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Summary: Friends as children, Natsu and Lucy meet again after being separated for a few years. The two get to know each other again amidst all the turmoil surrounding them. The only thing left uncertain, is where they lie with each other.

  • NaLu
  • Rating – T for language and themes
  • Genre – Romance & Friendship
  • Chapter – 2 of 8
  • Word Count – 28,701 Words
  • Chapter Word Count – 4,256 Words

Natsu looked over at the girl sitting next to him. “What do you mean?”

“You protected me, from the people who really didn’t care about me. The one’s who simply wanted—”

Natsu cut the girl off with a soft hand on her now exposed thigh. “The one’s that wanted you for your social status, not for you.” Lucy nodded and Natsu frowned. “I didn’t mean that I don’t deserve you because of our different social status’.” Lucy tilted her head, like she had so long ago, her hair framing her face again. Natsu reached out, lightly sliding the escaping strands of her hair back behind her ear. A lot of her hair had fallen out of its hold on her head, and she had dirt all over her dress. “I meant that I don’t deserve you because I haven’t told you everything.”

“I haven’t told you everything either, Natsu.” Her eyes softened as she realized that he felt bad for not telling her, even though there were some things she would probably never share with the man.

“But, this is a huge part of who I am, what I am. I don’t want to tell you because you’ll hate me.”

Lucy frowned and grabbed his face, making him look at her. “Natsu, I could never hate you. Even if you told me that you were sent to befriend me, only so you could kill me.” Tears rolled down her cheeks, fresh once again, and she looked as though she was remembering something. “I would feel a little sad at first, but over all, the time I spent with you over the years were authentic, and I know you feel the same.” Lucy wanted to tell him then, but she couldn’t bring herself to burden him like that, so she pulled her hands back to her side.

She smiled at him, and waited for him to speak. “Lucy I—”

“Lucy, there you are, dear. I was wondering where you ran off to.” Lucy and Natsu looked at each other with wide eyes before one of Lucy’s hands chased after Natsu’s, gripping it tightly.


“Dear, would you please come back inside? Your guests are confused at how suddenly you vanished.”

“I can’t do it. I’m sorry father.” Lucy’s hand tightened on Natsu’s, as though he would bolt again. Which, considering how she was injured from the last time he abandoned her, wasn’t going to happen.

“What are you talking about Lucy?” Her father seemed to be trying to keep his words placating, as though he were trying to get to a scared and injured animal. “Come back inside and we can talk about this.”

“What is there to talk about father?” Lucy was standing up, Natsu at her side. “You simply want me to marry someone of high status, and I shall not.” Lucy’s tone demanded that she be heard and Natsu lightly squeezed her hand, attempting to calm her down. “I will not marry someone that I am not in love with.”

“And I suppose you think you are in love with this pink haired ruffian then?” Lucy didn’t say anything, and Natsu was afraid of what was to come. “And you, what have you that you offer my daughter and entice her like a Fairy into the woods to never tread the path back home? What magical lies are you telling her?”

“He has told me not a single lie father!” Natsu thought about her statement, wondering how true the words were, only to find they were the whole truth. Not once when he had talked to Lucy had he lied. He may not have told her everything, but he had never lied.

“Everybody lies at one point.”

“True? Then what lie have you told me father?” It seemed her father had been drawn into a stalemate with his daughter.

“Jude. Leave the poor kid alone. She doesn’t need to be sold off like a prize, what she needs is to find someone who loves her for who she is.”

“You only say that because it’s your dumbass of a son she has fallen for.”

Oi!” Natsu exclaimed from beside Lucy.

“I’ll be the first to confirm that my son is definitely a dumbass.”

Oi! Stop being so mean!” It was more of a whine than anything that time.

“I’ll second it.” Lucy raised the hand that wasn’t holding onto Natsu’s. “He’s dumb, but he’s my dumb dragon.” She looked over at him and smiled sweetly.

“And you’re my weirdo of a princess, Luce.” Lucy’s stomach had butterflies from the words. They were just so Natsu. He was more of an action than a word kind of guy, and she knew that from the beginning.

“Aww, how sweet.” Natsu and Lucy both turned around to see a girl with long white hair standing at the other end of the bank.

Natsu gaped at her. “Mira! How long have you been standing there?”

