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Summary: Princess Lucy meets prince Natsu while their two kingdoms were drawing up a treaty. They are quick to fall in love, but also quick to fall into danger. What will happen to these two as their limits are tested?

  • NaLu
  • Chapter – 4 of 8
  • Rating – M for mature themes
  • Chapter Rating – T for topics discussed
  • Genre – Romance & Angst
  • Word Count – 9,180 Words
  • Chapter Word Count – 1,190 Words

Heaven’s gates won’t open up for me
With these broken wings I’m fallin’
And all I see is you

Neither Lucy nor Natsu had realized that along with his magic, Natsu had placed a mark on her. It was one similar to that of his kingdom’s birth mark, which lie on his right bicep. The red fairy matching the pink fairy now placed on her right hand. It was her father who noticed first, dragging her from her bed early one morning. It was the day Natsu had come, and he was surprised to find her not in her bed.

He found her by her screams, the tortured sounds reaching his ears and making him fume. He walked in on her father attempting to burn the mark from her skin, but just before Natsu could do anything, the fire extinguished. Lucy’s arm was scarred, but she was now immune to fire, part of something to do with what magic he had placed inside her. Natsu rushed to her side, bending down and cradling her to his chest, his arms wrapping around her protectively.

“You did this to her!” The king screamed and Natsu hissed. “You marked my daughter with your kingdom’s brand, tainted her!”

Lucy was shaking, looking up at Natsu, fear blatant in her eyes. His queen did not know what to do, what to say, and that was a problem. So, he spoke to her father. “Even if I did, it would mean she was under my protection, and what you did, the harm you have put upon her would mean you wish to declare yourself my enemy.”

“Do not be so bold prince of dragons, for you are not king yet.”

A red haze went over Natsu’s green eyes, his skin swirling with black marks. “I may not be king, but I have the king’s blood in my veins. I shall not stand for this.” The king of the celestial kingdom looked at Natsu in shock.

“What the hell are you?” It was then Natsu realized his demon side had joined with his dragon and human side. He looked to Lucy, afraid his wife would fear him, but she did no such thing. Her eyes were filled with awe, respect, and love. However, this was all the opportunity that the king needed to have his guards capture the part dragon and part demon boy.

Three weeks later lead to Lucy rushing to the dungeon to warn Natsu of his impending execution. Her father had broken his wings multiple times over, attempting to get information from him, but he refused to put his wife’s life in danger. She hadn’t known until she had taken that last step, wishing for him to speak to her. The tears had begun, looking at the fragile things that had brought her so much joy, so much protection.

She had visited him multiple times, more than she should have if she was to ensure their relationship be kept secret. She couldn’t help it though. Her love was here, for no reason other than loving her, but in truth her father had him there simply because of what was in his blood. Natsu had told her his heritage, the truth about it all, and she had listened, loving him even more for his faults. When she had first come down to visit he had been shocked. He hadn’t thought the princess would want to visit him, even considering that the two were married, but there she was. She was also wearing something much fancier than she typically liked, gloves covering her arms, which she had always hated.

She had told him it was her father’s decision, to hide the mark, and the scarring he had inflicted. She had also told him she would have been down sooner, but she was sick and hadn’t wanted him to catch it. After weeks of her maids not catching it, she ventured down. But just the day before, her father had spoken of the execution being scheduled.

“Princess.” A voice spoke from the stairwell, and Lucy turned to see Loke, her loyal guard. “Time has come to an end.”

Lucy nodded, turning back to face Natsu. “I will figure this out my king. You will not die at sunrise. I forbid it.” Tears began falling. “Do you understand?” She asked.

“Yes, my queen. No dying.” A smile spread across her face and she leaned in, hugging him before following Loke.

After walking to the main hall she turned to her guard. “Take me to my father.”

“Are you certain princess? This is a risky gamble.”

“One that I am willing to place.” She responded as her guard led her to the grand room, where her father was seated at the table. “Father.” She spoke dully.

“Ah, Lucy, what can I do for you?” She was going to make him regret ever touching Natsu.

“Do you understand the consequences of your decision with the prince?” Her father flinched and stood up, but Lucy raised her chin, refusing to be belittled.

“As if a woman could understand such details. Go. Leave my sight.”

“I will not.” She spoke. “I am not going to let you harm him. Not only will you be harming my king, but also our kingdom, father. You do not seem to understand the problems your actions will cause.” He did not seem to notice the words she used to describe Natsu, or rather, he did not think those words were of the pink haired male.

“I understand perfectly well.”

“You understand that two kingdoms, nay, three, will uprise against you?”

“Three? My dear, only one is in alliance with his, and it is ours.”

“Natsu is the prince of not only the dragon kingdom, but the demon kingdom as well. If the law has any say, then he is also the prince of this kingdom.” She gulped at the last part.

Her father’s focus narrowed to her and she stood up straighter. “What does that mean?”

Lucy pulled both of her gloves off. “Natsu is my husband.” She showed the ring, along with the tattoo on the inside of her left wrist that was the tradition of her own kingdom. “If you execute him you will have not only a war on your hands, but a rebellion as well.”

“Are you threatening me, Lucy?”

The blonde put her gloves back on. “It is not a threat, merely a statement of the outcome of one possibility out of two.”

“And the other?”

She had backed him into a corner. “Natsu is the prince of two kingdoms himself, through our union you gain those resources. One last thing to help with your decision making before I head to my room.” She waited for his nod to continue. “If you go through with the execution, be sure to have an extra noose at the ready, because if you execute him, you execute your own daughter as well. And if you shall not do it, then I will do it myself.” And with that, she left her father gaping at her, leaving to the confines of her room, only to fall on her bed and sob herself to sleep, praying she had done enough to keep her lover alive.

Hey lovelies!

Day 3 is done! Whoo! Okay, so we are back to where we started and now we know how it got to where it was. Be prepared for the next two chapters, there will be some heavy duty stuff happening in there. The m rating is not just for the sexual content. I’m warning you now so you can get out if you need to. It will not be pleasant. Anyway, what did you think of this? How was assertive Lucy? I hope the angst was there! Let me know all of your thoughts!


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