As she wants,
Not as she is,
Because to me babe,
She’s my whole life.

But no matter what
I try to say
It seems that
Everything I try
To do or explain, yeah
No matter what, it’s still too

Little, too late; it’s gone
Yeah babe. I’m going
Through it too, I can
See that it all,
Always as it should be,

She sees the good, the bad,
She sees it all
In me, it’s both but
After all this time, that

Is all I could ask for.
Both of us need it
Babe. I can see you;

Fierce you are, you
Always know, yeah

I’ll be there, for you.


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