“Since just before Lucy got here.”

“How do you know my name?”

“Silly,” the girl began walking towards them. “Natsu talks about you a lot. Plus, my brother is one of your knights, oh and your father said your name when he arrived.”

“Natsu…talks about me?” Of course that was what the blonde focused on. What was he going to do with the vain girl?

“Yup!” Mira giggled and Lucy tilted her head. Natsu grinned at his best friends habit. “He almost never shuts up about you. Especially for the past two years! I think not being able to see you made him fall even harder for you.”

“Mira!” Natsu exclaimed, not really sure that telling Lucy everything was the right way to go about the situation. He looked over at the blonde haired girl beside him and frowned. She looked to be thinking about something the girl had said, or something it reminded her of. No matter what it was, he didn’t like that it was making her frown. He squeezed her hand and she looked up, her eyes clearing.

Lucy spun around, facing the two men who were talking bitterly to each other. “I can’t come back inside father.”

“Yes, you can. We can talk about—”

“There is nothing to talk about!” Lucy’s hand broke out of Natsu’s as she raised them up in aggravation. “You don’t listen to me, you haven’t truly sat and talked with me since mother died.” She flinched when she mentioned her mother, taking a step back in fear. “I’m honestly surprised you remembered my birthday, although it probably is because it’s the day she died right?”

When Jude didn’t refute it, Igneel stepped in again. “Look, your daughter has had a very sheltered life, and if you don’t let her go now, you will not get a chance to reconcile with her in the future. She is hurting, and you being the ignorant ass you have always been is not helping.”

Lucy saw something on her father that she hadn’t seen in a really long time. “You’re smiling.”

He looked at his daughter, who had one hand over her mouth to muffle the sobs, and watched as tears fell from her eyes. “I smile all the time dear.”

“But it’s a real smile.”

“Yes, I guess it is.” Lucy relaxed into Natsu when he put his arm over her shoulder. “I’m sorry Lucy. You were right earlier, when you said that your mother would have been ashamed. She wouldn’t want me to control you. She would want you to explore the world before you decide on something for certain.”

“Are you saying you will let me go?”

“Yes, but there is a lot you need to know before you leave.”

Igneel shook his head. “Let her figure it out as she goes, just send a few people with her who know the truth.”

“Don’t worry sir, we are already planning on going with her.” Lucy looked behind the men at the fiery haired female who stood there in all her glory. Natsu grinned at the red-head and at Lucy’s clear confusion.

“What are you talking about Luce?”

“I’m going to Magnolia.” She said simply, watching as Virgo packed clothes for her. Lucy had told her father that if he had asked anyone to report back to him then he better tell them off right then, because she would find a way to ditch them. She wanted to be her own person.

“I heard you the first time. But in that?” Lucy flicked her wrist in annoyance. Not bothering to answer him. Lucy was really regretting letting Virgo pack for her, as even though she was a proper maid and always made sure that Lucy was properly attired, she would certainly pack a lot more revealing clothing than the blonde was used to. Like the outfit she was currently wearing. A cute outfit, if it weren’t showing so much skin.

The white top stopped right beneath her ribs, and the skirt slid low on her hips. On top of that, the kinky maid had strapped a belt on her charge that hung a whip on the side. Lucy tried to furiously yank the belt off, but the stupid thing just wouldn’t come off. According to Virgo it would ‘come off when she was truly ready for it to.’ Whatever the hell that meant.

Then there were the boots. Oh, those were even worse than the whip. Who goes out into public with thigh high black leather boots? Apparently Lucy would, and on top of that, they had about a three inch heel. Was her maid trying to get her to break her neck?

“Seriously Luce, I know you don’t like the corsets and fancy dresses, but really? You look like a common girl.”

“That’s the point Natsu.” Lucy was awkwardly reaching behind herself, trying to straighten the fabric. She couldn’t reach however, and Natsu stepped closer to her. When his fingers slid under the fabric, straightening it, she flinched. Heat was searing everywhere he touched, and the boy leaned in, his breath fanning her neck.

“Yeah, but you look like you want attention, princess.”

She turned around, putting her hand on his chest and smiling slyly. “Maybe I do want attention.” Natsu’s breath caught and his face turned red. Then Lucy burst out laughing. “Your face! Do I— Oh my god, do I really look that good Natsu?”

