Can’t Touch

Sometimes I feel like I did something wrong.
Like I’m there,

But then I’m gone.

And I’m lost,
Drowning in this place
Where no one knows me,

Because I don’t know myself.

When I see from the outside
That I’ve given it all,
Left it behind;
It hurts.

It tears me apart —
Scratches the surface,
But blocks the heart.

Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce…

Though I’m gone from
Right there with her
I wish her to know that
Yeah, it must seem that
I don’t care,
But sweetheart I do
Oh, I care so much
And it hurts babe.
Yeah, it kills me to know

She has to continue
Move on without me
But I can see
Everything; it’s true
I’m gone for now
But I know, all,
Everything she is meant to

Be in life
I see her probably
More as she should,
As she wants,
Not as she is,
Because to me babe,
She’s my whole life.

But no matter what
I try to say
It seems that
Everything I try
To do or explain, yeah
No matter what, it’s still too

Little, too late; it’s gone
Yeah babe. I’m going
Through it too, I can
See that it all,
Always as it should be,

She sees the good, the bad,
She sees it all
In me, it’s both but
After all this time, that

Is all I could ask for.
Both of us need it
Babe. I can see you;

Fierce you are, you
Always know, yeah

I’ll be there, for you.

With Brave Wings She Flies…

With you here
Without me have you seen
That I’m sorry
I’ve broken
Someone I care about
And yet she’s been

Brave all on her own.
She’s beautiful and
Smart, and she’s crazy and
Kind, but most of all
She has grown her own

Wings and begun to fly.
Growing up so fast
Alone but together
All of this and yet

She continues on and
She shows me just
How brave she is as she

Flies through the dark times
Proving, no matter what

she’s gonna go on.

It’s You

At the end of the day,
And into the night,
It’s you.

You alone who is there:
In the darkest hours,
The early rays,
It’s you who’s there.

There in the hard times,
The easy times.
The bad times,
The good times.
At the end of it all —

Maybe you need a reminder,
That you are good enough,
That you are fine just the way you are.
Maybe not perfect,
But perfectly imperfect —

Because you,
Are all you have when it comes down to it.

It will always be you,
Just you against the world if you have to.

To be honest,
Believe me when I say—

One day,
Some day,
You will be
Exactly who you want to be.

Forever & Again

I guess in the end,
I should’ve known.
I should’ve seen it coming,
But I didn’t.

I knew it would happen,
I knew I’d be alone again,
But I was hoping for once…
I was wrong in this.

Places to Hide

It’s hard to trust
When it’s been broken before.
And the longer they hold out,
The more it feels like your mind is at war.

I’m sure they love me…
They said so before…
But the truth is…
I just don’t know anymore.

After every turn
When I need them the most,
It’s a ‘I’m too busy’
Or ‘sorry, you’re toast’

I feel the panic build,
The terror inside,
But it stretches me thin,
And now there’s no place for me to hide.

I tell myself.
It’s gonna be okay.
But honestly,
Who knows,
I guess…
It could be…
Just one more day.

Time Heals

The scars on her wrist will fade.
They heal in time.
Those on hips as well.

But those unseen,
The one’s everyone says
Heal with time,
She does not know.

As they open easier than her skin.
Bleed longer…
Are stronger…
And keep her watered down.
If what anyone says
Will come to pass,
Will be the truth.

But until the end,
Hope will send
Its signals,
Even if it’s in vain,
She will begin again.

The Finale

In the end,
The girl lost;
Losing not only herself,
But the few she cared about as well.

She went insane;
No longer feeling
Like she was worthy,
Of anything as she lost
All that was never hers
To keep.


Reading gives you places to go,
Places to imagine another life.
Writing does the same.
Just it’s your world not someone else’s.
Things you do can inspire someone else,
Whether it’s good or bad.
We must listen to or souls,
And do as they tell us.
Have fun in life.
Enjoy what you do.
And make the most of it.

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,
What do you think would happen,
If I told you the pain

Was self inflicted.
If I told you about the thoughts
I wake up with

If I told you the way they go around and around and

‘Cause here’s what I think would happen…
You wouldn’t trust me,
Not around my

Brother or Sister,
Not at school,
But oh,

You most definitely
Wouldn’t trust me