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Summary: Lucy and Natsu are best friends, both have had crushes on each other for as long as they could remember. Neither thought anything would happen with it though. So, when Lucy’s friend does a tarot spread for her, she gets quite mad that it’s trying to tell her what to do.

  • NaLu
  • Rating – K+
  • Genre – Humor & Friendship
  • Word Count – 1,037 Words

Lucy was laughing as she made her way down the street with her pink-haired best friend. He would probably pout if he knew she had thought it was pink and not salmon. Natsu was a little immature at times, but over all he was a sweetheart and the best friend any girl could ask for. As they walked into their usual hang out, the Fairy Tail bar, Natsu broke off from Lucy, and she in turn went to talk with Mirajane behind the bar. Cana was seated next to her, but surprisingly, she didn’t have a barrel of alcohol that she was drowning in.

“Hey Lucy.” The silver-haired bartender said, capturing her attention away from the alcoholic. “Usual?”

Lucy nodded. “Thanks, Mira. Don’t forget Natsu’s.”

Mira laughed. “Course not, you two are adorable.”

Lucy scrunched her face together. “You know we aren’t like that. Besides, what about your sister?”

“Lisanna is rooting for you.” The bartender turned to her sister, whom was getting Lucy’s milkshake ready. “Isn’t that right?”

At this Lisanna giggled, bringing the shake and setting it in front of her blonde friend. Leaning on the counter in front of Lucy, she spoke. “Yup. You guys are already roommates. It’s only a matter of time until you take the next step.”

“We will not be taking the next step.” Lucy sighed, taking a sip of the shake her friend set in front of her.

“The cards say differently.” Lucy looked over at Cana, who was studying her tarot cards intently.

“Did you just draw for me?”

Cana smirked, not at all buffed over the indignant comment. “’Course I did. You are in denial, come on LuLu.” Winking at the blonde, she continued, “besides, how long has it been since you’ve had a good tumble in the sheets?”

Lucy’s eyes widened and she gasped. “Cana!” But after relaxing a bit she gave out a small, “about twenty-four years.”

The three girls surrounding her gaped. “What?” Mira exclaimed.

Lisanna and Cana seemed to be on the same page though, they called out — loudly enough for everyone to hear, “you’re a virgin?”

Lucy turned bright red, grimacing, not wanting to talk about this with the others. She had never even had her first kiss. Yeah, she’s gone on dates, but she’s never had a boyfriend either. None of the guys were right, none of them gave her the same feeling as— “Hey Luce,” —him.


“Are the girls teasing you, again?” He gave her smirk, showing he knew they were, and was about to join in.

“Not you, too.”

“Nope, just here to get my food.”

“Oh, thank—”

“But,” she groaned, waiting for his next comment. He leaned in to talk to the other girls, gossiping along with them. “Did you guys know she’s never even had a boyfriend?”

“I told you that in confidence!”

“Yup, and now you can be confident about it here.”

“That is not what that word means, Natsu!”

“Yeah, yeah. Can I get the food to go Mira? I’ve got to get to work.”

Natsu worked as the CEO of Dragneel corps, his father, the business owner. Why the hell he was living with Lucy was a mystery to her. She looked over to see his suit skewed. She sighed.

“Natsu, come here.” He followed her orders and stood in front of her. She knelt down, fixing one pant leg then the other. She worked her way up, finally straightening his collar. Lucy saw a look of realization or wonder on his face. “What’s up?”

“You’re so doting Lucy. It’s like you’re my wife and getting ready to send me off to work.” Lucy groaned.

“Yeah yeah, just get to work, Mr. Dragneel.”

Natsu gave her a sly grin, and Lucy immediately regretted saying that. “Mhmm,” he leaned towards her to give her a kiss on the cheek followed by a wink, “sure thing, Mrs. Dragneel.”

All of the girls around them squealed, and Lucy wanted to disappear. Instead, she made a comeback she probably shouldn’t have. “If you’re going to propose, at least do it right.”

Suddenly Natsu was down on one knee. “Gladly.” Lucy was unsure if it was planned or not; he had a ring box in his hand that he pulled out of his pocket. Lucy’s eyes widened. “Lucy Heartfilia, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

She gulped. She has liked her best friend since they were seventeen, but, he never showed an interest in her. She wanted badly to accept, but she was unsure if this was a joke or a dare. She looked up at the boys who stood behind Natsu. All of them had surprise practically written on all of their faces. So they didn’t know he was gonna do it.

Shaking, she decided to just ask, Natsu would never lie to her after all. “You— Are you truly asking?” When Natsu nodded, she leaned down and pulled him up, falling into his embrace. “Then yes. Yes, I will marry you.”

Natsu was shaking too. She could feel it, and he let out a relieved sigh. “Oh, oh. You said yes. Lucy,” he pushed her away, holding onto her shoulders, looking at her in wonder, “you said yes.”

Her eyes darted around and Lucy felt herself blush. “Of course I said yes. Now, you have a job you have to keep. Shoo.” He slid the ring on her finger before giving her a kiss. Lucy was yet again shocked because of Natsu. His hand slid up her arm and held her neck, making her moan into the kiss, her lips parting. But just as quickly as it began, the kiss ended, and Natsu left to go to work.

Lucy turned to Cana. “Looks like your tarot was right again, Cana.” Said brunette just smirked at her blonde friend.

“Yup, straight from best friends,” she pointed at the card of the fool, “to getting married.” This time, her hand skimmed over the death card in the middle, which Lucy knew meant rebirth or renewal, then slid to the lovers, which was just above the ace of cups.

“Stupid tarot, trying to tell me what to do.” Lucy muttered, and those around her laughed.

Hey lovelies!

Day 2 of NaLu Week 2017 and isn’t that just adorable? No? Just me? Okay. To answer one burning question a few of you might have, no, Natsu had not planned on proposing to her right then. He had just picked up the ring from Gajeel, who had made it, and was gonna hold onto it for a while before he asked. He had planned on asking her out as his girlfriend first, but he knew she was the one. Anyway, she made that comment and he decided to just go for it. Hope that helped you out some! Let me know what you thought of this one! It was so fun to write!



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