“Yes you do princess.” It wasn’t Natsu that answered though. It was Virgo, the pink haired maid straightening the purple suitcase and setting it on the ground for Lucy. “Which is why, you will either take me or Natsu as protection.”

Lucy rolled her eyes when Natsu made a noise of denial. “Don’t worry about me Virgo. Isn’t that why you gave me the whip?”

“It would still make me feel better if you had one of us along princess.”

“Well, Natsu, from his lovely outrage at my statement of going to Magnolia, would absolutely love to go with me.” She winked at the boy and he swore she was getting his heart racing on purpose.

He frowned at the sarcasm in her voice. “I would go anywhere with you Luce, you know that.”

She smiled at him. “What about Happy?”

“What about Happy? He’ll come with whether he wants to or not.” Lucy let out a breathy chuckle. “But why wouldn’t he want to? It is Happy after all, he is always looking for an adventure.”

Lucy shook her head. “Sometimes I worry for your sanity.”

Natsu looked appalled. “My sanity? Luce, I worry for your sanity.” He walked over to her and lightly tugged at her shirt. “I could yank this down with a single tug. You are not walking around in something like that on my watch.”

“Well, you aren’t the boss of me. So I will wear whatever I damn well please.”

“Just not your underwear in public, please. At least only do that around me.”

Lucy turned bright red down to her shoulders and Natsu laughed, “I will not walk around in just my underwear you pervert!”

“Whatever you say Luce. I’m gonna go find Happy!” With that he walked over to — no, he walked past the door to the open window, jumping out of the frame.

She ran over and put her hands on the sill, leaning out. “Can’t you use the damned door like a normal person!”

“Nope!” He replied, running off. “Be back soon Luce!”

Lucy shook her head.

“You two are really good together.” Lucy turned around to look at Virgo. She tilted her head in confusion and the maid continued. “I mean, you compliment each other so well. He riles you up, and you obviously calm him down. I can also tell that he makes your blood rush. You do the same to him.” Lucy put her hands up, but before a word of denial could cross her lips, Virgo continued. “The way you used to smile talking about him. You’re in love with him aren’t you?”

Lucy looked over her shoulder, not seeing any sign of Natsu, then turned back to her friend. “Yes. Wow,” Lucy laughed breathlessly. “It feels so good to get that off my chest. He can cheer me up when no one else can, but I’m not sure how he would feel about knowing.”

“Your bonds are close. Your souls react to each other in ways that shouldn’t happen for the likes of you two. You will make it through this Lucy. Just, beware of what awaits you okay?”

Lucy was confused, but she stepped forward to hug Virgo all the same. “I will. Thank you Virgo.”

“If you need me, I will be there. You will know how when you need to. Goodbye princess.” With that, the maid walked out the door.

“Happy!” The blue cat threw himself at Natsu, wrapping himself around the boy’s shoulder. “We’re gonna go with Lucy. She’s heading to Magnolia. Erza, Levy, and Gajeel are already there. So I guess we are meeting them there.”

“Leaving so soon?” Igneel walked into the room. “Not even leaving behind the dumb cat?”

“No! You’ll eat him!” Natsu claimed, remembering all of the many times his father had threatened to do just that.

His father chuckled, bringing behind him a green knapsack and another green military style backpack with a bedroll. He tied the knapsack around Happy’s neck and then helped Natsu sling the backpack and bedroll over his shoulders. Then, the red haired man stepped back and swiped at his face at an invisible tear. “My boy is finally moving out.” It was then that his father burst out in laughter. “Only took him until he was twenty years old!” He dragged Natsu into a hug before pulling away.

The two looked at each other, until Happy meowed and flicked his tail, it wrapping around and smacking Natsu in the face. “All right, all right, we’re going.”

“Natsu,” his father called out as the boy walked toward the door, “just, tell her who you are soon okay? There is more to her as well.”

He nodded at his father and pulled open the door, only to get hit in the face by a dainty fist. Natsu scrunched up his face at the girl who still had her hand raised in a fist and looked shocked. “Thanks for that Luce, I think I’m fully awake now.”

“I’m so sorry, Natsu! Are you okay? I didn’t mean to, I swear!”

