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Summary: It’s that time of the month for Lucy, and of course Natsu does everything he can to help her. She has a date however, who doesn’t like Natsu, which is fine, ‘cause Natsu doesn’t like him. However, when the date brings up something to Lucy, the two are left confused.

  • NaLu
  • Rating – T for language and themes
  • Genre – General & Friendship
  • Word Count – 963 Words

Natsu watched as his best friend dressed up for her date. He was surprised that the guy had been with her for nearly a month now, even though Lucy wouldn’t kiss him. She just didn’t want to give up her first kiss yet. The guy seemed to be getting antsy and Lucy was getting nervous. She still wasn’t ready, but she certainly liked the guy.

Ironically, Lucy seemed to be wearing all of Natsu’s favorites for the night. She looked around, trying to find a scarf to throw over her shoulder, as it was still a little chilly in February.

“Hey, Natsu?”

“What’s up, Luce?”

Lucy turned to look at him, knowing he didn’t like her going out with other guys, and debated whether to ask him or not. She opened her mouth, but not to ask the question. “Thank you.”

“For what?” Natsu’s eyes were completely focused on her, and Lucy felt a little heated under his gaze.

“Everything. But, specifically last night.”

She had gotten her monthly, and Natsu came over after she blew up at him at the guild and just held her, resting his heated hands over her stomach. He always made sure she was okay when she got her period, not quite knowing why it was so painful. He nodded. The best thing about her needing his warmth is that he got to sleep in her bed with her. The worst thing was that he and Happy had to be careful what they said to her, because she cried really easily.

A knock came at the door and Natsu went to get it. Opening it, the other guy’s smile quickly turned into a look of disgust and annoyance. “Luce!”

“I’ll be there in a sec, Natsu!”

Natsu didn’t take his eyes off the other guy, and watched when he looked taken aback. Natsu tilted his head with a look. “She lets you call her that?”

“Well, yeah.” He knew that no one else called her Luce in the guild because she was ‘his’ and that was his nickname for her. Natsu always thought it was ironic, because he would never consider Lucy property as the way they said it implied. No, she was precious, part of his hoard, and he would protect her no matter what.

Just before the other guy could speak Lucy walked out and over to them. She had her keys on her belt, along with her whip and Natsu thought it was hilarious that she was bringing them on a date.

“Hey Luce.” The other guy tried, and she shook her head.

“I already told you that you can’t call me that.”

“Then why does he get to?”

Lucy looked annoyed with the guy, already realizing this was a bad idea. “Because he’s the one who came up with it.” She grimaced and placed her hands over her stomach.

“Next your gonna tell me the reason you won’t kiss me is because he was the one who kissed you first.”

“No!” She groaned, her outburst causing more pain in her stomach. Natsu walked over and put a hand on her head, heating her up that way, knowing it wasn’t what could be considered an ‘intimate’ touch. She looked over and smiled at him. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” He smiled at her, then looked up at her date. “You get going and have fun, I’ll be here when you get back.” All he wanted to do was sock this guy in the face and hug Lucy to him.

“Why will you be here when she gets back?”

Natsu was so close to just punching him. He opened his mouth to answer, but Lucy answered for him. “He helps me when I’m on my period.” She rolled her eyes when the other guy flinched. Only the guys in the guild would be okay with girls on their periods.

“How so?”

“Personal heater.” Natsu replied.

“Like he sleeps on the bed with you?” Lucy again rolled her eyes. She wanted nothing more than to go throw on the shirt Natsu had given her and comfy underwear, then lay down cuddling Natsu. But instead, she was getting in a fight with her date. “You won’t let me kiss you but you let him sleep with you? What kind of logic is that?”

“Do you have a problem with Natsu? Every time you see him you make some rude comment about him.”

“Yes I have a problem with him. He shouldn’t be allowed to sleep with my things.” Lucy’s eyes widened in anger.

“I am not a thing. And if you think that I am, then just leave. Natsu is, and will remain, my best friend. I am not giving him up for another guy.”

“Why don’t you just date him then?” In truth, the guy knew she was in love with her best friend, and was trying to find a good way to make her realize it. From the deer-in-the-headlight look she gave him, he finally got through to her. He smiled, glad that he could once again make his target realize their feelings. Knowing this, he looked at her hand. She was in love with him from the start. “Tell me Lucy, why did you get your mark that color?”

She blushed, looking down at the tattoo that was on her hand. “Natsu’s hair.” Natsu looked over at her shocked and the other guy smiled at them.

“What?” Natsu stepped in front of Lucy, neither noticing when her date left, leaving a note behind that simply said: sometimes the unconscious becomes conscious, and then, like your tattoo, it becomes a permanent mark on the soul. Then underneath, when the two would read it later, it said: P.S. glad you two are finally realizing your feelings, you dimwits! ~M

Hey lovelies!

So this is day 6 of NaLu Week 2017, also a bit short. Sorry about that, but a note — I have seen the ova of Natsu, Lucy, Erza, and Gray traveling back in time. So I know that Lucy’s mark color was from that. But keep in mind that I’m going by a straight timeline, instead of this roundabout timeline that is used. Doesn’t make sense, think about it this way… Why was Lucy’s mark that color originally when we know her favorite color is blue? There has to be a reason behind it that she chose that in the original timeline. Anyway, besides that little critique, I hope you like it! Let me know what comments you have or questions too!



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