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Summary: The only clue Lucy has to who her soulmate is, are the burning letters on her wrist: E.N.D. The only clue Natsu has is the drawings that are slowly becoming more life like. When the two meet up, is it all it was made out to be, or will the two be terribly disappointed?

  • NaLu
  • Rating – T for themes discussed
  • Genre – Romance & General
  • Chapter – 2 of 2
  • Word Count – 2,495 Words
  • Chapter Word Count – 1,516 Words

It turned out, they hadn’t needed to do anything. The day after their date, when they were each going to see their half of the other pair, they ran into both of them. Lucy was blushing in the hallway, Natsu standing there with flowers. They were both dressed up nice for a date they had agreed to the night before, when they had met on the roof of the apartments. It was odd really.

Lucy had gone up there to stargaze, ice on her wrist over the initials. Natsu had gone up to draw the stars, his sketchbook in hand. He had come up just after Lucy, and she had stood a little ways away from the door. Natsu, didn’t see her, and ran straight into her. She had dropped her ice, and he his sketchbook.

Which, although the sketchbook was brand new, it was already filled with drawings, one of which, her eye caught on as it lay open on the ground. “I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

Lucy looked up in confusion, he hadn’t seemed to realize something, so she responded with confusion. “Why were you drawing me? How were you drawing me?”

Natsu had looked down at his sketch, then at Lucy. “It’s you. You’re her.” Lucy looked at him confused before her wrist burned and she pressed her thumb over the spot.

“What do you mean?”

“My soulmate.”

“What?” Lucy looked down at her wrist, and Natsu followed her gaze. He saw the initials and reached out, rubbing his thumb over them, the burning immediately stopped.

“Etherious Natsu Dragneel. My brother named me, because my mother died in childbirth and my father had died in an accident before that. I just go by Natsu though, he was just having fun with my name I guess, not even he called me that.”

“Called?” Natsu looked up at her, his hand still not leaving her skin, like he couldn’t get enough of her. Then he grinned.

“How about I tell you over dinner tomorrow?”

“Are you asking me out on a date?” He nodded. “You don’t even know my name.”

Natsu’s eyes widened. “You’re right!”



“My name, I’m Lucy.”

“Just Lucy?”

“I’ll tell you my last name over dinner tomorrow.”

He grinned. “Does that mean you’re saying yes to the date?” She nodded, and the two talked for a bit longer before Natsu walked her back to her apartment, making sure to memorize the door number so he could pick her up the next day.

“See you at five Natsu.” The two smiled at each other, and then she closed her door, sliding the lock in place before turning and leaning against it. “I finally found him, mom.”

Natsu helped Lucy to her seat, and watched as she ordered a Dr. Pepper and a water with lemon. He ordered the same to drink, but when it came to food, she ordered a single dish, and he ordered multiple. When he was done ordering, he looked at her, and she was looking at him with an amused smile. It grew when he spoke next.

“Hey, I ain’t gonna hide who I am from you, that’s not fair. You’d expect someone else and end up with who I am. No, it’s better to show you from the start.” She nodded but didn’t say anything, still worried about what his reaction would be to her last name.

“Hey Natsu, will you tell me about your brother now?”

He frowned slightly, but nodded. “He died a few years ago. Suicide; told me he just didn’t feel right without Mavis. Oh, she was his wife, she was killed during a robbery somewhere.”

“You don’t mean Mavis Vermillion, do you?” Natsu nodded and Lucy’s eyes widened. “She was a really good friend of mine when I was younger, when I heard the news that she was killed I tried to get to her funeral, but I wasn’t allowed to leave at the time.”

“That’s interesting.” The food showed up, just as that conversation was coming to an end. Natsu then asked her a question. “What’s your last name?”

She looked up shocked, seeing Natsu look at her earnestly. “Heartfilia, Lucy Heartfilia.” Natsu didn’t freak out like she thought he would. He didn’t tell her how awesome it had to be to be that rich, instead, he just nodded.

“I see why you would be just Lucy then.” She nodded, rubbing her thumb aimlessly across where his initials were. Natsu noticed the move, and looked at her in concern. “Are they still hurting you?”

“Huh?” She looked down to see what she was doing before looking back up. “No! No, they don’t burn anymore. It’s just a habit I guess.” Natsu smiled, reaching across the table and taking her hand, linking her fingers with his.

“Let’s make a new habit.” She smiled.


The two were together nearly every day after that, and Natsu slept at Lucy’s most days. He had a way of getting into her apartment without using the door, and she had caught him using the window once. She had laughed, before telling him that he needed to be more careful, as she had startled him and he had fallen, luckily, forwards onto her bed. By the time a year had passed, the two had officially moved in together.

Lucy and Natsu both liked to travel, and did lots of it at the beginning of their relationship. After three years of being together Natsu had proposed, and of course Lucy had said yes. She had actually said no, jokingly, and when Natsu started to freak out she bent down and assured him that she was kidding and of course I want to marry you Natsu, you stupid idiot. And he laughed, kissing her quickly.

And that habit, they made many. But the one that she used when she was nervous or afraid, was simply to reach out, and lace her hands with his. There was rarely a moment where they weren’t together and everyone in town adored them. They were truly a match made in heaven, or hell depending on which side of the couple they showed that day.

Some days they were filled with mischief, others they were being adorable and funny together, but no matter what, they each had faith in the other. Lucy and Natsu may have come from different worlds, as he viewed her as an angel while he was a demon, or she viewed him as free and she was trapped, but they knew that together they could do anything. They never really knew why everyone spoke about them, choosing to stay in their own group of friends, or when Lucy’s book was published, simply staying together and greeting her fans.

And when they promised forever to each other, many years after Natsu proposed, because her father had passed and that was just the wrong time to have a wedding, then Levy had a baby — two actually, she had twins, so they were waiting for her to get back on her feet. Then some guy had crashed into their car (luckily while they weren’t in it) and Natsu and him got into a huge fight. Later, he would become the best man at the wedding, even though Natsu and Gray fought a lot. There were a lot of people they met in between the time Natsu had proposed and the time they got married, that the wedding would have felt different without, so they were both glad they waited.

But when they did get married, Natsu almost fainted. Not before, because he had no nerves, knowing Lucy was the one and she was his. No, it was right at the end of Lucy’s vows, when she slyly slipped in that she was pregnant. He couldn’t decide if he was excited, or going to have a breakdown, so when it came time to kiss the bride, he kissed her like she was the air he had been looking for. She grinned at him, and he grinned at her, and he decided he couldn’t get happier.

Well, not until her second pregnancy, when she had twins. The eldest, Nashi, had pink hair and brown eyes, she had the same mischievous grin Natsu did, but the same love for books her mother did. The next two, were both blonde. A boy and a girl, Luke and Luna. Luna looked just like Lucy did as a child, and would look just like her mother as she grew up. Luke, on the other hand, had his father’s eyes. As soon as Lucy had said that Luna looked exactly like her, Natsu began to whine, of course, saying he wanted one that looked just like him too. And he got one, the third time she was pregnant, it was a boy, with pink hair and green-onyx eyes, that mischievous smile all the kids had. Nash, that was his name. And the four grew up, hearing stories from their mother, and learning how to have adventures from their father. And together, they were a very, very, happy family.

Hey lovelies!

This was the final part of this two-shot. It may seemed rushed, but it was really just one of my quick fanfictions for you guys. I really do hope it was enjoyable. Let me know what you thought about it over all!


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