“Dirty princess, don’t swear!”

Lucy’s mouth gaped and Natsu couldn’t help it. He leaned over and grabbed his stomach, laughing at her expression. Happy jumped off of Natsu’s shoulder and over to Lucy, who reflexively caught him in her arms. Natsu stood up and grabbed her arm, dragging her away from his home — old home. She was his home now. Natsu held a hand up and he knew his father was waving back. Probably blubbering like a baby, too.

Yup, if the sniffles were any indication, then yes, his father was crying like a newborn baby all swaddled up in the blankets. Lucy had begun to lead Natsu, and he turned green at the direction they were going. “Luce, we aren’t going to the train station are we?”

She grinned evilly. “Yes we are, Natsu. Is there a problem?”

“No, no problem.” His voice was choked and small and she took his hand in hers.

“It will be okay, Natsu.” She had only been on a vehicle with him about five times, so she knew he got motion sickness. However, Natsu hadn’t been very bad when she had ridden with him. He doubted that would be the case this time.

Lucy was pulling her suitcase behind them, dragging it across the cobblestones, and when Lucy put one of his arms around her bare shoulders Natsu noticed that Happy had taken to resting on top of her suitcase. Natsu sat on a bench while Lucy went to get the tickets, but he watched her the entire time. He laughed when she leaned forward towards the guy who was selling the tickets. She put her hands close together on the counter, pushing her chest together, making her cleavage more noticeable.

He recognized that move. She was trying to get a deal on something. Although he had no idea where she had learned it from. It wasn’t funny however, when the guy leaned forward, closer to her cleavage. Natsu wanted to go over there and drag her away, but a few seconds later and she was away from the guy, a bright smile on her face. “Natsu! Natsu, it worked!”

“What worked Luce?” He was honestly confused, because it was like his brain had short circuited when she had turned around with that grin.

“Well, I had seen a few women in your father’s shop try that with you when they were in there, but you never seemed bothered by it. But other vendors seemed affected so I figured I’d try it, and it worked! I got us a discount on our tickets!” She held up the three stubs proudly.


“Well, yeah. There are three of us. You, Happy, and me.”

Natsu grinned at her. “That’s great Luce.” It seemed that his brain was back in working order as her high wattage smile disappeared. He stood up and grabbed her bag with one hand, and her own hand with another, lacing her fingers together with his own. She leaned into him as they walked over to the just arriving train. When she showed the man the stubs, he quickly nodded and they walked onto the train. They reached a cabin and slid in, Natsu slumping down onto one of the benches. Lucy shook her head as she put their luggage up in the above storage. She grinned at Natsu and then sat down next to him.

“C’mere.” Natsu grunted and Lucy put her hand behind Natsu’s head and slowly led him to rest on her thighs. He rolled so that his face was buried in her stomach. Her very exposed stomach. Lucy blushed, but put one hand on his head again, having removed it from shock before, and began to run her nails over his scalp.

Natsu could tell that her breathing had picked up, and he could smell something new on her. But he didn’t really pay attention to that as she kept running her hand through his hair. Lucy on the other hand could feel every hot exhale he made against her stomach, and every inhale that made her shiver. As one hand stayed in his hair, Lucy began to rub his shoulder and his back as well with her other hand. Virgo was right, even this seemingly vulnerable Natsu was making her blood rush, and heat pool in her stomach.

Lucy grimaced when Natsu squirmed, his face turning down, facing her crotch. This was gonna be a ride of torture for her. Having frozen in her comforting movements, Natsu groaned moaning her name. Lucy blushed when her mind turned to less than decent situations in which he would moan like that.

“Luce, don’ stop.” She pushed her thighs together. “It feels good.” Muscles clenched and her teeth ground together. He had to be doing that on purpose. Instead of commenting though, Lucy continued to run her fingers through his hair. He groaned again and turned back into her stomach, his arms coming up to wrap around her waist.

Lucy smiled softly at the man on her lap, her heart growing fonder at his actions. She really did have it bad for him, but for now, she would deny it. Instead, Lucy thought on what Virgo had been saying. Our souls interact huh? I wonder if that is good or bad. Lucy grinned at what she imagined Natsu would say. “Like hell it’s bad Luce! It means we are meant to be best friends, in every life!” Her smile dimmed. Yeah, friends. She rolled her eyes at her selfish thoughts, turning and looking out the window she was seated by.

They hadn’t begun moving yet, but of course Natsu was still sick. Happy had moved to lay over Natsu’s shoulder, making it so that she would pet him as well as Natsu. And that was exactly what she was doing to Natsu at the moment, petting him. He was just so adorable.

She had felt his glare when she had pulled that boob move on the clerk. She desperately wanted to see if it would truly work, if she was appealing enough. She knew that men wanted her, but did they want her without the social status. It seemed they did. Her only problem was what to do with the information. Walking to the train station she had slung Natsu’s arm over her shoulder so that boy’s would stop watching her like she was a piece of meat. It had worked to an extent. Some men still had lingering gazes, but nothing nearly as bad as it had been before. So if people thought she was taken, they would back off.

The cabin door opened and Lucy looked up to see a young girl with deep blue hair, and there was a cat on her shoulder. Happy looked up when they entered and Lucy thought that if a cat could raise their eyebrows, he would have. Seemed he liked the feline.

“Hello. I apologize for intruding, but may I sit here?” Lucy smiled and nodded, and as the girl closed the door, Happy bounded off of Natsu, who groaned, and over to the other side.

“Sorry, Happy is just really excited. I don’t think he likes that Natsu is hogging all of my attention right now.” She smiled apologetically at the girl. “I’m Lucy.”

“I’m Wendy. It’s lovely to meet you Lucy. And don’t worry about your cat, Carla and I will keep him company.”

“Oh, he’s Natsu’s, not mine.” There was a grunt of affirmation from the man on her lap and Wendy apologized again.

“Oh, you aren’t together? I thought, well, with how close you two are and just the way that your auras are together— Sorry, I’m babbling.”

Lucy smiled sweetly. “Don’t worry about it. Auras?”

“Yes, the child can read auras. It is part of her powers, you seem like you have never met an aura reader before.” Lucy looked at the cat that had spoken.

“What the fuck?”

“Watch your language around the child.”

“You— You just talked!” Lucy couldn’t help but be confused.

The cat rolled her eyes, rolled her eyes! “Now you act like you haven’t met a talking cat. Tomcat here is one, what are you playing at girl?”

“Tomcat?” Lucy looked over at Happy. “You mean Happy? Happy can talk?”

“Aye sir!”

Lucy looked down at the man in her arms. “Yeah, next your gonna tell me that you really are a dragon.”

“Well, dragon slayer. I am one as well.” Lucy looked up at Wendy again. “I could smell his magic from miles away. I’ve never met another dragon slayer before.”

“This is, it’s all just so much. I mean, there is no way!”

“Yup, he’s also part demon. And you, you’re some celestial being. I’m uncertain, but you seem to be shining brightly, like a star.”

“Celestial?” Lucy thought back on what she had known in her life, mumbling to herself. “Virgo, Capricorn, oh my, Aquarius? Then Cancer and Taurus too. Scorpio and Aries too, wow. My friends, they—”

“Yes, we are all celestial beings.” Lucy looked up to see Virgo standing in front of her. Lucy accidentally pulled on Natsu’s hair and he grunted in annoyance.

“Not so rough, Luce.”

“Sorry, Natsu.” She couldn’t bring herself to see if he was coherent at that moment. When Lucy blinked Virgo was gone and Lucy was looking at Wendy and Carla once again.

“You really didn’t know?” Wendy asked.

“No. I thought that they were all just fairy tales my mother told me.”

“That’s funny.” The younger girl laughed. “You’re heading to Magnolia right?” When Lucy nodded, the younger girl continued. “When we get there, let me show you my guild.”


“It’s a place for the magical. Where they all convene and connect. They have jobs for magic users, and they even help us train our powers. Although, we’d have to figure out what you are in order to train you properly.”

“So you’re gonna take me to your guild when we get there? And Natsu and Happy can come too?”

“Of course! We welcome everyone in Fairy Tail.”

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Day 1 of NaLu Fluff Week 2017! The character’s are more in character now, but, they will be a bit out of it next chapter, but the next chapter after that will have them back in character. You will have some angst coming, but I promise, it will be okay! Talk to me guys! What are you thinking?


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